The main objective on an ERP system (enterprise resource planning) is to make a business more streamline and to keep a system-based record of any transactions. In order to take full advantage of the system it will need to integrate with the current system that you are using. This can be technically difficult. The ERP’s main purpose is to automate business processes to make working more efficient, less time consuming, more streamline and thus increase productivity.

Sometimes full integration takes a couple of years but bit by bit the systems will get joined together and in the meantime some parts of the process will be on the old system, until you get to a point where everything has been successfully joined together. This is where professionals and experts in this field, such as Arnon Dror of Portland Oregon, become invaluable. Arnon, who is very successful high-level professional has immense expertise in this field and many other business areas. He is currently a Senior Operations Executive. He was the VP of Finance for the US Channel Group, Xerox.

Over the year’s companies will try and buy their ERP products from the same vendor but as their business grows, and gets involved in more advanced and specific areas, it may be a necessity to source a system from another company who can deal with the complexities of what you require. This may require another integration period and the transfer of data from the old system to the new one. This can not only be costly it is also can require a professional service, like the one available from Arnon and his support team.

Due to the movement in technology, businesses also now need to integrate their basic systems to include cloud-based applications and mobile platforms. Therefore, an all-important consideration is that you must future proof any system that you choose, you do not want to have to redo this process after a few years as this would be so costly in time money and efficiency and as we all know technological improvements happen so quickly. It is also useful to choose a product which will update in real time and a system which can move lots of records between the different applications using a bulk in batch process. This will make the job smoother and more accurate. Remember that sometimes a slightly higher initial outweigh will save a lot in the long run.

To recap you want to choose the most efficient and up to date system within your budget, whatever you pay at the outset is likely to be recouped by the fact that you will not need to redo again for a very long time as you will have future proofed your business.

Also involve a professional such as Arnon with a proven track record in so many high executive roles, a love of the Boston Celtics and the New England patriots and a dislike of crimes such as trafficking goods are the ideal team to get involved in your integration process. It is likely that whatever problems you have they will have seen before.