Monday, July 30, 2012

Quilting I Love and Blog Book Tour Give Away Reminder

 Simply put this is a quilt that I absolutely love!  It's not mine to keep.  Peggy (no blog) will be receiving her quilt top back from me this week.
 Some close up photos though this one did turn.

 Next up is my Schnibble Leap Year that I made for last month's Schnibble parade however it wasn't quilted.  This Saturday I had a "ME" day and quilted my own with a sunflowers design.  Love it!  Love the texture!!
 Here is a close up of both front and back.  The design is called sunflowers but kind of looks like daisies.
I quilted several quilts these past weeks.  I will show more next time I post.  (there is a really cute crab quilting design I want to show you)  For now I want to remind you of the Blog Book Tour Week Two of Cheryl Wall's latest book called, "At Home With Country Quilts."  I wrote about it in my previous post and I asked that you enter your name HERE!  Do not enter on this post or it will not count in the draw.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Book Tour Give Away - Week Two

 The time has finally come to announce the blog book tour and giveaway for Cheryl Wall's latest book, "At Home with Country Quilts."  This book is near and dear to my own heart because I quilted most of the quilts in the book to include the book's cover quilt about a year and half ago.  I've given peeks, I've mentioned her book on my blog many times and now finally a day that you can win your very own copy!
 This beauty is named, "Star Gazing."  Loved this one...heck, who am I kidding loved them all!

 If you like that old antique, country and primitive look then this one is for you!  You will love the photography in the book as well.  So many beautiful props in the book photos and I understand they were from Cheryl's own collection too!

 This one!  Oh gosh...this one!  Cheryl send it back!!  (nice try right?)  This one is named, "Starry Lights."

I just loved the mix of homespuns in with the regular cotton prints.  I could see that border with wool too!  Gorgeous....simply gorgeous.  All of em!

Interested in winning a signed copy from Cheryl?  I have to tell you I'm posting this one day earlier than Cheryl planned because I can never get that pre-dated post thing to work correctly and tomorrow I'm outta here early for kayaking with my crew.  On Sunday (tomorrow), Cheryl will be announcing that I am the next stop on her blog book tour.  Here's what you will do to get your name in the drawing; leave your comment at Cheryl's blog post tomorrow (or next few days) on the post that reveals I'm the week two blog tour stop!  This way I'm sure you checked out who Cheryl the country quilt designer is.  Hee!!  I will then select a winner next Saturday from comments left at Cheryl's blog and request Cheryl to mail you an autographed copy.  Best of luck!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Semi Productive Weekend Sewing

 This quilt is still on the frame.  It is taking me quite awhile in part due to daily thunder and lightening.  I  don't take the chance of using my longarm during storms.  We've had lots of them roll through this past week.
 This was a little surprise tucked in with some quilts I recently received to quilt for Carol.  She knows how much I love my Jo Morton and civil wars fabrics.
 Yesterday was a "pieceful" day for me.  I took the day off from quilting and decided to work on the kit.  The quilt measures 13 1/2 x 17 1/2.  The middle churn dashes are to be cut off but I will wait until after it is quilted so that the edges don't stretch.
Also during the week when I was having to turn off the longarm because of the storms I turned on my sewing machine and worked on these Granny Squares.  I'm waiting to trim until I have all my blocks made.  How many blocks will I make?  Who knows!  It is a mindless fun project and the fabric colors fun.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Miscellany

