Solar Panels

Some of us know the basics of how solar energy works, but most of us still have a lot of questions about the facts about solar energy. If you think solar energy is magical then you need to know a lot of basic information on how it works. As a newcomer in the world of solar energy usage you might have a lot of questions about it. Hence here given below are the answers to most common question of people around the world.

Solar Panel Technology

Solar panels are made of materials which are excitable and conductive. When the rays of the sun reach the solar panels, they create a direct current electricity. Now a days most houses and business use (AC) current so the solar generated current is passed through an inverter to become (AC) current. Then through the inverter the electricity passes to the wiring of the house and lights up the house just as the electricity we use.

Reliability on Solar Energy

The electricity only stops generating in your solar panels when there is no sun says MDB Solar Adelaide. That means it does not work at night and eclipses. Apart from that the Sun rises routinely at the same time and thus provides constant electricity. It is better than the power stations which often have outages many times in the year.

Do Solar Panels Work When it is Cloudy or Snowy during the Day?

Solar panels just need direct unobstructed access to sun’s UV rays. Hence it will still generate electricity if it is cloudy, rainy or snowy during the days.

Do You Need To Switch Off The AC Current From The Grid Before Using The Solar Energy?

When you are using the solar energy for your home or business the Ac current you don’t use is sent back to the grid automatically. This is known as islanding. When you switch on the batteries on your solar panel it automatically deflects the power from the grid and starts using the solar energy generated.

Net Metering

Everyone has an electric meter at home which records the consumption of electricity at hour house. The same way when you switch on the solar panel you will have an electric meter that works wonder for you. It works in two ways.

1. It shows the power company how much energy you consume when the panels are not generating electricity.

2. It shows how much energy electricity the panels generated during the day. As we all know that solar panels produce lot of energy as the sun rays are very strong during the days. Thus, the power supplied during the day will travel back to the power grid as your house won’t use all of the solar energy. Hence, your utility company will pay you for the electricity which was returned to them and you may ask them to lower down your electricity bill. So, in the end of the month you will pay less amount on your electric bill as you will only be paying for the amount of electricity you have used by getting credits.