Monday, November 25, 2013

More Frosted Quilts

As promised, a few more quilts that I must share now that they made their way back home.  I'm convinced I need more Baptist Fans on my own quilt tops.

The above quilting motif has been a very popular one called, Cottonseeds.
Daisies is another happy quilting pattern that makes me smile!  Love the texture.
Thanks again for allowing me to frost your quilts.  A few people commented on last few posts that are NO REPLY BLOGGER.  I have no way to contact you unless you change your settings.  Recently Lori of Humble Quilts Blog posted a good tutorial.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your time spent with loved ones as each day is a gift!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Sink

A few days ago I shared my excitement of the kitchen tile.  What excites the guy?  The sink in HIS garage!  This is his tinkering garage next to the laundry room entrance door (still needs steps).  Yep, we planned to have the laundry room right there so he can just drop his dirty clothing at the washing machine.

I'm sharing this tidbit because yesterday my husband said he was showing the guy across the street photos of the build.  The guy LOVED the sink and said something about wanting one.  Apparently the only photo of excitement.

I should be more excited too.  After all, no more bringing his bucket into the kitchen sink for warm water.  Oh....and he does read my blog so feel free to comment away with fun captions.  Giggles these days are well received.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I quickly grabbed a few photos of quilts frosted these past weeks to show that I am a quilter and geez...where are the quilts for the blog right?  If you have questions on any of these just leave a comment.  Also, if you see your quilt feel free to comment the name of pattern or any info you like for others to read.   There are more quilts to be posted soon.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Pattern Alert!

Hot off the presses and delivered to my mailbox today is Marcie's new pattern and what makes it even more special is Marcie wanted my "frosting" on her quilt.  It's fun to see my quilting in a published pattern too.  As I quilted this one I kept thinking how it is a perfect size finishing at 38".  I've added it to my list of must makes!  I've shared the back of her pattern so you can see fabric requirements and information to order your own.  Thanks Marcie!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Home of a Quilter?

My husband went to the house today and found the tile guy working on the piece I've been dreaming about ever since making my selections months ago.  This is the wall behind my stove top.  Hmmm...does a quilter live here?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Extreme Home Build

If you are a follower of my blog you may be curious about our home build.  The builder's are working like crazy to get us in the home before my husband's surgery.  We were at the home yesterday to go over the layout for the concrete drive and walkway that is being poured today.  While there I snapped a few photos to share.
 This is a view of the new Quilt Hollow quilting room (less the fixtures and flooring).  I love that this room has the natural light of the day as I hoped for when we made the home plans.

 This is a view of the dining area so far.  The floors will get finished soon.
 We got our first look of the granite.  I love the tropic brown granite against the bisque colored cabinets in the kitchen.
Thanks to my scouring both Pinterest and Houzz for "something different" my builders were able to add in this sweet little cubby in the guest bathroom.  The mirror framing is the same style and oh so dang cute!

I've been "frosting" several quilts and just hadn't taken the time to put together some photos to share with you yet.  There are just a couple more that I must get finished before taking down the longarm for the move.

The POD will be here on Tuesday so that we can start filling it with the things we won't need right away.  Thankfully when we moved to this rental home we left a lot of our things boxed up.

Thank you well wishers.  Your prayers, thoughts and concern for my hubby are truly appreciated....just taking it a day at a time here.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Unexpected

I don't even know where to start with this post.  Thank you for comments received, emails sent and phone calls made with regards to the news of my husband's colonoscopy result of cancer.  I'm telling you....getting your colonoscopy is just as important as your mammogram!  Thankfully this is caught early but results after surgery will determine the stage or even if further treatment is necessary.

We met with the surgeon yesterday and the surgery is much more intense than we initially were told.  My husband will require 7 days in the hospital and then a six week period of no lifting or working and this is if he recovers on time.  Do you know how hard it will be to keep him from doing nothing?  This is the guy who tinkers on his jalopy and is constantly doing something because he can't just sit.  I've considered teaching him to hand piece but honestly he won't go for it!  Perhaps applique?  Hmmm

The surgeon also instructed my husband avoidance of stair climbing during recovery.  Here we are in this rental home that is all about stairs with all bedrooms and the showers up.  We have awesome builders who are moving up the date we get the home to accomodate the situation we are now in.  We should get the new home Dec 6th with just a few days to get everything moved before he goes to surgery.  Granted there will be no time for decorating the new home at least the heavy work is done and he will have comfort with single level living.

I have my moments of crying, rants, raves and all that goes with and that this is a simple wake up call of what is really and truly important in life.

Last week when we were at the house my husband took a few pictures.  The above is a part of the front door.  I love the scroll work.  We were also surprised when we walked in to see cabinetry going in as well.  My kitchen cabinets are a bisque color.

Quilting - - I'm doing what I can to get the tops "frosted" that are here.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.