Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Pattern Alert!

Hot off the presses and delivered to my mailbox today is Marcie's new pattern and what makes it even more special is Marcie wanted my "frosting" on her quilt.  It's fun to see my quilting in a published pattern too.  As I quilted this one I kept thinking how it is a perfect size finishing at 38".  I've added it to my list of must makes!  I've shared the back of her pattern so you can see fabric requirements and information to order your own.  Thanks Marcie!


Janet O. said...

I think Marcie did a lovely job on this design, Pam's fabrics are perfect for it, and you frosted it beautifully!! : )

Laura said...

How fun to see your quilting on a published pattern! Congrats to you both!

JoAnne said...

I've got it on my list, too! Maybe we need a sew-along next year some time.

Sue said...

Oh Mary ! How exciting for you to see your frosting on a quilt that is a published pattern. CONGRATS !!!! I love that fabric... I already bought the FQ's ;-)

belarmina said...

es un trabajo precioso !!!
y tiene un tamaño apetecible

WoolenSails said...

Very nice and of course your quilting always makes the quilt more beautiful.


andsewon said...

Saw this sweet quilt on her blog. Great use of Pam Buda fabrics too. Nice size for my small home for sure!
Nice job on that frosting!!

Abdullah Al Faisal said...

Your quilting is good,,

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