Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yo-Yo Pillow Finish and QAL Update

This yo-yo pillow has been on my to-do list for quite sometime.  The first time I saw something similiar was on Pinterest.  My mom whipped up hundreds of these yo-yos for me.
 I made the quilted piece first and then applied the yo-yos.  It was easy enough using a dab of glue stick to hold the yo-yo in place and then I machine stitched a simple tack stitch to secure them.
 Melissa at posted the next step of the QAL Star Surround.  I worked diligently on this project to get my sides and corners finished in time.
 Then I was so excited about seeing the blocks come together that I burned the midnight oil and finished my top.  TA-DA!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bits n' Pieces of Quilting

This week's QAL we made the center stars.  It's not too late to join in with Happy Quilting's QAL.

 This is Nicoles's quilt called, "Country Hill Baskets" that I completely forgot to share.  I love the colors.
 Another from Nicole that was quilted about the same time is called, "Long Road Home" and gorgeous!
 This next one is so huge that I cannot get a full picture of it to share so I will just show Bits n' Pieces of it and ironically it is a Bits n' Pieces design called, "Star Light, Star Bright" - pattern #830 made by Valerie.
 She used batiks in this one and requested custom quilting since this one is for her and her hubby.
 I really wish my back lighting was better to really show off that outer border.
I woke this morning to 63 degrees, gray skies and more rain.  It's August right?  I was so chilled last night that I wore my winter sweats and was not going to turn on that heater.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

QAL Flying Geese and More...

108 Flying Geese
Finished for Melissa's QAL at Happy Quilting

 Spools Galore!!!  OMGosh....I went with hubby to pick up a jalopy part in a neighboring town and stopped at a new to me antique type market.  I'll share more photos in days to come.  For now....feast your eyes on all these spools.   Rarely do I find this many in one place anymore.

 Weather this year is weird for summer.  These two photos taken of same sky within same minute.  One from the sky above me and the other of what was coming our way.  Ugly!

Friday we stopped by the house in hopes of getting to see the upstairs where my quilting will be.  The stairs weren't in yet so this was the best I could do for a photo of it just above the two car garage.

A cute story to share with you from a sale I made on Etsy.  I wonder if you will relate when it comes to your own quilts?

Myra writes, "Oh...Mary I just received my quilt and I couldn't be more pleased.  It's just gorgeous!!"

I responded back my thank you etc.

Myra writes, "I must tell you your quilt has caused a major change at our home.  The table I selected to display my little gem was next to our floral couch....ugh!!  It wasn't making the statement it needed to.  Soooo today darling husband took me shopping for a new couch.  It's being delivered on Tuesday...ya gotta love it!!"

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Etsy, QAL and an Entry

Hello again!  As always another busy week has passed by and here we are in August already.  I finally took some time to update my Etsy shop.
I've stitched all my half-square triangles for the Star Surround QAL with Melissa at Happy Quilting.  This is my before squaring them up to 2.5" squares photo.
Evenings we drive over to our new home build to see what is new.  It's unbelievable how fast it seems to be moving.  Here is a few from inside the entry way towards front door.

I went back through post to link Etsy and QAL but for some reason blogger isn't playing nice!  I have a tab on my sidebar that will take you directly to my Etsy shop if you would like to see that and if you are curious about the QAL please go to my previous post for the link.  Sorry about this.  Geez!