Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Want to see?

This an Eleanor Burns Pattern called, "Underground Railroad."  I've quilted Baptist fans.  The blocks finish at 6".  In the back of Eleanor's book is the following.  This has been printed onto muslin to label the back of the quilt.  Cute right?

I'm only sharing a glimpse of the following quilt for now as it belongs to Sue.  She chose a new design to me called, "Autumn Leaves and Acorns."  This is one of those designs I want on one of my own quilt tops!  I loved it!  Also the fabric she chose felt so soothing.

There are so many edge to edge designs available that "frost" quilt tops perfectly.  Here is another one of Sue's and good example of a great design.

Sue chose Midnight Sparkle.  This quilt pattern is by Lori Holt.  If you are on Instagram use #haveyourselfaquiltylittlechristmas to see more, learn more.

Another wonderful quilt made by Susan.  The pattern called, "Pincurls" by Me and My Sister Designs and frosted with a number one requested design of Baptist Fans.

Mary followed along with Green Fairy Quilts to make the above quilt.  #flowerpatchqal

I've got to show this one by Joyce.  It is Sherri McConnell's pattern, "Summer Star."  I've used Bull's Eye to frost it.  Awesome look!

Lastly, my Bailey.  He loves when I bring him toys from Goodwill.  Unfortunate for Bugs Bunny; a short lived stay here in the hollow.  LOL!!!


Leeanne said...

Bailey is very tough o his new 'friends'! I have quilted an Underground railway quilt for one of my customers too, great quilts, lots of piecing. Oh I really like the acorn panto too.............might have to keep my eye out for that one.

Janet O. said...

So many fun quilts to see here. I really like the Baptist Fans--I can understand it being the #1 request.
Oh, the Bullseye is a cool looking pattern.
My goodness, poor Bugs! : )

Needled Mom said...

The Underground Railroad label is fantastic. I lovel the quilting on the tops - especially the Baptist Fans.

If the toys are so short lived at your house, Bailey must be very busy with them. ;-)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm a big fan of fans; and yours are spectacular! WOW!! Thanks for sharing some very impressive quilts from Quilt Hollow... your needles do such pretty work!

Lori said...

I could hardly tell what part was bailey and what part toy! lol
Glad you are staying busy with your lovely quilting.

WoolenSails said...

I love seeing the designs you do on the quilts, it really makes the quilt. Bailey is like Bean, a toy a day, lol.


Joyful Quilter said...

Wow, beautiful quilts and very lovely frosting!

Bailey looks like a big fluffy stuffed animal; he is too cute.

AnnieO said...

I love the fans too! What pretty frosting all these quilters got!

Lesley said...

What a beautiful array of quilts! Love seeing your quilting, and especially love the Baptist Fans too!

W. Latane Barton said...

Good Morning and hey there... another set of beautiful quilts. You do such a fantastic job with the quilting. And, just look at Bailey... a happy dog for sure.

Mimi said...

Love everything you have been doing. Question though....are you using circle lords to do your Baptist fans? I so love that design and just can't believe it can be done justice with just a panto. I have a quilt I want that done on and I have a long arm, but am seriously thinking of sending it out just so I can get the fans....which seems crazy to me.

moosecraft said...

That last pic with Bailey is crackin' me up! Looks like poor bugs is screamin' for help! lol! Absolutely LOVE all of the quilting you stitched into these quilts! Thanks for sharing!

Jeanna said...

The frosting chosen for each of those quilts is just perfect. I love that quilt label for the Undground Railroad.

Karen said...

Cute picture of Bailey with the bunny. Cheap entertainment for him.

Laura Chaney said...

Love seeing all of these quilts! And that picture of Bailey is just too funny!

Valerie Z said...

The quilts are all stunning! I do love the Baptist Fan design and can see why it is a favorite! Wonderful label on the Underground Railroad! And "yes" I always "want to see"! Bailey is so cute...how does he like the snow?! Have a fabulous day!

Sherri said...

Just love the design on Summer Star! I know I told you on IG, but had to say it again!

Linda said...

Our almost 13 year old dog is also named Bailey. When she gets a new stuffed toy for about 2 weeks she treats the toy with the best care. She carries it in her mouth throughout the house, and shows it off to everyone. Then for some unknown reason, she has a "fight" with her best friend, and we find stuffing all over the place and a very ripped toy ready for the garbage. Love your quilts, and I can see why the Baptist fan is so requested. Just incredible quilts and quilting.

Bobbie Woodruff said...

Love your new book. Such beautiful pictures. Hope to win a copy.
It take a real talent to be able to draw up a pattern on paper and then figure out how to put it into fabric to make the designs pop so beautifully. Wonderful skill.

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