May I Be Your Quilter?

I would absolutely love to be your quilter and delighted you've found my blog!  Most of my quilts come to me through USPS or UPS.

Before I accept a quilting job I like to have a photo of the quilt top, quilt size and what type of quilting your interested in for your top.  This way I can give you an estimate for your quilting.  My estimate does not include batting, thread charge or return shipping.

I carry a few different battings for sale and do not accept packaged batting for quilting on larger quilts due to wrinkles and folds.   I will accept your batting for smaller quilts however it must be for machine quilting.

Generally my price quotes are $0.0175 to $0.03 psi for edge-to-edge work.  Pricing varies on density and detail of quilting design.

Custom work is $0.05 to $0.08....this also can vary depending on how simple or intense the custom quilting.  My minimum fee for custom quilting is $100.00.  EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2015 I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING CUSTOM ORDERS.

My minimum quilt fee for edge to edge is $50.00.  I do request a $50.00 deposit on all quilting.

Please know that if you choose me to be your quilter I will share photos of the quilting on my blog to help encourage new business.  If you have a problem with this please tell me before I quilt your top.
You may email me at for inquiries and to send photos.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Quilt turn-around varies from within the week to 6 weeks out.  Naturally this depends on quilts that arrive and are here for me to quilt.  It is first come first serve.  Most of my customers are never in a hurry and then there are those that are.....I do what I can to please all.