Monday, April 30, 2012

Schnibble Summers Day????

Here is my entry for the Schnibbles Parade.  The pattern is called, "Summers Day" but I will call mine Autumn Day.  The geese were made with a charm pack of Brannock & Patek's "Four Seasons", the black is Jo Morton's "Bridgeport" and the background is from Three Sisters "Vienna Nights."

I really wanted to get this one quilted before entering but it just didn't happen.  I also made extra geese using up all of the charm pack and I had every intention to make a cute pillow for Christmas Through The Year; that didn't happen either.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of your finishes!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

In All Its Glory

In between the storms I managed to start quilting on this beauty!  Deb (no blog) sent me this top late last Fall and I absolutely fell in love with it!  The pattern is called, "In All Its Glory" by Cozy Quarters.  Deb and I struck a barter deal with each other.  Once this one is quilted I will have an identical one to quilt; one for her and one for ME!  Originally I wanted to custom quilt it but the prints are busy and the custom quilting would get lost so I opted for an edge-to-edge called, "Asian Flowers."  This quilt is just full of Jo Morton and civil war prints.  Love it!!  You can see the full quilt at the Cozy Quarters link above since I'm not finished quilting.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quilts! What Else?!

I originally posted a peek of Mary's Birdie Stitches Quilt here.  Mary now has the binding on and posted several more photos of the full quilt for you to see here.  It's so cute!
Then I also have to share this photo shoot with you of the "Colorful Like Easter Eggs" quilt that I quilted for Rachel and showed a peek here.  Rachel has a blog and posted this quilt in several photos that I'm also sharing with you to see.  Don't you just love this shoe?!!  Go HERE to see more.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gerri's Patriotic Quilt

I've been calling this quilt the Patriotic Quilt but the real name of the pattern is called, "Liberty Ridge" designed by Little Quilts. You can find the FREE pattern at Henry Glass & Co. Inc. I've provided you the LINK.Gerri requested custom quilting so custom it is! This quilt was so much fun to quilt that I kept quilting into the evening hours last night and then finishing it up today. Quilting for me in the evening is not normal unless I'm really excited about a quilt.

Cherries Anyone? Also a Funny!!!

I like photos with my post so you get a small peek of Carol's Quilt with cherries quilted.

You Tube has numerous funny videos but this one just cracks me up!! It is called, "Ultimate Dog Tease." Enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Checking In Quickly...and Give Away Alert

Every post should have photos so here is a close up shot of "Cotton Seed" quilting I did for Cyndi a few weeks ago. Here can see more of this quilt at her blog here.

This is another fabulous quilt Cyndi has made for her mom. You can see the wash, dry, and crinkle version here. It was quilted with simply swirls. As I quilted this one I kept thinking of a seaside cottage bedroom. Such a simple pattern yet so graphic!

Now I did mention a give away alert so head on over to Cyndi's post here.

Graduations are coming fast and this means we will be empty nesters in about three months. I keep telling myself, "Don't cry because it's over, be happy because is happened." I was thinking a few blog friends out there might enjoy the thought. Have a great day! Back to quilting!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quilts That Must Be Shared - I'm Just Behind On Posting!

I quilted these beauties weeks ago and just now getting around to sharing with you. Share I must! These are beautiful quilts that Rita (no blog) made.

A close up of quilting design called, "Birthday Flowers."

Rita made several Jo Morton Club patterns. They were all quilted with same backing on my longarm. Each quilt was quilted with a different quilt design.

Quilted with "Special Roses"

Oh...this isn't Jo Club! This one is Twelve Days of Christmas from Temecula's Quilt Shop .

Quilted with "Kaitlyn's Floral"

Quilted with "Baby Curls"

Quilted with the favorite "Deb's Feathers"

Here's two more on same backing fabric.

Quilted with a "Paisley Flower"

Quilted with "Asian Flowers"

Until next time....happy stitching!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How About A Bit of Plaid?

Just finished Laree's (no blog) Scrappy Plaid quilt with Deb's Feathers. As I was quilting this one I recognized alot of my own plaid stash in the quilt.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a root canal. The upper left teeth had been hurting me off and on for years. My dentist told me it wasn't my teeth and sent me to ENT Doc who also sent me to an Allergist for testing. Early this year I received a sinus surgery just to "open up" area to see if that helped. Well....long story shortened, my tooth died. I'm pissed to put it lightly as I have made numerous runs and at great expenses to figure out why I was in pain. Last week I went back to the same dentist office (though saw the other dentist in the office) because I had a sore above the tooth that wouldn't go away and hurt. Low and is the tooth troubles!! As always...Nervous Nelly here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

"Frosted" and Colorful like Easter Eggs!!!

Here are a few pictures of some Spring time color! When I opened the box to see this quilt I instantly thought Easter Eggs! Afterall, it is that time of year!

This was quilted with an edge-to-edge design called Special Roses. I'm sharing a variety of pictures just so you could see the batiks better and also to show the gray thread I used. The gray worked out wonderfully on all the colors.

This quilt was made for a fundraising charity event by Rachel. I don't know if she blogs.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

...About the pincushions from previous post...

Yesterday's post I shared my Christmas Through the Year project; pincushions. Let me quickly answer some questions and ask you a question. The antiquing gel is used sparingly. I've had my bottle for several years. I used a Donna Dewberry Scruffy brush and tab a small amout to the tips of the bristles and brush off most of the paint/gel onto a paper towel before applying to my project. It is better to add on slowly than make the mistake of too much that can't be easily removed. Here is a picture of crushed walnut shells that I purchased before my husband announced he had another 20 lbs or so in the basement! He bought his in the sandblasting section of Harbor Freight and the bag in the photo was purchased at a pet supply store.

Here are three more little house blocks ready to fill for pincushions. I started thinking about postage rates. While I want many of my blog friends to be gifted a little something from me I simply cannot afford the postage it would cost to mail out weighted pincushions. I could easily use stuffing but some don't care to use "stuffing" as a pincushion. What would you honestly think if you received one of this unfilled pieces? It would simply be left up to you to fill with your own crushed walnut shells, stuffing or simply whipstitching the opening closed and you would have a lovely little coaster. Be honest.