The topic of updating IT systems in your business is not something that many business owners want to talk about, simply because of the expense that is attached to it. On top of this, with technology moving at the speed that it does, it can be difficult for you to decide when exactly is the time to update. My colleague Anju Vallabhaneni work with many businesses in the Ohio area, helping them to decipher when it is tome to repair equipment and when to upgrade. This is an individual decision which you must make, but you must also be aware of the dangers which using old or outdated equipment can have on your business.


Productivity is the key to any business and as a business owner, it is up to you to constantly focus on ways in which your company’s output can be higher, and of a great standard. Running old IT systems and software in your business is surefire way to minimize output and lower quality. You want a business which is slick and effective but if you have old IT systems then you will not be able to do this.

Security Risk

Cybercrime is a threat which all businesses need to be aware of, and the chances of this happening are greatly increased if you are using old and outdated software and equipment. Hackers and cybercriminals rely on these old systems to attack companies, which could result in sensitive information being stolen or worse still, customer details. Think about the damage it could do to your company’s reputation if it was found that your customer’s details have been stolen, it would have devastating consequences. To ensure maximum security, you must have modern technology in the building.


We all want our employees to be happy in their job, and to have the tools which they need in order to carry out their job to the best of their ability. Imagine then, if you are an employee who needs to use outdated software and slow systems when you are trying to get the job done, waiting around for updates and lagging computers. This as you would expect, can greatly damage the morale of your team, and will result in employees not working to their maximum level. Through updating your IT equipment, you can ensure that you are doing everything for your employees to allow them to carry out their job.

Customer Service

We live in a world of speed where customs want transactions processed quickly, they want easy-to-use software to carry out purchases and they expect that you as a company can deal with them in a swift and professional manner. Asking a customer to wait whilst a system loads up, or to provide huge amounts of unnecessary information therefore, s something which will see them using another company next time, a company which has their IT systems in full working order.  

If your systems are slow and outdated, it is time to invest in an upgrade.