Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest Thoughts

First I want to share some quilting I did for Carol awhile back. The backing has umbrellas. I mentioned to Carol that I had an umbrella edge-to-edge design and she said go for it. Carol has posted her quilt so I feel comfortable posting it now. The umbrellas are just darling.

I enjoy looking at quilt blogger's Pinterest pages. What a great way to "collect" and save images we all love! I especially enjoy Paulette's Pinterest because our interest are very similiar and she has done all the work of pinning. LOL

Personally I don't mind photos being snagged from my blog for other's Pinterest pages. This simply means they really like what they see. I'm tickled. Are you curious at what is being taken from your blog and published on Pinterest? You can find out by going to (after the last slash simply add your own blog name.

What about copyright? Scary thought right? I won't start a Pinterest of my own so I can stay out of trouble. I wouldn't have a clue if I were breaking copyright laws. Honestly, I'm just confused.

Now what if you don't want items taken from your blog and pinned? This is a link to check out:

Feel free to snag away anything you see that you like at my blog. All I ask is a link back to your source. (and hopefully I didn't break any copyright laws when I put it on my blog!)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Semi-Custom Quilting

I'm not going to lie, I wanted to keep this one. My client requested semi-custom quilting.

She requested that I not post any photos until she saw her quilt in person. (I too, love surprises)

This is a Lori Smith pattern. I kept the applique center very simple by quilting in the ditch around the appliques, on the leaves, flowers, on the vase and then I quilted a frame to set off her beautiful applique. Deb's Feathers is an edge-to-edge design that was quilted around the applique block and triangles.

I custom quilted the triangles with another beautiful feather motif and some straight lines to break up the edge-to-edge work. Yep, it's a keeper!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jo Morton Fabric Alert!!!

No picture today. Actually I would have liked to have shared a photo of some quilting I planned to do today but didn't get far. The phone rang and it was our real estate office. We have a showing tomorrow so I dropped quilting to tidy up. Then spent some time at the computer and found that Whittle's Fabrics has listed Jo Morton's Bridgeport line for $7 a yard and Elizabethtown $5 a yard! You betcha I ordered.

Okay fellow bloggers....send out vibes for our house to sell!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Me, Mary at Quilt Hollow....remember me?

Here we are nearly the end of February and I have posted little. I can tell you that I have been quilting. Most have been simply edge-to-edge and there is one quilt in particular that I look forward to sharing with you but not yet; perhaps this coming weekend.

I'm not the best blogger this month. Thanks to those who ask where I'm at and if I'm okay. I've been poking around in blogland but not good about leaving comments and especially now with that new STUPID word verification thing. At one point I turned it off. The next day I got an email from Sue at Quilt Times asking did I quit blogging and why I removed my blog. I haven't a clue what happened because it was there when I went to bed the evening before. I got my blog back and turned back on word verification. I totally understand if you don't leave me a comment.

I also received an email from Sheila asking me if I would consider putting "follow by email option" on my blog. I like the idea of getting an email when a favorite blog of mine post rather than keep checking the blog especially if you don't blog. Does anybody else have this?

Karen from Log Cabin Quilter sent me the sweet walking rabbit quilt top earlier last week. It is so flippin cute! I put it on the longarm over the weekend with some extra backing so that I can quilt a few other small quilts too. The above photo is a glimpse.

I made these a few weeks ago and just hadn't shared them. I hadn't removed the paper from two of them so they look wonky in the photo. My first house quilt didn't go so well because I had alot of waste even though I used scraps. So below I made a plan....these blocks were made alot faster once I had the plans. (what a builder needs....good plans!)

On the house front; the sale sign is still stuck in the yard. It is a shame that there is very little interest in homes that are over $200,000 in our area. When I drive around town I see For Sale signs and not a single one says "under contract" or "sold." My husband commutes to work and now talk of gas prices to be at an all time high is sickening.

One last thing I'm posting for my blog friend Loris. Please go to this link and comment to win! You'll see when you get there! Tell her Mary sent you!!

UPDATE: DUH says I! I found the follow my email at "Add a Gadget" and now have it for those asking me to have it. I tell ya...I'm living in a hole!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do You Whittle and Are You My Winner?

Monica's post last weekend was titled, "Do you Whittle?" I do now! Look at these yummy fabrics that I purchased. The above is Jo Morton's Variety line. There are 13 FQ's and care to guess what I paid? $19.00 You read that correctly! I wished I would have purchased a few more to gift but now they are sold out.

There is a variety of fabrics at Whittle's Fabrics and most only $5 a yard!! The above is another fun purchase of background civil wars. It was one of those brown bag type purchases so I had no idea what I would get. Care to guess how much this set me back? Just $12 bucks!

I've done very little in the way of quilting for myself since I've got client quilts. I do have some other fun things to share but will save for another post because really your here to see if you won patterns right?

Denise would you please tell me which two patterns you would like from the previous post. You are the first place winner! Sandie you will receive the leftover three patterns. Ladies, please send me your snail mails so I can pop them in the mail to you! Congratulations and thank you again to Debbie at Little Stitches for the patterns.

There is a person named Wendy who leaves me the sweetest comments on many of my post. I cannot reply to you because you are set a no reply blogger. This bums me out and so many comments were left to win the patterns with no way for me to contact you if you won.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little Stitches Patterns Give Away!!

Debbie Lofgran of Little Stitches has sent me FIVE of her delightful Spring patterns to offer as a giveaway. They are absolutely darling and especially if you love working with bits of wool.

There will be two winners. The first name chosen will get to pick two of the patterns and the 2nd winner will get the remaining three patterns. I hope you will visit Little Stitches website to see all her wonderful patterns and so you know the names of the two patterns you would select should you be chosen first!

What do you have to do to win? Simply leave me a comment. You may even blog and spread word about this giveaway. I say the more quilters who see Debbie's patterns the better for her! She has been so generous to share these.

The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, February 15th. Good Luck!!