Anybody can get a fungal infection at least once or twice in their lives. Fungus and bacteria, when combined, can result in a dreaded disease that can be cured by strong antibiotics.

Onychomycosis or in layman’s terms known as nail fungus is a common condition that affects either the fingers or the toes. It is barely noticeable during its early stages. If neglected, it can develop over time which will change the overall appearance of the nails. Nail fungus should be seriously taken and here is some vital information that is worth knowing.

How can you acquire nail fungus?

Fungi are known to grow in warm and moist areas like the thighs groin, armpits and toes. You can acquire nail fungus in different ways, such as:

– Wearing damp or dirty socks.

– Sharing your footwear with other people.

– Using tools when cleaning your nails.

– Walking barefoot on damp floors or ground.

Just like other parts of your body, you also need to pay attention to your feet and hands. It is essential to seek treatment for fungal nail infection as soon as you notice any drastic changes in your nails.

What are your odds of acquiring nail fungus?

Everyone, even small kids, can get a nail infection. Each case is treated in a unique manner depending on the medical needs and history of the patient. Nail fungus is curable; however, some individuals are more prone to acquiring this condition as they grow older. Your risk increases if you have the following conditions:

  • If you are diabetic or have uncontrolled sugar levels.
  • If your legs have poor blood circulation due to vascular disease.
  • If you are sixty years old and above.
  • If you love wearing ill-fitting shoes and uncomfortable stilettos all the time.
  • If your feet are always wet or damp.
  • If you have athletes foot.
  • If you have open wounds.
  • If you wear the same shoes daily.
  • If you have thin and brittle nails.
  • If you love wearing acrylic or fake nails and painting your nails with durable polish.
  • If you do not change your socks and stockings daily.

What are other things that you need to know about nail fungus?

  • Most of the patients are guys rather than girls.
  • Nail fungus is contagious. If anyone from your family has this condition, there is a big chance that you may have this as well.
  • Having ugly and discoloured nails can affect your self-esteem in many ways.
  • If neglected, it could emit a bad smell that will make you feel embarrassed, especially in public places.

Lastly, if you or any of your friends and family members are suffering from a mild to a severe case of nail fungal infection, you should be proactive in finding ways to seek help. It would be best if you visited your family doctor or podiatrist as soon as possible so they can run some tests and prescribe you with the appropriate cure for nail fungus.