Monday, January 28, 2013

Quilt Hollow Moving - Part Two

 I've learned that the neighbor who have the deer named him "Jimmy John."  He's sporting a new collar.  I'm going to miss him when we move.  Hopefully the collar doesn't snag in the underbrush of the woods.

For those who follow my blog know that we purchased land to build a home nearly two years ago.  However, our house didn't sell when we thought it would so the land is naked.  The surprise sale of our house forced us into finding a rental home which ended up being no easy task especially this time of year and we weren't about to sign a lease until closing so that made things even more difficult.

It seemed the odds were against us with plenty of ups and downs of emotions.  I spent countless hours scouring the rental sites and calling leasing offices.  Then on a Saturday I was checking Craig's List ALOT (meaning at least every half hour!) when I found this house.  
 There were several photos of the inside and the house felt right.  I can't explain that felt right feeling but it just did.  I quickly notifed the owners telling them our situation and we set a time to see their home the following weekend.  Of course, we still had not closed on our home.

Their home has a bonus room above the garage for my longarm!  That's a bonus because I was seriously considering putting it the living room or selling it.  (I'd hate to sell it!)  I can watch tv in a bedroom right?

It's an older home but with charm and character.  The owners were so kind and after talking with us must have liked us too because they were so sweet to say they would wait one week to see if our home would close before they needed to find other possible renters!  I have double lady bug luck! (see previous post for Part One)

This past weekend we gave them our deposit and will be moving mid-February to our temporary home!  There are no plans as of yet to build.  We don't have a building plan nor a builder...just taking things a day at a time for now.
Let the packing begin!  Here's my husband packing a whole basement worth of stuff and then some into one of those PODS.  I should mention that Craig's List is a great place to look for FREE boxes and paper because I also scored a bunch of boxes from a professional moving company.  This is the first move in nearly 30 years that my husband and I do not have military movers!  OMGosh....we have our work cut out for us!

So many of my blogging friends have been so kind as to leave me messages and I've been neglectful of replying.  Please, please know that your comments mean the world to me and in free moments I try to pop in on your blogs for quick peeks but can't take lots of time to comment at moment.

One more know what my stress reliever is?  Quilting!  My things have been getting boxed up and I can't quilt so I'm looking forward to finally being settled back into Quilt Hollow's NEW temporary home so I can quilt again.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lady Bug Luck - Part One

While DH and I were taking down the holiday decor on Dec. 29th I found a lady bug and said, "Look honey, we have lady bug luck.  I hope you bought lottery tickets."   The lady bug was then sent back outside into 30 degree weather and DH did tell me she wasn't a very lucky lady bug.  That evening when I went up to my quilt studio I found another walking on the floor so I promptly scooped her up in fabric and set her in a basket.

DH had to work the following day which was Sunday, Dec 30th. (also our 29th wedding anniversary).  He calls me at 9:30am to say he received a call from a real estate agent here in town wondering if we would still be interested in selling our home.  We had given up on the idea of selling back in August and had taken it off the market.

That Sunday afternoon the agent showed up before them and we sat chatting for a bit.  In conversation he asked if I remembered a horrific fire back in 2006 that killed a family.  We moved here in 2006 and I recall the builder telling us about this fire that killed his friend.  The builder was pretty shaken even then to talk about it.  Anyway, the gal that was coming to see my home was the daughter of this family.  She had been away to grad school when it happened.  She lost her dad, mom and brother.  This girl is now married with a two year old and another baby on the way.  Her and her husband saw our listing last year but didn't come see our home because they hadn't sold theirs.  Now that their home sold she wanted a house in our area but nothing was available and they inquired about this one.  WHEW....still with me?

When they arrived I stayed up in my quilt studio while the agent chatted with them and they looked over my home.   I knew things had to have been going well because they were here well over an hour.  When they finally came up to the quilt studio she asked me about the year the house was built.  There was a look on her face and then she said her dad was a mason who worked for our builder.

When she left she was in tears.  The agent called that evening to say the girl felt "it was meant to be" and she confirmed with a family friend that her father was indeed the mason who built our home.  An offer was made and by New Year's Eve we were under contract.

I'm a huge believer in "signs" as the lady bug yet my DH is a bit superstitious and felt if it was something we talked about that it would be jinxed.  I tried my best to not talk about it to many....a few only in blogland but this was before I knew I would jinx it....oh, and to ask my clients to hold tops for a bit.

Our home closed today!!!

Part post!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Granny Squares

I started granny squares last summer. I worked on it occasionally and now it's a top.  The fabric was a Moda layer cake called, "Botany" that had been gifted to me long ago.   I've been preoccupied and have neglected blogging. I'll spill why soon as I hate to jinx it.  Please NO guesses!  Just keep positive thoughts and vibes going for Quilt Hollow.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

SCRAPS! They Must Go!

I'm paralyzed by scraps tucked in baskets, boxes, tins and drawers.  I also have bits and pieces I saved as 1/2 sq triangles to make small quilts.  My scraps are just too good to toss yet I'm overwhelmed by them.  They need a home to a quilter who is willing to pay for the postage.  I will cram lots of them into a medium or large flat rate box for you and perhaps tuck in a few other surprises too!  If you are interested please let me know asap.  If I get more than one or two people interested I'll draw names according to how many boxes I fill.  Please remember I do ask you to pay the postage and in return you get a box of surprises!

Thank you to those who want my scraps!  I've sent emails to four of you who expressed interest.  I'm filling boxes and if I find I have more I will pull another name or two!

Congrats to Quilt Fiesta, Mary, Lynn and Sandie check your email for details.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

#2 Kathleen's Doll Quilt In The Works

If you read my previous post you will find the first Kathleen's Doll Quilt that I quilted.  I loved it so much that I decided to whip this one up.   There is still a bit more quilting to do in the setting triangles and corners before adding on binding.

They say (whoever they are) that what you do on the first day of the year is pretty much what you'll be doing most of the year.  My day was spent doing a bit of quilting, ate leftover meals to clean out the fridge, and spent majority of the day going through old paperwork, files, magazines and the like.  We even listed a few things on Craig's list to clear out some unwanted clutter.  Bring on the New Year!!  I wish you the best for yours!