Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Still with me? 4th post of the day!

I'm nervous that I will lose photos when I start transferring and clearing my storage space so I'm posting quick pics of some of the quilts I've frosted this past year.  My blog has also been sort of a "diary" for me.  It is like going down memory lane when I go back through the post.

Excited Quilting

Pretty Paisley Quilting

Whirlpools Quilting - - I love photos that show before and how quilting is the frosting.

Semi-Custom Quilting (3rd Lucy Quilt I've done this year)

Ginger Snap Quilting (very popular)

Star Spangled Banner Quilting

Ginger Snap Quilting

Modern Loops Quilting

Whirlpools Quilting (another favorite!)

Hexagon Quilting

Faster Posies Quilting

Ginger Flower Quilting


The Civil War Quilter said...

You do lovely work!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Gorgeous!! All of them!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Just fabulous - you have been busy. Glad you got some play time in with all this, too.

Lesley said...

Wow! Such beautiful quilts and quilting!

Janet O. said...

With you every step of the way--and loving it all!

Leeanne said...

You've been busy! Looking have a Christmas rush on like me!

Mary J said...


Jan said...

Mary, as always beautifully done quilts. Is the top quilt a design that you digitized? I love the design.
I have just bought the Quilt Path for my Millie and hope to get it installed in early December. Would love a design like that.

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