Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Through The Year

 Here's a small sampling of gift quilts that I've been working on this past year.  I'm linking up at Darlene's blog for the finale.  Thank you both Darlene and Cheryl for hosting this past year!
My Christmas tree skirt is half-way pieced and the fabric is a good quality flannel.  I may not cut through the center to wrap around the tree but rather have our tree sit on top.  (can't see way under the tree area anyway)   Also I am debating if I really want to add batting since it just takes more space in the holiday storage box right?  I'm thinking of keeping this very simple, it's just a tree skirt that will be seen maybe three weeks if that and then of course Santa's gifts on top.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little Bites "Drop" Finish

 Here is my version of Little Bites pattern called, "Drop."  I can see in the photo I completely forgot to erase my chalk lines!  This quilt only measures about 10" x 12".
Ready! Set! Sew!!!  I've had this pattern kit since just after the holidays this past year and here we are ready to celebrate another holiday season so I've got to get the lead out.  This one is for my family's tree.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Bit of This and Some of That

 While taking care of mom in October I pieced a few small doll quilts/table toppers.  They are now quilted, bound and ready for gifting.  This is just a preview as I will show more when I post and link with Christmas Through The Year.
 Thanksgiving with my guys both home was wonderful!  They are my best accomplishment.  This mom cannot be prouder of these fine young men!
 It's always a sad day when we must return our youngest back to college.  While he drove I snapped a picture of the Carolina blue sky as we went up the mountain.
 "Hey! Where did everybody go?"
Our neighborhood deer visits often and loves when people are outside with him.  He likes when a leaf blower, lawn mower or even jalopy engine is running because that means he has outside company.  He just cracks me up!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Life's a Beach!

 I'm sharing Mary's goldfish quilt with you.  Mary has no blog to date. (hint!)  She wanted a beach theme and so I hope I've delivered.
 One thing that I absolutely hated about quilting this quilt was the backing and the white on white fabrics.  Because the backing was super tight crisp weave muslin combined with a thick rubber feel in areas of the white on white on the top it created what I think looks like preforated stitches on the backing.  You can also visibly see that the stitches aren't as nice on the top when they go through the areas of the white "rubbery" feeling flowers.  I consulted with my longarm group for suggestions and was told perhaps a smaller needle changing it often.  They also said as for the preforated backing that a light misting of a spray bottle or very light steam ironing would help close them.

So then this tight weave backing got me thinking about those who use sheets for backing.  I'm guessing not only cotton quality is in question but what about that thread count!

 This is a little quilt that I participated in with Pam Buda's Quilt-A-Long called, "Forget Me Not" using her new fabric line.  I've still got the binding to hand stitch down and have a friend who I am gifting this one to.  It's more her colors than mine.
...and because sometimes I just itch to piece something I'm working on this month's Schnibbles project.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fresh Forest, Oh That Deer and Peeping Tom!

 Fresh Forest is a quilt designed by Corey Yoder that I quilted this past summer.  Actually I quilted this one twice for Corey out of two different fabric lines.  Corey needed this quilt in a rush for publication in the Holiday issue of Stitch Craft Create.  I hadn't realized the magazine was published and on newstands until recently.  You can see more of the quilt here at Corey's blog.
 The neighborhood deer visits often.  I've been told a neighbor bottle fed him and this is why he is so friendly.  I do worry about him once he is older and fattened up. While I am not a hunter, I can't say the same for those living around me.
 I have no clue who this cat belongs to.  He has been running around our neighborhood for over a year and I will see him not only on my front porch but on other porches too.  He shows up for food since he knows that I feed the black female cat I call, Meow (she is fixed).  You may remember that she used to show up here with another cat and beagle a few years back.  Well, she never left and I pretty much kept her because she is a great hunter on the yard's voles.  She "tolerates" his coming around.  I've never touched him because I don't need to get attached.  I have however named him Boyfriend just so he has some sort of name I guess.
Every now and then Boyfriend peeps in my window into our kitchen area like a Peeping Tom!  It freaks me out if it is night time and all I see is the glow of his eyes.  I'm feeling like the animal whisperer or something.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quick Gifts

 I've had these unfinished quilt blocks for quite sometime and decided they would become mug rugs.  Since I had a large backing loaded on the longarm to quilt a bunch of mini quilts I quilted these quickly too.  I've been spending my evenings stitching down bindings.  The mini quilts will be shared in a later post so I can enter the final month of Christmas Through the Year.  (better late than never--it's crunch time!)
Mary sent me this photo of sweet little Charlotte.  (the kitty that I needed a home for a few months ago)  What do you think Charlotte is saying to her older brother?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hop To It

Carrie posted today about her Hop To It quilt so I will now show a few pictures on my blog of the quilting I did for her.
 She requested large swirls in the big outside border.  I chose the diamond sort of quilting to mimic her sashing squares.
 Carrie's applique is perfection!  This is truly a gorgeous QUEEN size quilt. You can see more at Carrie's blog here.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Test Post

This post is just a test. My husband gave me flowers upon my return from California. He not only gave me flowers but had a new iPhone waiting for me. So this is just a test to see if I can post from my iPhone. I'll talk to everybody in a later post.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm Back Home

A big thank you to all blog friends who continuously emailed to check on me while I was away helping care for mom after her ankle injury/surgery.  Here's a photo of my family in California.  (I'm the short one in back)

I also wanted to share with you my family I missed while I was away.  Here's my guys showing of my oldest son's new FJ along with my husband showing off his 1976 FJ (aka jalopy).  My youngest seated inside the FJ celebrates his 19th birthday today!

I'll be back working on my client quilts this week.  A very special thank you goes out to those who insisted I'm the only longarm quilter for your tops and waited for my return.