Tuesday, October 28, 2014

SNOWMAN .... It's Giveaway Time!

I didn't get the best pictures.  

When I take photos I try to use natural daylight backlighting so you can see the quilting.

Semi-custom with two different snowflakes and circles for snowballs in the inner border.

Again, I use lighting to my advantage of showing the quilting.  When this quilt is seen without the back light you see the embroidery and quilt blocks.  An example is the first photo.  I get emails asking me what kind of camera I use since my quilting shows well.  I use my iPhone AND good light beyond the quilt.

So, a few weeks ago I spotted this sweet table topper on Anne's blog, Cottons and Wool Thanks Anne for letting me use your photos for my post.

Oh my word, snowman buttons!  Now I really needed this one!
I caved, I ordered!  The pattern comes with the buttons!!!!  AND....you can order extra button packs!

Emily at www.redbuttonquiltco.com was kind and sent me an extra pattern to GIVEAWAY!  Just look at those little snowmen buttons.  Because I hope you will visit Emily's website, I am asking for you to take a look there, come back here...what did you like, did you cave and order?  I'd love to know!

In my previous post I asked you to mention the word SNOWMAN for an extra entry.  Those are now in the hat and no further entries on previous post but do feel free to comment.

Feel free to spread word on this giveaway.  The more who visit www.redbuttonquiltco.com the better for Emily right?

The winner should be announced by Monday.  Some comments left in previous post are NO REPLY BLOGGER.  Bummer if you win, check your settings.

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Bit Of Sharing...Still with Me?

Look at this sweet gift!  Jobi's husband made it for me!

I've been the worse blogger these past months, haven't I?  Lots to show, say and share and can't squeeze it all in this evening but will share a bit.

There has been a lot of quilting.  Here are a few of the "frosted" quilts that are now home being bound by their owners.

I wanted to keep every one of these!  Awesome eye candy right?  More to share but these were readily available at this moment.

Very sweet gift from my friend Karen at Log Cabin Quilter ...and some others I hadn't photographed yet.  I gave my wool to Karen when she was here this Summer.  She is amazing at just how fast and how much she whips up...and spoils me so good!

Bailey is 6 mos old now and was "tutored".  I'm so glad this cone is gone as I'm not sure how much more my legs could have taken being hit.  Ouch!

If you Instagram you will also find me there!  In the meantime, I'm quilting like crazy getting client quilts done in time for gift giving.  I have room for edge to edge work but you must get your tops here!

There will be a sweet give away on my next post!  I'd have posted tonight but forgot the photo.  If you like snowman you will want this!  It is good!  Those who comment here get an extra entry...how's that? Be sure in your comment to say the word SNOWMAN.  

Until next time...get stitching!