Thursday, September 26, 2013

Show & Share

 Keeping busy and finally put together a few photos of show and share.  I have to apologize in advance that for some reason I can't get my LINK tab to cooperate so I won't have direct links to the blogs because of pure frustration here!

First up is a small table topper quilt that I pieced and quilted for my Etsy client, Myra.  She needed just the right red for her decor so mailed me her fabric and a photo with a specific size she needed for her table.  I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

Doreen's Zig Zag Quilt with pumpkins and vines quilting.  Doreen teaches at her local quilt shop and this was for a shop sample I believe.  (Aunt Reen's Place Blog)


Cherries!!!  I had two quilts back to back with cherry quilting requested.  The above is a glimpse of Sue's (Cozy Quilts) and below is Carol's (Carol's Crafty Creations).
 Baptist Fans for Karen's reproduction beauty!  (Log Cabin Quilter)

Erica's (no blog) purple and pink beauty with Deb's Feathers.
 Marcie of Patchalot Patterns has this posted on her Facebook page.  It's going to be her newest pattern!  She used Pam Buda's new line of fabric American Gothic.  It's a stunning wall size quilt.
 Oodles of hearts!  Thanks to Mary (Needled Mom) and her ability to embroidery over 150 I can now start the quilting and pass them off to my future DIL, Joyce.  Her job will be to finish them up for wedding guest.  Did I mention my son's marrying March 8th?
No house photos yet....but that too is in the works.  Until next time....  (and I'm sure I forgot and left somebody's quilt out or something out.....)


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Finally have a chance to check in on your blog. More beautiful quilting and especially love the cherries and hearts. Your house is progressing quickly (from my perspective) and it's going to be beautiful.

Sue said...

Nice work, they are all very pretty, love the quilting on them all!

Janet O. said...

Everything is delightful, Mary. The sweet little red/white topper is sure to please. What wonderful quilting!
I am in love with the purple/pink quilt--there is a lot of green in there, too, and purple and green always win me over. Deb's feathers looks really good on that.
Marcie's quilt is stunning--I love Pam's new fabric line! Great quilting there, as well.
Can't wait to see the progress on the house. : )

WoolenSails said...

You have done some beautiful quilting. I love how you did the little quilt, I want to do some small ones and practice my free motion.


Lesley said...

I love when you share all your projects with us! Your quilting is superb, as usual! And a wedding on the horizon! That is so wonderful!

Loris said...

You have been busy! Beautiful and fun quilts. Love the cherry quilting on Carol's.

Mary said...

My favorite is the Baptist Fans.. You are so talented.

Barb said...

beautiful quilting - and such great variety.
I love the fan quilting espeically

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You've certainly been keeping busy at that longarm! LOVE the cherries on Carol's quilt!

AnnieO said...

Red and white are always charming together--proven again by your topper! You've had a lot of wonderful quilts under your needle:) I'm a fan if the fans too!

Carrie P. said...

always nice to see what you are working on. such beautiful quilts and quilting.
that is a lot of hearts.

Needled Mom said...

Your quilting is stunning as usual, Mary. The cherry quilting looks very familiar ;-). I love the fan quilting! Hmm. I may have to think of that next time.

Sue-Anne said...

The quilts look great Mary, I love the cherry pattern - very cute!

Bari Jo said...

Wow you have been BUSY! Way to go!!!! (My machine is still in the shop.... :o( I like your embroidered hearts for the wedding!!!!!

Emma Watson said...

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