Friday, October 25, 2013

Important Read!!

Here's a peek of Karen's (Log Cabin Quilter) applique quilt that I finished and was able to hand deliver to her hotel room!  Karen and her husband were traveling through and stopped in my town for dinner with me and my husband.  It was a fun and fast meeting and how I wished we could have spent a few days together!

The next thing I want to chat with you about is the importance of getting your colonoscopy done and why.  We've been tossed for a loop here in the hollow.  My husband turned 50 and a week ago today had his first colonoscopy.  The doc found "an area" and did a biopsy.  The results came in and sure enough it is the C word.  I can't even tell you the mixed bag of emotions I've had this week.  Blood test have been done, his CT Scan was this morning and he will be seeing a surgeon very soon.

The cancer was discovered early and the doctor feels pretty confident that just a surgery is in order and that gets determined by the surgeon of course.  But what I'm saying is...don't delay and don't put off....get it done!  The doctor told us to be thankful we got in there and didn't wait a year.

In the meantime to help keep my mind occupied I've been quilting like crazy!  It's that time of year too when everybody wants their tops done for holiday gift giving etc.  I'm really enjoying "frosting" your tops.  Thank you.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Are you the Winner?

Several quilter's shared their "make-do" piecing and I enjoyed reading them.  Today I've loaded a backing that can be a whole quilt in itself.  As I was admiring it I noticed many "make-do" areas where borders weren't quite long enough or blocks large enough so bits of fabric were added on to get the length or sizes needed.  The perfect example of making do!
Many new names left comments on my blog to win the Schnibbles pattern...I do hope you come back for a visit someday soon.  The winner's name drawn - VROOMAN'S QUILTS was chosen!  Congrats!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Schnibble "Good Fortune" Pattern Give Away!

 Here's my Schnibbles "Good Fortune" quilted with feathered roses and bound.  It's a finish and a happy finish too because a few times I was ready to toss this one in the trash bin due to some really stupid cutting errors I made.

Being a longarm quilter allows me to really see how others piece their quilt tops.  It is always fun to find "make-do" piecing.  So what if a piece doesn't fit just right because of a wrong cut or lack of fabric...just make do!
 While I love this quilt, my version is not exactly the same.  You see, I didn't care for "grading" the pink inside border but did on the first border to get the smaller stars to fit correctly.  In my version the two outside borders or a bit wider making my quilt top 35" square vs. pattern's 32" square.
If you would like to win this slightly used pattern leave a comment with something you've "made-do" in piecing your quilt tops or what fabrics would you choose to make this one?  The winner will be chosen Sunday.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In The Works...

 Blogland sure is slow these days!  Where's everybody at?

This past weekend I just wanted to sit down and piece.  The above photo are blocks to the start of a Schnibble pattern called, Good Fortune.
 Thanks to my mom the yo-yo maker I've stitched down these for the makings of another pillow for a friend.
Finally a house picture to show you!  We had to meet the builder yesterday to review that all framing, electrical, heating, and plumbing to our specifications so that they can now start the insulation and sheetrock.  The brick was finished up yesterday however the outside has a long way to go before it looks like the house we envision.