Writing really effective job descriptions is not as easy as it seems. According to Kevin Rolle Alabama, this can even be described as being art. The problem is there are so many things that have to be said that in most cases the job descriptions released are way too complex. Obviously, the exact opposite also happens.

If you are interested in writing highly effective job descriptions for any industry out there, the following tips will surely help.

Highlight Job Purpose

The job description has to describe the job’s basic purpose. This practically means why it is done. This part of the job description does not have to be long but it can do wonders in eliminating parts of the applicants that would not be interested.

List Duties

People that apply should be aware of the duties they are going to have. That is why they have to be properly listed. The best way to do this is to order everything based on importance. Make sure that the task is described, together with the reason why it is done and how it will be done. For instance, if documents need to be drafted on a computer, mentioning that Microsoft Word knowledge is needed is necessary.

Use Action Verbs

Getting to the point of actually writing the job descriptions, the way in which you write them is definitely important. Most descriptions are incredibly boring. They rely on wording that is simply very complex. A great idea would be to start every sentence by using action verbs.

If you are interested in adding meaning to something that you put in your job description, there is nothing wrong with using some examples.

Be Extremely Careful With Words Used

We are referring to a job description so the words you use count. Unfortunately, many think that using jargon is a good idea. They believe that those that will apply for the job will be aware of jargon and slang. This is quite incorrect. For instance, a person might come from another country and be overqualified but when seeing jargon, he might not understand something that he is really good idea.

In the event that you have to use jargon or initials, be sure they are defined. This helps reach a balance between the need to use more complex language and having people actually understand what is presented in the job description. Always assume readers do not know anything about the job so you can effectively present what will be written.

Why, How And With Who

Every single sentence that you write needs to be understood. This is why you want to re-read the job description and answer absolutely all the how, with who and why questions that could appear in the mind of the readers.

Final Thoughts

Never send out the job description in a hurry. This is a really common mistake that should not be made. You want to be sure that you draft something that is highly relevant for the organization and that is capable of attracting the best people for the job.