Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More Summer . . Part 2

Here's happy husband in his FJ that I affectionately call "the jalopy."  I do really enjoy summer days out and about in it.  This photo was taken during an off-road adventure.  Boy was that a fun day!  Life is more!

When I wasn't out playing I was quilting.  Here's more to share.

Bread Basket Quilting

Wandering Feathers Quilting

Midnight Sparkle Quilting

Elegant Orange Peel Quilting

Whirlpools Quilting

Ginger Snaps Quilting

Bread Basket Quilting

Harbour Waves Quilting

Fall Leaves

Working hard so he can play.  Bailey supervising the installation to divert the rain water run-off to the wooded area behind our home.