Milos is a beautiful Greek island in the center of the Aegean Sea. It’s a volcanic island with gorgeous scenery, fantastic rock formations, and the perfect climate to spend countless hours on the beach. There are dozens of beaches on Milos, and practically all of them are worth visiting. Some are more difficult to reach than others. Some can be reached by land, others only by sea, but it’s definitely worth spending time on these pristine beaches.


What could be called as the official Milos beach, Achivadolimni is situated in the main bay and is completely accessible. You can reach it by car with ease, and from there you can visit the main camping site of milos with just a very short ride. The beach itself is what you’d expect. Crystal clear waters, perfect sand, and when the weather gets windy you can surf on these beautiful waters.


A more family oriented beach, this one has a unique and cool look. It’s known as the golden beach for its brilliant golden red sand, as well as the emerald sea. Because it’s oriented towards families, there are several restaurants and bars, so preparing for a beach day is a breeze. It’s also quite easy to reach by land, either by car or the bus.


This beach is a bit more difficult to reach, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s located on a secluded part on the west of the island, and to reach it you’d have go over rough roads filled with potholes, debris, and scattered rocks. But once you’re there you’ll be glad, because the beach is beautiful and well-maintained. But be careful though, a species of poisonous viper lives in the vicinity of the beach, so take proper care.


Located in the southernmost parts of the island, this piece of unspoiled nature will leave you in awe. It’s quite difficult to reach by car, and the final parts of the beach can only be reached on foot. There are no restaurants or bars, so be properly equipped if you’re planning on spending a day on this beautiful beach.


Another easily reached beach, it’s located in the south of the island. It can be reached by car after 20 minute drive from Adamas – the port city of Milos. What’s unique about Paleochori is, instead of sand, most of the beach is covered by polished pebbles of different colors. There are even some underwater Sulphur springs that often times emit a light odor from under the sea.


A beach that’s not for the faint hearted, it takes quite a bit of courage to reach this beach. Getting there by car is rather easy, but actually reaching the beach takes a bit of adventuring. First you have to walk down a slippery sand dune, then descend down a ladder, after which you have to climb down a cliff by using a guiding rope, only to reach the final ladder. The reward, however, is completely worth it. A beautiful secluded beach that’s formed in the side of the bay, as well as some fantastic caves that can only be reached by swimming. Absolutely stunning.