When you start a muscle building program it is important to know your goal, to identify where you are at, and where do you want to be. Also to consider that training takes dedication and time, and that in order to train your biceps, you need to be devoted to it. Something else to consider is that the tricep occupies a large portion of the arm, which means that if you decide to train your biceps, you must not forget to workout your triceps too to give your arm balance and allow it to develop correctly.

These exercises are meant for training your biceps and could be practiced by everyone, what varies is the weight that each person puts into their workout, but besides that, the result is eminent. So here we offer you the best options for training your biceps:

1. Barbell Curl

Holding a bar with both of your hands facing out, and doing repetitions by lifting it towards you. What varies the most is the weight that each person puts in their practice, and that’s how they will see results. It is important that you begin this workout putting weight that you can manage, but to continuously begin to increase it so you can see results.

When doing this exercise it is recommended to do it slowly, when bringing the bar up, and when bringing it down; this control creates a deeper workout for the muscles.

2. Concentration curls

This exercise can be done while sitting down on a bench. One arm at a time, you will bring it down to the ground and then bring it up towards your chest in a side motion. When done properly, this workout shows great results.

3. Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl

The bench position is the key in this exercise. The inclined bench allows you to rest your back but also prevents your body from unconsciously cheating from doing the exercise wrong. In this practice you will lock your elbows by your side, while doing reps from bringing the two weights up and down.

4. Wide Grip, Barbell Curl

Just like the regular barbell curl, this one is done by handling the bar at a wider grip than usual. This time is not aligned with your shoulders, but the grip is more open, therefore making the exercise a bit harder. Holding the bar at a wider angle makes the shoulder rotate and changes the arm position which allows you to work on other zones of the bicep.

5. Overhead Cable Curl

This exercise can be done with two cables and one on each hand over your head. Right at the height of your shoulders you are supposed to bend your arms up at a 90 degree angle and then stretch it out again. The best way to do it is to alternate between your arms while doing this exercise and not attempting to do both at the same time, this way you will be more aware of the work that you are doing.