Friday, October 24, 2014

A Bit Of Sharing...Still with Me?

Look at this sweet gift!  Jobi's husband made it for me!

I've been the worse blogger these past months, haven't I?  Lots to show, say and share and can't squeeze it all in this evening but will share a bit.

There has been a lot of quilting.  Here are a few of the "frosted" quilts that are now home being bound by their owners.

I wanted to keep every one of these!  Awesome eye candy right?  More to share but these were readily available at this moment.

Very sweet gift from my friend Karen at Log Cabin Quilter ...and some others I hadn't photographed yet.  I gave my wool to Karen when she was here this Summer.  She is amazing at just how fast and how much she whips up...and spoils me so good!

Bailey is 6 mos old now and was "tutored".  I'm so glad this cone is gone as I'm not sure how much more my legs could have taken being hit.  Ouch!

If you Instagram you will also find me there!  In the meantime, I'm quilting like crazy getting client quilts done in time for gift giving.  I have room for edge to edge work but you must get your tops here!

There will be a sweet give away on my next post!  I'd have posted tonight but forgot the photo.  If you like snowman you will want this!  It is good!  Those who comment here get an extra's that? Be sure in your comment to say the word SNOWMAN.  

Until next time...get stitching!


WoolenSails said...

Love all the quilts and the quilting, you really have been busy. Bailey sure is growing, beautiful coat too.
Who doesn't love snowmen;)


Katie said...

Such yummy frosting! And Bailey sure is beautiful too. :-) SNOWMAN! lol

Cynthia said...

I am so glad you posted tonight. I love all you quilting, your customers are so lucky. We always love snowmen for the holidays. They are the best. Love you puppy, he is precious.

Janet O. said...

Such fun to see these beautiful quilts you have frosted! I love that first Kim Diehl design. Honestly, I love them all! Great work!
Karen's applique work is beautiful, isn't it? And she is SO prolific! Lucky you to get that cute witch from her!
Bailey is white like a SNOWMAN. How's that for working it in so naturally? *LOL*

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, what lovely eye candy - and all keepers for sure. I love the term 'frosting', because that is what makes a cake a cak - so to a quilt - and you do such a super job at it. We had a few snowflakes over the last couple of days, but not enough to make snowmen.

Carol said...

Oh how fun a "Snowman" giveaway. Love seeing your frostings. Bailey's getting big, he's so cute.

Anna said...

The quilts are fantastic! Glad to hear that Bailey has changed hats :)

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

Your frosted quilts are beautiful. When the snow flies we can have a "frosted" SNOWMAN!!! Cute doggie and I know about those cones being rough on the legs!!!

Leeanne said...

Mmmmmmm S*N*O*W*M*E*N ~ love them!!
Gosh you have been busy busy! Love the textures, you always do magic quilting!

SoozeM said...

I love the quilts, always enjoy seeing gorgeous quilting! Do you mind me asking what the panto is on the second quilt?

Oh and snowman :)

Mystica said...

Difficult to use SNOWMAN from tropical Sri Lanka but your puppy is so cute!

Dianne said...

Snowman! I've missed you! Gorgeous quilting, as usual.

Anne said...

Wow. You're frosting just keeps getting better and better. Just gorgeous. You know I love me some snowmen!

Donna said...

Beautiful quilts -lovely quilting. I bet Bailey is glad for the cone to be gone, also. Snowman:)

dortha said...

Beautiful quilts and quilting. It will soon be time to build snowmen.

moosecraft said...

Wow! All of these quilts are gorgeous! And you add just the right amount of quilting! Beautiful! :-)

Vic in NH said...

Your frosted quilts are just gorgeous! And I love the snowman!

Béa said...

Wow Mary! no snowman here, your quilting is amazing.

The Queen Bee said...

Snowman? Yes...

Your quilting is just beautiful.


The Cozy Quilter said...

I love the flower quilting on the second quilt. Do you have a snowman panto that you could show us?

Frog Quilter said...

Your quilting is beautiful. I have a snowman quilt or too and love them. Hugs.

