Thursday, May 30, 2013

Making It My Own Schnibble "Gentle Art"

 This is my finished Schnibble "Gentle Art" to be entered in the parade of Schnibbles with Sherry and Sinta.  I've changed it up to become more of a table runner than a square and I quilted the middle with thread spools and needles along with some spools for the inner border area.
 The backing is a fabric is a perfect piece that I've had saved in my stash for years!
For the first time I happened to stop at an estate sale this past weekend.  It was the second day of sales so everything marked was half the price.  How I wished I'd have gone the first day because this was the home of a woodworker and a seamstress.  One of the things I had to share was this sweet little doll bed.  The above photo the bed is in the "holding area" purchased and I was bummed!  When we were leaving the sale I saw a gal loading it in her car so I inquired if it was for her or a resale.   I tell you it never hurts to ask because she didn't really want it and was going to paint it and sell it in her booth downtown.  I was able to get this sweet little doll bed for $8.  I took it home and gave it a good washing.  I will make doll quilts and watch my "someday" grandchild play.  Yep, that would be the inner little girl in me talking!
While this was my very first time at an estate sale it really was kind of sad to rummage through somebody elses treasures and keepsakes; the things they worked their whole lives for and then strangers come in and swoop them up like a bunch of vultures.  It's truly heart breaking.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Postage Stamp Quilt

 Today I can share with you the Postage Stamp Quilt I quilted for Darlene aka Quilting Nana.  She wanted to be surprised and NO peeks.  Please go on over and visit her blog and tell her I sent you.
 The backing was a dark red color and when I popped down underneath the machine to look up I thought this was just too cool not to share.
This is called semi-custom quilting because of that inner flange border.  I hope you can kind of see it popped up some in the photo.  The center design is one of my favorites that mimic the fabric line.  It's called, "Special Roses."  You will see the whole quilt at Darlene's blog.

Thanks again Darlene for choosing me as your quilter to "frost" your quilt.  It's a beauty!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today's the Day

It has been a long time since I've baked cookies.  These are an absolute favorite of ours and I made them to gift to our builder.  Yes, we have chosen our builder, have our house plan and today signing the contract.  I can't even begin to tell you how much we have missed being in our own home.

.....and yes we are still uncertain about so many things but will push forward with this dream we've had ever since purchasing our property over two years ago. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nearly Ready for the Parade

 Here is a peek of my Schnibble Gentle Art quilt top.  I changed it up a bit and need to add the binding.  I should be ready for Sinta and Sherri's parade of Schnibbles.  This was a fun one to quilt.
Earlier in the week a box showed up from Karen with one house block made and lots of pieces already cut.  I'm figuring out the puzzle so I can start stitching up this beauty!  Thanks Karen for your discarded UFO.

Its been a productive week quilting for others in the hollow.  I'm anxious to share with you photos of one of them but she wants to be surprised and see it in person first.  I'll post it later in the week.  How about you?  If you send your quilt to a longarm quilter do you like peeks or are you the type who waits for the reveal?

Have a great week everybody...get stitching!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mid-Week Hello!

 Here's an older piece of fabric I treasured and saved for the perfect quilt pattern and now I've found it!  Spare moments are spent piecing the latest Schnibble quilt "Gentle Art."  As soon as I saw the pattern I knew this had to be part of the quilt even if just on the back.  I plan to have this quilt ready for the parade of Schnibbles the end of May.

 This isn't my best photo after hiking 3.5 miles on Mother's Day!  Since my boys were working DH and I decided to hike a bit at Pilot Mountain to enjoy the warmth of the day.
 I loved these trails because they were easier on my knees.

 There were alot of these trails too...not so easy on the knees.  But....
Well worth climbing to see views like this!

Honestly, the day could have been Father's Day because after we had our hike we hopped into DH's jalopy and spent another few hours just cruising around.  We drove onto our property for this photo.  It's an empty lot at moment and hopefully soon will be a new home.

My boys came home Monday and surprised me with lunch then spending the day with me.  The plant was gifted to me by my future DIL.  I wanted to show you the plant stand I purchased a few weeks ago at a store called ALDI.  The plant hangs on a hook in the center.  I thought they were sweet and priced at $9.99 not too shabby don't ya think?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Where Do I Start?

 Today I share with you a few things that have been arriving in the mail these past weeks.  The above is from Kaaren.  The hand painted box is a piece she painted a few years ago and decided to pass it on to me.  It's absolutely beautiful.  She also tucked in a few of the other surprises.
 Sue was so sweet to make and send me this table topper quilt "just because!"  How nice is that?!  My friend Michelle has a block featured in the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks and surprised me with an autographed copy.  This girl has some talent!  I entered to win a book giveaway at Loris' blog and won so now I have a book for the beach in June!
Today I finally managed to get my Etsy store opened with the help of Kim Brackett's artwork!  She made my Etsy banner and I'll ask her to make a button on my blog too.  In 2009 I went to sign up for my Etsy account to find that somebody had the name Quilt Hollow but they weren't using it.  I inquired and they wanted to sell me my name.  What a mess because you can't just do that with Etsy; once a name is taken it is taken and not to be used again.  I was spitting mad but what could I do?! Etsy store name is Quilt Hollow Quilter and it can be found HERE!

A fellow blogger posted this title, "Bloggers...wanna read something funny?"  She goes on to say it is one quilt blogger's rant about online quilting.  Well, I had a bit of time with the morning cup of coffee and went over to read THIS POST.  OMGosh, OMGosh....laughing out loud funny!  Be sure to read comments too!  Warning - some ugly language there.

Are you heading to market?  If so...please look at this link for fabric that I would love to get my hands on BEFORE it releases in December.  It is a Northcott Fabric called, Marie Antoinette by Deborah Edwards.  This is the EXACT colors used for my son's wedding next March.  We hope that some of the tables could have some quilted runners/mats and such from this line.  I've emailed the company but have not heard back from them. (insert sad face here)  OR...if you read this and know of somebody in the company or heading to market who could help me...please pass my info on!  Thanks bunches!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

It Was A Busy Quilt Week

 It was a busy quilt week for me and now I have lots of binding to stitch.  Last week I posted a sweet little quilt similiar to these above and listed it for sale.  Well, it sold and a few orders came in too!
 I got busy making more quilt tops, loaded a large backing on the longarm and got busy quilting!  The one quilt in the first photo to the top right is my own mini quilt that needed quilting so I quilted it too with the extra space I had on the backing.
These are the cutest little table mats.  The lighting wasn't the best to capture true colors of the borders.  My plan is to get a few of these on Etsy once I get that up and running.  If your interested please email me.  I'm charging $45 to include postage to US only.