In today’s world of smartphones, we all like to consider ourselves something of a photographer. This is even more true when it comes to our social media accounts and apps which we can use to edit our photos and make them look even better. Despite what we think about our own personal photography skills, there are still a great many occasions when hiring a professional photographer like Charles Nucci is the smart idea. We must remember that as advanced as we are in terms of our photography taking skills, there is always someone who is better, and these are just some of the occasions when you should look to hire a professional. 


There are two main reasons why you should always look to hire a professional photographer when it comes to your wedding day, and a professional wedding photographer if possible. The first reason is that this is one of the most memorable days in your life and you want to mark it with some highly professional shots which capture the day perfectly, something which mere mortals would struggle with. The second reason is that everyone that you know who will be at the wedding, will want to be a part of your day and enjoy the celebrations, not just being there to take photographs. A wedding photographer will be there all day, taking secret photos which capture natural emotions, this is something which you cannot find if you try to ask a friend or family member to take the snaps.


When you are marketing a product, it is absolutely vital that you get a professional to do this for you. Professional photographers have a far better understanding of color strength, mood and background than we do, and they can make your product jump off the page for your potential customers. The idea of marketing a product with photographs is so that you can showcase the product in all of its glory. The best way to do this, is through the use of a professional photographer. 

Head Shots

For any would-be actors out there, having a set of head shots is a requirement for you going to auditions for parts. Whist most struggling actors may not have a great amount of money, it is important that you invest some on getting head shots done by a professional photographer. DIY head shots are very obvious and they fail to capture the true you, something which you will most certainly want agents and hirers to see. Given that your head shot could be the photograph which gets you in front of an audition team, it makes sense to invest some money into letting a professional take care of this for you.

The eye of a photographer and their skill with the camera are the biggest reasons why they are professionals and we are not, make sure that you use them for special and important moments.