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Nowadays, smartphones and tablets have become integral to our daily activities, and no wonder we are seeking the mobile applications that can simplify or streamline any task at hand. Real estate marketing is no exception. For example, mailing postcards for realtors to prospective buyers in a certain geographical area helps to increase the sales significantly.

Real estate agents understand the importance of doing their business on-the-go in the quest to keep up with the transactions. The sheer ability to generate lots of leads through fascinating marketing campaigns is critical to achieving great success in the competitive real estate industry.

If you are a realtor, check out the following real estate apps that will make an impact on your marketing initiatives:


When it comes to capturing new leads in this technologically advanced society, few apps can match Facebook in terms of popularity. The average person spends more than 30 minutes on Facebook daily. As such, this app gives ample opportunity to get ahead of the competition with your killer ads. 

Since Facebook is inherently visual, it gives you an opportunity to target the right market, from newlywed home-buyers to golf course retirees.

The key to success is to use the cover photo to showcase the properties you want to sell and update this information often. As you share the informative and interesting facts with videos and photos, remember to respond swiftly to comments and offer helpful advice. 


The reason why Instagram has become exceedingly popular as a real estate marketing tool is the fact that people love scrolling through fascinating pictures and videos. Since people go to Instagram to see a range of beautiful things, it’s the ideal place to showcase your attractive homes. 

Not only is a huge number of your prospective buyers online, but they are also eager to see your listings. With the right advertising objectives, you can succeed by targeting the local home buyers as this app segregates the users by zip code. 

When hunting for a new home, buyers have great attention to detail. Instagram allows you to highlight key elements such as curb appeal, show the interior design in multiple angles, and accentuate the finishes with zoomed-in photos.


MailChimp is predominantly an email marketing platform that suits realtors from all walks of life. Email marketing involves sending emails with detailed information about your properties, the plinth areas, key infrastructure services, and the local attractions. 

This platform helps to highlight the key elements that most buyers look for, which include spacious rooms, landscaped gardens, good school neighborhoods, and shopping malls that attract a wide range of urban dwellers. 

Although this app does not provide visual data, it’s a great tool that provides entry to your website, blogs, and encourages prospective buyers to sign up for newsletters that provide more information about their deals. Many realtors use MailChimp because it’s affordable, simple, and effective. Also, you can use this app for client relationship management (CRM).

Zillow Premier Agent App

Zillow is the leading real estate search engine on the internet, as it provides an effective platform for realtors to advertise homes to more than 180 million visitors per month. Since house hunting has gone digital, real estate agents looking to cement their online presence should take advantage of Zillow. 

Even if you have no right to list a property on behalf of the owner, Zillow will enable you to advertise as a secondary agent since your name will appear on the sidebar. 

As such, it allows new agents to venture in the increasingly competitive market. If you become a Zillow real estate agent, you can earn commissions for various properties if you generate leads and convert them to home buyers.


Since video adds more dimension and personality to real estate listings, it has become an important marketing tool. Also, the internet users are hooked on videos, giving you a great opportunity to build your reputation online and improve your search rankings and leads. 

Real estate agents that use YouTube videos get significantly more inquiries than those without videos.

You tube is the ideal platform for realtors since:

  • It’s owned by Google and ranks highly as a result of effective optimization.
  • The ability to stream videos of properties appeals to visitors with a short attention span.
  • Videos rank higher than written content and your properties will rise to the first pages easily.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is a great tool for real estate agents that want to advertise their properties on a shoestring budget. Since it relies on Direct Mail, it suits the realtors that don’t want to spend a fortune on prospecting and make money with rent your space

It also suits the home buyers that are looking for specific details about the home, which includes the location, size of the lot, images that showcase the curb appeal, as well key recreational and utilitarian features. Also, the cost is competitive since you only need to create a template or brochure that you can send to lots of people.


Snapchat is a famous messaging app that enables users to exchange videos and pictures (snaps) that disappear after they’re viewed. Realtors use Snapchat to start conversations and send images of the homes for sale. 

Just like Facebook, it enables users to become “friends” and share critical information that boosts interactions. Most importantly, it has filters that enable buyers to single out the properties they need in terms of location, size, price, and available amenities.

Choose The Right platform

A few years ago, real estate agents depended on posting information on the bulletin board to networking around town, or even going door-to-door to hand out a flashy flyer. Today, this method doesn’t quite cut it. Most of the people are glued to their phones, and a significant number is shopping online. 

Without a doubt, these apps will take your real estate company further in the marketing front and help business transcend to the next level. If you have a minimal budget, you can take advantage of the pre-built postcards for realtors that are quite easy to tailor to your advertising needs.