Monday, November 19, 2012

Life's a Beach!

 I'm sharing Mary's goldfish quilt with you.  Mary has no blog to date. (hint!)  She wanted a beach theme and so I hope I've delivered.
 One thing that I absolutely hated about quilting this quilt was the backing and the white on white fabrics.  Because the backing was super tight crisp weave muslin combined with a thick rubber feel in areas of the white on white on the top it created what I think looks like preforated stitches on the backing.  You can also visibly see that the stitches aren't as nice on the top when they go through the areas of the white "rubbery" feeling flowers.  I consulted with my longarm group for suggestions and was told perhaps a smaller needle changing it often.  They also said as for the preforated backing that a light misting of a spray bottle or very light steam ironing would help close them.

So then this tight weave backing got me thinking about those who use sheets for backing.  I'm guessing not only cotton quality is in question but what about that thread count!

 This is a little quilt that I participated in with Pam Buda's Quilt-A-Long called, "Forget Me Not" using her new fabric line.  I've still got the binding to hand stitch down and have a friend who I am gifting this one to.  It's more her colors than mine.
...and because sometimes I just itch to piece something I'm working on this month's Schnibbles project.


Leeanne said...

It looks to me like you pulled off the beach theme! Aren't the goldfish cool!

Anna said...

love the quilt and the quilting!

Pen Pen said...

Love the beach quilt... now if we could only snuggle up at the beach with it!!! :))

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Beautiful quilting!

LynCC said...

Love the motifs you used! Cute fish and wave blocks in her quilt.

Lesley said...

Love the beachy quilting! Perfect for the quilt! You did a wonderful job with Pam's Forget Me Not, and your Schnibbles is so very sweet! You are multi-talented!

WoolenSails said...

Love the beach quilting, looks beautiful with the quilt. It is good you took a break and did something for yourself.


Bari Jo said...

Loved fresh forest and these too!!!! You did a great job on the beach theme! I've heard that sheets aren't good to use as backing... now I know why!

Nancy E said...

Your beach quilting looks great! I did the Forget Me Not quilt in KT fabrics. Pam spoke at my guild and I took her class. It was great!

Karen said...

I spy Portabello fabric in your Schnibble!

Janet O. said...

Your "beach" quilting is on the mark!
I think the little Forget-Me-Not is very cute, but the little Schnibble colors are calling to me. Love it! Can't wait to see it quilted.

Anne said...

The quilting looks just gorgeous. Good job. Don't you just hate it when you run into problems? I usually get really frustrated and walk away. Unfortunately, you can't do that with a customer quilt. Looks like you got it taken care of. The little quilt is really cute.

AnnieO said...

I have the same complaints about those white on white prints and try to choose ones with a lot more open space between the motifs. Not sure how manufacturers could fix that "rubber". Really pretty quilting, though!

Sometimes a girl has just gotta piece :)

Lynn said...

Amazing and those pieced goldfish are really something! Beautiful quilting. Love the mini quilts too!

Darlene said...

The quilting is stunning, Mary.

Sweet mini quilts.

paulette said...

I LOVE you Schnibbles project...very cute!! The Beach quilt is stunning!!Well done!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh....truly gorgeous projects...

Janet said...

What a terrific quilt and the quilting is just wonderful. I found that a high thread count cotton on the back is not good for hand quilting. I'm now a lot more wary of what to choose.

Kaaren said...

Too, too cool, Mary. You certainly did succeed in creating the beach scene. Great quilting, my friend.

Cheryl said...

I'll say you delivered! The starfish in the em!

Me and My Stitches said...

Your quilting is always wonderful, not matter what theme it is! Love your little quilts too.

Lori said...

You did the quilt justice, that's for sure!!
Cute little quilts too. Sometimes we just need to do a little quilt for fun and less commitment:)

JoAnne said...

I really like the beachy quilting! Especially the starfish in the border (but then I like any form of stars...)

Needled Mom said...

In spite of the problems you spoke of, it looks fabulous. I love all of the seaside quilting - shell and starfish. It makes for a gorgeous finish to that lovely quilt.

I also love the Schnibbles. Your fabrics are terrific.

Loris said...

The beach designs really make this quilt even more fun. Lovely work!
And I love your other two projects. The fabric in the Schnibbles is gorgeous!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Oh. Absolutely ADORABLE fishy quilt! Love the colors in it. Your Schnibbles start... looking good! What's the pattern this month?

Carrie P. said...

Wow! Mary you did an outstanding job even though you had issues.
It is a beautiful quilt.

Sharon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kim said...

I am envious of you happy piecing time. All things quilting is still in shipping containers here at our new house. Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

maffy neri said...

Mary is pretty good. She's a great quilter. She'd hit the beach theme. All of it are gorgeous.
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Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

The beach quilting is just perfect. I love everything about it!

Jenny Watson said...

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Beverley said...

That is beautifully quilted.

Hashim Aamla said...

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