Needled Mom said...

Poor Bailey! That looks as uncomfortable as a bad hat!!!! ;-)

Your quilting is looking beautiful and I can see each one of those quilts in your new house.

I hope things are going well in your neck of the woods, Mary. I miss your postings.

Cheryl said...

Of course we are still here. I am going to show off your work to my KD club next weekend. Great gift from Karen. Wish we had snow in AZ...I love to build snowmen.

Jacqueline said...

Amazing quilts and even more amazing quilting. You do beautiful work.

There is no man like a snowman.

Have a great weekend.

Janet said...

I've been guilty of being missing in action too but you look like you've been busy quilting. They're all so lovely. Poor Bailey, those cones are the worst!
Now I wonder what you've been doing regarding the snowman?

Grandma M said...


You've done a beautiful job of quilting these quilts.

Bev said...

Beautiful quilts! And, oh, what a gorgeous puppy! Who doesn't loves snowmen???

bdoty008 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bdoty008 said...

love, Love, LOVE these quilts! You're one talented lady, Mary... and these are some very talented quilters! A SNOWMAN may very well be in our near future... possible snow in the forecast for Halloween here in the Northeast!

Paula said...

You do beautiful quilting. I always love to see your work. I am snowbirding myself south so I won't be making snowmen this winter. :)

Lori L said...

Mary, love your quilting on those beautiful tops. I was wondering what kind of batting you used, as the stitching shows so nicely. Oh yes, I really love SNOWMEN.

paulette said...

SNOWMEN...there isn't a snowman that I haven't loved...even though they are all flakes! That is my stab at humour this early in the morning!! :o)) LOVE your quilting!! And Karen's gift is wonderful! You are right...she is a dynamo~!!

Valerie Z said...

I'm always with you! Love all the quilts and "frosting" makes everything perfect!! Bailey is growing fast and darn cute! Temps in the 80's here so no SNOWMAN building any time soon...thank goodness for that!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

belarmina said...

Felicidades un regalo guapísimo!!!
preciosos todos los trabajos

andsewon said...

You have indeed been busy!Beautiful quilt frosting as always but so love the baptist fan quilting and star quilt! Karen is a super duper stitcher for sure. What a lovely gift! Awwhhh poor Baily I am sure he too is happy the cone is gone. We had our lil kitty fella Boots done early Sept and he still wants to sit funny...;-)Great minds I am working on a snowman project as well!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Lovely quilts & quilting! I've been thinking about you and glad to see your post! I've never met a snowman I haven't liked. ;-) LOL Have a happy day Mary!

Karen said...

You are a whiz at the frosting!

Lori said...

Lovely quilts but the top one has stolen my heart!
Your little dog looks a bit like a SNOWMAN! LOL Glad the radar headgear is gone.

Sandy Lowery said...

Glad you posted last night ...I love all snowmen.

scottylover said...

I bet when Bailey gets out in the snow, he looks like a giant snowman! :)

Your quilting in gorgeous! Thank you for sharing all the pictures, they are so inspiring! I would have wanted to keep one of those quilts, too. :P

Sandy A

Jo said...

Mary, your frosting is absolutely gorgeous! One of those quilts just has to be Cheryl's :0) Bailey could be mistaken for a furry snowman or snowdog!

Lesley said...

I have been missing your wonderful quilts, so really enjoyed your show and tell. Your frosting is delicious! Believe it or not, I am making a snowman today...out of seems to last a little longer!

marie said...

Snowman, Snowman. I am doing a snowman rummer for a gift exchange.

Barbb said...

I love seeing your beautiful frosting! You are the best!!!!!!
I have a paper-pieced snowman in the works.....pillows for my daughter-in-law.

Diane said...

The quilting is beautiful and Bailey is so cute. Looks like a dog Snowman!! One that's soft and fluffy instead of cold. Your friends are very sweet to you. Both gifts are really cool.

Mary Cameron said...

Gorgeous quilting, Mary!!! Glad to hear Bailey is cone-free now. Would love to see a snowman ; )

sunny said...

