Cricket is a sport that is so unique in many ways, particularly in the Test format of the game where matches can span out for five days and even finish in a draw. Those who watch cricket are really passionate about their sport and encourage others to attend a match to see what they are missing out on.

It is the atmosphere at these matches that fans of the sport particularly love about it. So, we’ve taken a look at what makes it so special and picked out some fixtures in 2021 if you want to give it a go.

Friendly Banter and Good Nature

Unlike some sports, there is no animosity inside a cricket stadium. Fans of both teams, whether that is at a domestic or international level, sit together and can safely support their team.

Everybody who is at a cricket game is there to have some fun and enjoy the action on the field. At times there is some friendly banter between the two sets of supporters, particularly when two rivals meet, but it is always good-natured.

If you could choose to attend one cricket match in the world, the Ashes should be high up on your list. This is a series which takes place every two years between England and Australia and always produces five fantastic matches. The Atmosphere in these games is particularly electric. It is Australia who currently champions as they retained the trophy in 2019 after drawing their latest series in England.

Explosion of T20 Cricket

The biggest change to the form of cricket over the last two decades has been the introduction of the Twenty20 format of the sport. It has not just been a huge success commercially, but it has opened the door to a whole new audience.

T20 is much faster and more explosive than the traditional formats of the game. The short length of the matches allows for them to be scheduled in the evening which ensures more people can watch them.

One of the most successful domestic leagues has been the IPL in India. This competition attracts the best players from around the world. It was won in 2020 by the Mumbai Indians for the fifth time in the franchise’s history.

Next year the Twenty20 World Cup will take place in Australia where India are the +250 favorites in the cricket betting for that tournament. This will be a very exciting competition to attend and there will be no shortage of amazing cities Down Under if you do want to plan a trip around it.

Lots to Cheer in Cricket

One thing a cricket match can almost guarantee is that there will be action for you to watch. Whether it is a wicket, a boundary, or a spectacular catch, the chances are you will be getting off your seat applauding at various moments of the day.

Unlike many sports, it is very difficult to say if a team has the advantage or not. Both teams get the chance to score as many runs as they can in their designated overs. It is only when the two sides have finished batting that a result is known. This ensures there is always something to play for with each delivery.

With a busy schedule in the world of cricket in 2021, there are plenty of opportunities for you to try your first match. All the major fixtures can be found on the ICC’s website so you can start planning your trip now.