Nowadays, electricity is not something that we see as being modern. It is a complete necessity for practically everything that we do in life. Living without having access to electricity is quite close to being impossible for most people around the world. The problem is that electricity is often misused. Most of the bills that are paid are way too high. Saving electricity is something that we should all know more about. Fortunately, Lindsey Manufacturing, a leading supplier of safe equipment for electricity distribution and monitoring, offers very simple advice you can use right now.


Try to wear the clothes that are the most appropriate for the current temperature. For instance, during winter you can wear clothing layers so you stay warm instead of having to keep the heater on at all times.

Close Curtains And Doors

Whenever trying to cool or heat your home, make sure absolutely all curtains and doors are closed. This is going to make the entire process a lot faster. Far less energy is going to be consumed in the process.

Don’t Forget About The Thermostat

Heating is going to cost around thirty percent of the entire monthly utility bill. Remember that for every twenty degrees that you set up you pay around 10 percent more on heating bill. During winter you can keep the thermostat at around 20 and during summer you should make sure it stays at around 26.

Turn Off Your Appliances

This is one of the simplest things that you can do in order to lower your electricity bills. Just turn off your appliances if nobody is in the room or nobody will soon use them. This includes your TV, lights, fans, heaters and cooling systems.

Wash With Cold Water

You can easily use cold water when you want to wash clothes during winter. This is going to actually lower electricity bills much more than what you initially anticipate.

Timing The Fridge

Most homeowners out there will just keep the freezers and fridges on every single moment of the day. Whenever we have such a unit that works properly, it can maintain the coolness for quite a longer time than you anticipated. This is why you do not really need to keep such utilities on at all time.

Insulate Your Roof

Always be sure that the roof is properly insulated. Do not underestimate the huge difference that this will make on your electricity bills.

Standby Power Usage

This is something that few people know but when you have a charger that remains in standby mode, it will still consume some electricity. In fact, for the modern home, standby appliances are going to cost around ten percent of bills.

Kitchen Savings

Last but not least, if you want to reduce the time you spend cooking, frozen food can be thawed before it is cooked. The microwave oven is really good at this and it will consume a lot less electricity. When you use a stove, replace pot lids. This makes the food easier and faster to cook.