 This is a variety post of fun!  Yesterday I was busy with a customer quilt (above) when storms rolled in so I had to turn off the longarm ending my work day early.
 Because I ended my work day early it meant I still had some energy left to sew my first Granny Square block after dinner.  I left the block untrimmed since there is no telling how long it will take me to get these blocks finished.  I'm going to love it this quilt.  I'm using an older Moda fabric line called, Botany.  The colors are so unlike what I normally use for myself.
 Fred has a new home here at Quilt Hollow.  He was sent to me from Shelley at Red Quilts.  We have this "thing" about bantering back and forth about needing a goat for our yards.  It was so fun to see this goat in a package to me this past week along with some other surprises.
 Karen at Log Cabin Quilter spoils me very well.  This is the second wool rabbit she has surprised me with this year.
 Also from Karen is this sweet wool crow piece that I will quilt for my home.  Karen knows I like prim, old, antique and of course crows!  (see what I mean about that Granny Square block not being my usual?)
The house has been on the market well over a year now.  We have another meeting with our agent this coming Monday evening with regards to the listing contract expiring soon.  My husband heard me talk about St. Joseph and that I couldn't find one in town (I nearly bought on-line!)  Well, yesterday he gets in from work and hands me this.  Perhaps he is a bit more desperate than I to sell?  Let's see how soon it works!

St. Joseph, the Patron Saint of Carpenters and other Laborers is believed to help those who are selling their home.  It is claimed that by burying a statue of St. Joseph he has helped thousands sell their home.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A True Artist!

 I'm finally sharing with you this kitty that Jill  (The Quilt Rat blog) was kind enough to design for me so that I could gift my friend Shirley (who adores her cats and loves cat artwork.)  I enjoy visiting Jill's blog because she creates pieces of art that are mind blowing to me!  If you haven't visited Jill....go over and check out her Doodle Gallery and also feast your eyes on her Sewing Machine Collection!  Both tabs are on the right hand side of her blog...just click on them.  Oh Jill....if only I were as creative!  Thank you so much!!
So a few months back Bonnie at Quiltville did a post about a stilletto being made from a turkey lacer using beads.  I'm thinking COOL; but do I really want beads in addition to all the other "stuff" in my sewing room?!  Instantly my friend Shirley came to mind because she makes jewelery and I know shes got beads.  So I set out to find the turkey lacers and scored a packet for only .59 cents at Ollie's.  I set them aside until next time I saw Shirley; then I'd forgotten about them!  Well, Shirley shows up yesterday with a little box and says pick one.  OMG!  It is the stilletto.   Shirley did say she looked high and low for the turkey lacers and finally found them at some specialty shop for $2 bucks!  Aren't these cool?  What a fun gift idea (if I wanted to invest in beads, of course).  Anyway, wanted to share with you and the tutorial to make them is

I've got more to share but next time.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Quilting Here!

 Peggy (no blog) sent me several quilts to custom quilt for her.  Here is one of them.  For my records I call this one the Purple Geese Quilt.  I can't hardly see my feathers in the border.

 Nice, the last two photos of this quilt turned on me (as usual).  But I'm hoping you can see the quilting better.
 Karen from Log Cabin Quilter has now received her Great Pumpkin BOM back.  This was such a fun quilt.

I've been lurking about in blogland when I get a chance.  It gets me in trouble as I keep adding to the bucket list of quilts I would love to make someday!  Don't even get me started with Pinterest!  *sigh*

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Busy Quilting....and Loving It!

 Audrey (no blog) sent me the above photo asking if I had any idea where she could find this pattern.  This was copied from somebody's Pinterest but there was no information. It is similiar to the Hands All Around block.  If anybody out there has the source please let me know and I will post it and let Audrey know.

 I quilted this one for Cyndi while back.  The quilting motif is called Sticky Buns.

 This is Gerri's (no blog) Schnibble "Doc" that she entered in the parade last month.  I quilted it with a design called Asian Flowers.
 Here is another one of Gerri's Schnibbles called Summer Day and I quilted it with Special Roses.

 This was quilted a few weeks ago for Kate with the quilt motif Paisley Feathers.

 This is Nicole's Abundant Baskets (Sister's Choice Blog) quilted with Feathered Roses.
 This red/white snowball quilt is also Nicole's and after seeing Cyndi's quilt above she wanted Sticky Buns quilting.
This is Mary's (no blog) Christmas Ribbons quilt with a Feather Meandering design.  The free pattern can be found at Moda Bake Shop.

I was asked if I would post some of my customer quilts with names of the quilting designs I use to to see what strikes their fancy for their own quilt tops.  I hope this helps and you can always ask me for close ups too.