Cleaning your house can be time-consuming. If you need to do all the tasks alone, it could take a while before getting things done. When you already have growing children, you might want to ask them to help out. It’s not only to make the job easier for you but also to teach them how to be independent. They won’t rely on you all the time. Eventually, they might have to do things without your help. Therefore, while you still have time to teach them, you should do it. The problem is that you could end up being too controlling. These tips will help you to teach your children to do the right thing without being a monster.

Show them how to do it

Instead of asking your children to clean, you have to show them how to do it. They might have a hard time at first, but things will be easier in the long run. It also helps that they have a model to follow instead of having no idea where to start. There’s also a chance that they will do things the wrong way if you don’t show them how.

Be a good role model

You might be quick in telling your children to clean your house and do the chores. However, you’re not doing anything yourself. If you have house helpers, you might ask them to do everything for you. Don’t expect your children to follow what you say if you can’t do the chores that you ask of them. When your children see how much time you spend cleaning your house and maintaining the place, they won’t complain if you ask them to help.

Appreciate the small steps

Learn to appreciate the small steps your children take in helping out. Not all of these actions are useful, but they are a step in the right direction. Let them know that you appreciate their efforts, and you want them to continue doing better. Eventually, they will do more, and you have more reasons to appreciate them.

Don’t scream 

Screaming at your children who don’t obey you isn’t going to help. Conversely, it will only create resentment. Forcing them to do things they never want to do will make them hate doing the chores even more. Try to come closer to them when asking for help and be gentle with your words.

Create a reward system 

Rewarding children for helping out can be an excellent strategy to convince them. Make sure your reward is commensurate to the type of task that they do. This system should only happen in the beginning. Eventually, your children have to learn how to do the chores without reward or even being told to do so. Involve them in creating the reward system so that they will feel excited about doing the job.

If you can get help in maintaining your place, you can spend more time thinking of improving your house. For instance, you can finally consider installing a fitted wardrobe. You can go around your house and see what else you can do to make it better.

Hopefully, your children will learn the right thing, follow what you say, or do the work before you ask for free ebooks