One of the most important advertising techniques that online businesses can use is digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, without SEO, businesses simply can no longer survive online, if at all. Not just that, SEO also helps to increase the ranking of shopping carts, an essential element of any ecommerce site. Building an ecommerce website means choosing shopping cart software that works for your particular needs, but it also means optimizing it to your advantage.

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for Your Online Shopping Cart

A good shopping cart will allow you to organize different product categories. The name of this category is usually found in the URL of the landing page of the product. This means that you can put keywords in your URL as well, which is one of the most basic SEO techniques around. Hence, you need to make sure that you have named your categories properly.

Secondly, you must ensure that your product names include the right keywords and that these are also found in the product description. This is the text that will be shown on the landing page as well. Hence, the search engine spiders will be able to see it and use it to determine your rankings.

Furthermore, you have to gain an understanding of how your customers search. You must engage in significant keyword research, therefore, understanding which words people will use if they try to find a product such as the one you offer. It is common to get this wrong, making assumptions and presumptions. Take the time to do your research, therefore.

Next, you have to consider the meta tags. Whether or not you can use this depends on your software but if you can, you should use it. In the meta tag, you should include proper keyword phrases. This will once again ensure that you increase your rankings and become more visible to your market.

Then, there are your alt tags. If you can add an image to your shopping cart, which you usually can, then you should also be able to include alt (alternative) tags. This means that you enter a description and make sure that you include the keyword as well. Search engines love alt tags when determining their rankings. However, you should not engage in keyword stuffing, meaning you put loads of keywords in your alt tag. That will get you penalized and drop your rankings.

Last but not least, remember your off-page SEO. This means that you comment on blogs, market your articles, speak to other website owners about backlinking to you, and so on. You can even consider opening an affiliate product, as this immediately gives you lots of backlinks. However, quality over quantity! Don’t simply let anybody affiliate to you but make sure that they are serious individuals with a high ranking website themselves.

As you can see, your shopping cart can be an integral part of your overall SEO techniques and you can use SEO techniques to optimize your shopping cart as well.