Friday, April 24, 2015

Never Say Never......

Surprise!  I feel like that anyway, surprising myself that I'm taking a moment to post something quickly this morning before getting back to frosting.  It has been hit and miss for me with reading so many blogger friends and then I've been terrible about leaving comments.  I'm not alone; I see that my old blog post are still getting many views and few comments.  I'm a wee bit better at posting a few quick pictures here and there on Instagram.

I'm so thankful that quilts are coming in like crazy.  It must be that time of year with weddings, graduations and baby showers.  Not only that, the weather has turned nice and all those "piecers" have mailed the tops to me and headed out to their gardens. *wink* theory anyway.

Never say never.  I made an exception for this quilt top from Sue.  Actually, Sue didn't care if it was edge to edge work or custom as she just wanted it quilted; one less flimsy in her stash of quilt tops.

I'm not one for wanting ribbons or having quilt police critique my work. 
The colors aren't the best.   I quilted this one last month  and I'm almost positive the day I was trying to get good pictures to show my quilting the back lighting (outdoors) was limited sunshine.

Sue got the pattern out of the Feb 2014 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.  The name of this quilt is "Golden Opportunity" by Tammy Johnson of Joined At The Hip.

Now...back to work with me as I've got deadlines to meet and more quilts on the way!   May I Be Your Quilter?  (see tab on the right side of blog for info)