Your quilting is so beautiful! Who wouldn't want to win a Snowman??

Kaaren said...

Wow, looks like you've been very busy!!! Gorgeous eye candy to be sure.

Snowman? Who doesn't love a snowman?

Ollie says hi to Bailey.

Sandy D said...

Awesome eye candy is right. Great Quilts and beautiful quilting.

AnnieO said...

Always a treat to see your frosting! I want every one of those too:)
There is a snowman or two in my box of Christmas decorations!

Mary said...

So many beautiful quilts! It's hard to think about a snowman in October, hopefully I won't see a real one till at least January.

Ann in PA said...

Your quilting is just beautiful! Love the cute Wooly Witch from Karen. Bailey looks like a snowcone!LOL "Snowman" in a future post? You have my attention!

Sherry said...

Your quilts are so pretty! I hope I can afford to have one done soon. Maybe it will be a SNOWMAN design. LOL

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Hi Mary, I just found you on Instagram. I hope you will follow me too. Love the beautiful quilts!

Karen said...

Boy, you have been busy. Some really pretty quilts. Snowman :)!

Lynn said...

It's been a long time, but do you think we'll ever get enough snow to build a snowman ? Maybe this will be our year.

Loris said...

The quilting is beautiful and I love the little wall hanging that Karen made for you! Sweet Bailey kind of reminds me of a snowman 😉 He's adorable! I know about those cones and the leg bruising. I have a softer one...kind of like a foam life saver around there neck. It's not quite as fool proof.
Keep quilting, girl! You have about 2 months to go 🎅

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Beautiful work on those quilts. Snowman!

Mary Howland said...

Snowmen - made my share when I lived in upstate NY. Lovely quilting on these quilts. That witch is adorable! Thanks.

lynda said...

Love your quilting..when I stop mass producing baby quilts for gifts, I want to send you a special quilt to be quilted! Do you know they have inflatable cushions to go around the dogs necks instead of those scones that crash into everything?

JudyCinNC said...

I sew enjoying seeing your "Snowman" quilt a couple years ago. Wow, look at all that eye candy. Frosting is being spread all around - what a wonderful world. Judy C in NC

Linda S Jones said...

Love the snowman giveaway. Your quilting is so awesome and beautiful. Wish I had something ready to send to you. Bailey is so cute.

Gerri said...

A snowman contest? Count me in! Mary, those quilts are beautiful. Your frosting is beautiful.

Hang in there, puppy!!!

Sue said...


What beautiful quilts and that was so sweet of Karen to make you that Witch .

KMSC said...

The weather here in the Pacific NW is too wet to make a snowman! Maybe in January. Your quilting is beautiful, as always.

KarenOjai said...

I love when you post. Can I just say I love Snowmen too?!!

Amy said...

All the quilts are beautiful! Here in Minnesota we are excited to do some trick-or-treating before the snow flies and it will be "snowman" season again:)

QuiltSue said...

I love snowmen, but only when they're decorating quilts etc. I hate the snow that's needed to make the real ones!

Kurt Schindler said...

It was fun seeing my quilt on your post even though it did not have a SNOWMAN.


Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

Great quilts!!! and great quilting, too. I'm like you - I'd welcome any of those quilts to stay with me.
And though it's almost November, I'm really not ready for the snowmen to come to town. Happy Stitching!

Carrie P. said...

Gorgeous! I would like to have all those quilts too. Your quilting makes them shine.

Brenda said...

Love the Kim Diehl quilts and all the beautiful quilting. Wish I had seen the post last night so I could have said Snowman/

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Everything is just gorgeous Mary. As always your "frosting" is perfect! :)
Bailey looks down right pitiful with his cone. Such a sweetie pie.

Anna said...

I just love Snowmen, I even made a Snowman from wreaths and ribbon to hang on the door for Christmas. Poor Bailey, hope he feels better.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Happy belated birthday and I always enjoy seeing all the beautiful quilting you do! Hope Bailey is feeling better!

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