Thursday, September 26, 2013

Show & Share

 Keeping busy and finally put together a few photos of show and share.  I have to apologize in advance that for some reason I can't get my LINK tab to cooperate so I won't have direct links to the blogs because of pure frustration here!

First up is a small table topper quilt that I pieced and quilted for my Etsy client, Myra.  She needed just the right red for her decor so mailed me her fabric and a photo with a specific size she needed for her table.  I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

Doreen's Zig Zag Quilt with pumpkins and vines quilting.  Doreen teaches at her local quilt shop and this was for a shop sample I believe.  (Aunt Reen's Place Blog)


Cherries!!!  I had two quilts back to back with cherry quilting requested.  The above is a glimpse of Sue's (Cozy Quilts) and below is Carol's (Carol's Crafty Creations).
 Baptist Fans for Karen's reproduction beauty!  (Log Cabin Quilter)

Erica's (no blog) purple and pink beauty with Deb's Feathers.
 Marcie of Patchalot Patterns has this posted on her Facebook page.  It's going to be her newest pattern!  She used Pam Buda's new line of fabric American Gothic.  It's a stunning wall size quilt.
 Oodles of hearts!  Thanks to Mary (Needled Mom) and her ability to embroidery over 150 I can now start the quilting and pass them off to my future DIL, Joyce.  Her job will be to finish them up for wedding guest.  Did I mention my son's marrying March 8th?
No house photos yet....but that too is in the works.  Until next time....  (and I'm sure I forgot and left somebody's quilt out or something out.....)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quick Check In This Morning

Just checking in real quick this morning.  So much to share each day but then the day gets away and more to share the next that I end up not sharing a thing.  Even now I don't have my quilt photos together to show what I've done the past several weeks!
This photo was handy so you do get one photo with the post as all blog post need a photo in my opinion.

This is a Kim Diehl pattern called, "Bittersweet Briar" that I blogged about April 29th (you can see better quilting there).  Anyway, she has it hung way up it up there!  Don't you agree?

Our home build is now being bricked and I hope to share some photos soon.  It's absolutely gorgeous and we are so excited to be able to have those keys my birthday/Christmas and 30th wedding anniversary week!  Great gift to us both!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Star Surround QAL Finish and For Sale on Etsy

My Star Surround QAL with Melissa at Happy Quilting is now completely finished and a beauty!
The fabrics I chose were an older Nancy Halvorsen line and then I custom quilted it.  I even used a heavier weight batting so that it will hang nicely on the wall.  It truly is a statement piece.  I've listed it in my Etsy shop and can be found here or I have a tab on the right side of my blog that takes you to my Etsy Shop.

Check out Melissa's site to see other wonderful completed tops!  My "link" button isn't working for some odd reason so again here is the link I pasted in for you to click easily: