It’s can be a challenge to get your hands on the new Mate 20 Pro. You can blame Trump for this one. He’s identified Huawei as a political enemy, calling the Chinese telecom company as a national security threat. With sanctions in place banning Huawei handsets from the government and an executive order to ban any U.S. company from using Huawei equipment on its way, it’s getting harder and harder each day to land a Mate 20 Pro of your own — but not impossible.

If you’ve managed to smuggle this illicit handset into your home, you’ll want to make sure you treat it right. After all the trouble you went to get it, your Mate 20 Pro should be perfectly tailored to your needs. A complete takeover may take some time as you get to know your phone, so we thought we’d help you get started. Here are three ways you can customize Huawei’s latest flagship.

Enabling the Always on Display

Although this feature isn’t new or exclusive to the Mate 20 Pro, the Always on Display is a well-known feature that you might appreciate. It’s a convenient function for people who like knowing what’s going on at all times — even when they don’t have a free hand to check in on their phone.

If this sounds like a helpful feature, you’ll be surprised to find out it isn’t a default function when you first power up your Pro. You’ll have to set it up by going through settings into Home Screen & Wallpaper. From there, you’ll see the option to enable the Always on Display.

Huawei gives you the option to have it on permanently or to set it according to a schedule. Choose to disable during work hours to cut down on distractions or opt to have it on until you punch out so you never miss an important message during your 9–5.

Adding a wrap

The Mate 20 series comes in five possible colors, including black, twilight, midnight blue, emerald green, and pink gold. Compared to the iPhone XS series — which comes in gold, silver, and space grey — this is an overwhelming number of choices. But once you take Apple’s minimalist design out of the equation, you’ll realize five color options isn’t impressive.

If you want to personalize your smartphone that goes beyond the factory settings, check in with a Mate 20 Pro wrap designer like dbrand. They have a huge collection of Mate 20 Pro wraps (also known as Mate 20 Pro skins or decals) that show off premium colors and exclusive textures.

They’re slim and precision-cut accessories, so they’ll never obstruct a button or jack, nor will they interfere with the Pro’s wireless charging.

Black marble and black matrix are just some of the cool options for the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro, but take the time to search through all the Mate 20 Pro wraps.

Deactivating the notch

You can thank Apple for the black rectangule at the top of your screen. Although Apple wasn’t the first company to introduce the notch to the smartphone, it was the first company to make it an enviable design feature. Since they first introduced it in the iPhone X to house important Face ID hardware, most premium flagships followed suit — the Mate 20 Pro included.

As far as notches go, the Pro’s notch is quite large. For some people, it’s an annoying distraction. Fortunately, Huawei made it possible to deactivate the notch. All you have to do is go through settings into Display. Under More display settings, you’ll see an option for Notch. You can toggle it on and off as the mood arises.

These may be subtle, but even the smallest changes can have a huge impact on your user experience. Tinkering with your settings and customizing a Mate 20 Pro wrap is the first step towards transforming your handset from a factory-made device into a tailor-made smartphone. Keep your eyes peeled for other ways you can adjust your new Huawei flagship — and good luck!