Thursday, February 28, 2013

From Mom

 A package from my mom arrived with all these yo-yos she made.  Back in October I flew to California to help care for her after she broke her ankle.  I had taken along one of those Clover Yo-Yo makers just to sit and do busy work.  Well mom was curious on how to make them and I realized this was a fun little project for her so I hooked her up with lots more fabric and also a smaller Yo-Yo maker.  I didn't anticipate that she would get them done so quickly and look how many!!!!  There are hundreds!  Mom has since given up her yo-yo making career.  LOL
Another fun surprise she tucked in my package are these crocheted dishcloths that are way too pretty too use.  They are a treasure to me because they are from her heart and hands.  Now if I could just convince her to make me a granny square blanket.

We are still settling into the rental house.  It has not been easy to leave the home we sold and loved.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Part Three

I just want to quilt!
Some of my boxes have been through several moves over the years.