Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ring That Bell and More

Can't help but smile with this guy!  He is a busy boy with lots to learn.
Twelve chemo treatments done and bell rung!  For those who don't know, DH went in for a routine colonoscopy last Fall and the discovery made of Stage 3 cancer.  I urge you to spread world of just how important it is to get exams!  After surgery it was discovered that cancer cells were in 6 of the 10 lymph nodes removed so chemo started immediately following surgery.  Now....we wait and remain hopeful.
My family at the beach last week.  Love these guys!  They are my rock, what matters, and keep always let me know just how much I'm loved and appreciated.
My girls ( guy's gals) expressed interest in quilting without any arm twisting!

I think Kim will be excited the quilt I quilted for her on my blog.  I must apologize for not getting the quilt photos together for a post.  My blog is a quilt blog, promise!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Update On My Life These Days

As promised, a photo of my handsome son and my daughter-in-love!
We have another new family member.  Introducing Bailey!  He is a busy labradoodle with much to learn!  A fellow blogger on IG commented, "May the force be with you!"   What a spot on comment!  LOL
Just one more chemo out of 12 to go!  Hubby is doing pretty good all things considered.  I've stepped up doing so much more than ever in the yards, painting deck, shoveling rock etc.
I did take some time to finish piecing and quilting a few mini quilts however still need binding.

Hopefully the next post won't be so far off and I'll post client quilts.  Thank you to those who are hanging with me and took advantage of the quilt special I offered in May.  I really appreciate you allowing me to "frost" your quilts.

Also my Etsy shop has a few things added finally!