Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy Holidays

I like to have at least one photo with my post.  This stocking was made for my DIL using several Pinterest tutorials; I kind of winged it.  I'm pleased with how it turned out and I hope she likes it.

These past months I was busy, busy quilting for others.  I normally take December off but not this year. Thank you to all who choose me as your quilter.  I've got the best clients!

My laptop croaked and now replaced.  I had XP and am now learning Windows 8 with touch screen.  my photos in Dropbox, then stuff in a mysterious Cloud?! 

Then my cell phone was due to be replaced and started having its own personal issues of freezing up and battery draining quickly.  So I've had to replace that and did opt for the new IPhone 6plus so I could see screen better.  Dare I mention the Candy Crush addiction?

You know how luck comes in threes?  I suppose bad luck too.  The monitor to my longarm died.   I was only down a couple days before having it replaced.

One year ago today we moved into our new home though we the little black cloud of my husband's new found cancer and surgery followed by a half year of chemo.  We are glad to have that behind us and this holiday season have decorated our "new home."  So much excitement here!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays!


WoolenSails said...

I know my electronics are going to be going, always when they get buggy, I know it won't be long so I need to start backing up the new things.


Janet O. said...

I'm glad things look brighter for you this holiday season, Mary!
Very cute stocking! I'll bet DIL loves it!
Don't you have a birthday in a couple of weeks? : )

Darlene said...

Leaving a big HUG!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours, Mary.

Loris said...

Such a cute stocking for your DIL. I hope her quilting interest will continue to be sparked by your creativity.
Scary to have your long arm out of commission! I'm sure it was a relief to have back in working order.
Hope you are having the happiest of holidays with your family ...and now your technology healthy again 😊

Leeanne said...

Technology sure tests us! Glad you are coming through it all. Happy healthy times for you and hubby!

Lesley said...

She will love that cute! Yes, you have had quite a year, so Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you too!

W. Latane Barton said...

I have such a hard time keeping up with technology!! These youngsters just blow me away. And, girl, if you have Candy Crush you are in for a wild ride. I like Cookie Jam better. Just saying so maybe you will give that a try, too.

martha said...

Lots of changes to our lives. Wondering if anyone under 30 would be able to share a party line????

Cheryl said...

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Mary. Hope there is nothing but good health and fortune for you in the New Year.

Karen said...

I think of you often, so glad all is well. Merry Christmas.

Karen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen said...

You have had quite a year!

I recognize the fabrics in your stocking. Good idea for using them up.

moosecraft said...

Wishing you a glorious holiday season with your loved ones and enjoy your new home! :-)

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Great job on the stocking; and so happy you got past the part of your hubby being ill. Hope everything from here out will be all good. Wishing you the happiest of Holiday Greetings!

belarmina said...

Bonito trabajo!!!
unas felices fiestas para ti y tu familia. el año nuevo sera bueno para todos!!!!!!

LynCC said...

Merry Christmas to you guys - so glad it's a better season than last years!!!

Wendy said...

The stocking is prefect!. You are right up to date with technology. I love having my iphone.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Nancy Coburn said...

Hi Mary, Love the stocking, I had to write and tell you that it made my day when you said you "Crush"...I too spend a good deal of time on Candy Crush and now the Soda version, though that took some getting used to. There is just something about Candy Crush that grabbed me, LOL. Always kids at heart huh? Though it really can be very tough on some levels. Happy to know you are a Crusher too. Hugzzzzzz

Needled Mom said...

It's always so nice to see a post from you, Mary. I love your stocking. I am sure she will too. Does your son have a matching one???

I'm sure the decorating for Christmas this year was a pure delight after last Christmas. Looking forward to seeing some pictures. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

Gerri said...

Merry Christmas, Mary. It's wonderful to see how you are decorating your new home. What a difference a year makes, huh? With what you have been through, failing electronics are small potatoes! Thank you for being such ab awesome quilter!

MARCIE said...

Darling stocking! You done good!

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