Sunday, September 9, 2012

Speck and More...

 Ta-Da!  My Little Bites "Speck" top is finished and just needs to be quilted.  This is the "X" version of the pattern.  I used one charm pack and have some left to make the "O" version.  Of course after I was well into making this one I thought how cute it would have been with both "X" and "O" blocks.
 This is a close up of a Schnibbles Dimestore quilt.  I quilted it with variegated thread and a pattern called, "White Oak."  The oak leaves are so pretty!
This quilting motif is new for me and called, "Christmas Paisley."

 The quilt above and below belong to the same client.  I'm showing you "Needles and Thread" quilting.  Spool blocks are very popular right now.
 Here is a glimpse of a Granny Square quilt that I loved quilting with "Feathered Roses."  I have a Granny Square quilt in the works but not near as pretty as this one!
I didn't mention the owners names as they blog or will blog about their quilts.  I just wanted to share some of the quilting designs I quilt with you.

Does the "follower" thing really mean anything anymore?  I've got 960 followers and I certainly don't get 960 comments.  I know several bloggers talk about how many followers they have so it got me thinking about my own follower number.  Could I possibly reach 1000?  Certainly that would be deserving of some sort of give away, right?  But would they visit me again?  Hmmmm


Terry said...

What beautiful quilts and what beautiful quilting! I follow a lot of blogs by email now, so I don't know if the followers number means anything or not anymore. I have 394 followers and the most comments I seem to get is about 30.

Johanna said...

I love Speck! I may need to get that pattern.

Rosa said...

What a fabulous quilts and quilting.

I don´t know if followers numbers mean anything.I follow by email and connected friends.I have 218 follower and in my last post there are seven comments.

Cindy said...

Your quilting is beautiful. Well done.

regan said...

I love that Speck quilt! So sweet! Maybe you could mix a few x's into the o's one you do. And as always, your quilting is beautiful!

I have to admit, I follow over 200 blogs, and on most days, I'm just a lurker on their blogs. I seem to have the energy to have 'something' to say on about 5 of them per day. And usually, if I see 20+ comments on someone's post, I won't leave a comment, just cuz I feel that's overkill. I'm sure I'm saying something that's already been said to death!

I usually have between 5 and 10 comments on any one post of mine, and usually the same people are commenting. I'm just thinking there are lots of lurkers out there! But it's all good! :o)

Joan said...

I follow your blog all the time, and really enjoy it, but rarely comment. I don't have a blog, but I love to read quilting blogs. I imagine a lot of your followers are like me.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your little speck is very can always make another with X's and O's. And of course ALL of the quilting photos are gorgeous!

SoozeM said...

Love your speck, and your quilting is gorgeous!! Personally I don't think the followers numbers mean much, most of the blogs I follow I have in my google reader which means that even though I read every post you make I am not counted in your followers :) So I joined up there so now you have 961 :)

Gwen said...

I love Speck! Your Quilting is beautiful! I don/ comment on many blogs but read a lot daily. The security words are too complicated!

Barbara said...

Beautiful quilting! I'm guilty of reading your blog every day but rarely commenting. I guess I never really thought that adding my "2 cents" would matter, and I didn't want the blogger to feel they need to reply. I know some bloggers feel they need to reply to every comment, and that must take lots of time!

Barbara said...

Beautiful quilting! I'm guilty of reading your blog every day but rarely commenting. I guess I never really thought that adding my "2 cents" would matter, and I didn't want the blogger to feel they need to reply. I know some bloggers feel they need to reply to every comment, and that must take lots of time!

Pat said...

I have a few sets of the mini charms and, after seeing your last post, hopped over to Miss Rosie's site & ordered 2 PDF patterns -- Speck and Chip (a mini Hubble). Can't wait to try them!

Darlene said...

LOVE your version, Mary. We're on the same wave length because I think it would be adorable with a combination of x's and o's.

Lots of beautiful quilts - thank you for sharing.

I've always been a little uncertain about the whole 'follower' thing. I felt there was too much weight placed on how many 'followers' one had (i.e. a popularity contest) I did a whole blog post about it two years ago because there was so much ado about winning Go! Cutters. I could go on and on but I won't. LOL

moosecraft said...

Gorgeous quilts! I agree about the follower-comments thing... I am guessing it depends on how folks read the blog? Some regularly read the blogs they have on the sidebar of their own blog, and some read through google reader from their dashboard here... and some folks just get frustrated trying to prove their not a robot with the encrypted security stuff blogger has set up... either way... blogging is still fun and inspiring! :-)

Pokey said...

I do recognize a couple of your quilted projects, they are gonna be thrilled with your quilting!

Well, the followers thing, I think it is pretty cool that you are towards 1000. I do try to answer my comments; I sure would be overwhelmed if all commented! We wouldn't get much done to blog about either, would we? I really enjoy the projects shared in blogland, but I only comment on a few...reality ~

Carol said...

Your Speck quilt turned out so nice, love it. I know what ou mean about followers, I just checked my total 467 not as many as you but same thing I don't get anywhere near that many comments unless there is a giveaway. I love seeing pictures of the quilt's you quilt. I hung mine up yesterday when I started my Fall decorating.

Lori said...

Great quilts! The first few would be lovely to use this autumn!!
My hubby and I always laugh when we use the word "followers"!

Sandy D said...

I am liking the Christmas Paisley Motif .I can think of a few Christmas UFO's it would look good on.I don't have a blog I am not computer wise enough but I think sometimes I am just into too much a hurry and say I will go back and comment later then comes bed time and I forget.

Wendy said...

The little Speck quilt is adorable. I'm not sure what it means either to have lots of followers. Maybe it's just a number.

grannyanne said...

You have done a really nice job on your quilts! As for followers, I have less than 20 and usually have one or two comments maybe. I blog seldom and it usually is to show what I have done as there are very few people in my life that understand what I am doing. The feedback I get at times really help and inspire me to continue creating and the blogs I visit always amaze me with their creativity.

Janet O. said...

I am always thrilled to see the lovely quilting you do. So inspiring! The Speck quilt is very cute--I love the warmth of the colors, too.
I think the "follower" number is not a true reflection of who reads your blog. I could go on about this, but will restrain myself. : )
I "publicly" follow about 75 blogs. I comment most every time I read. I "privately" follow a handful more and only sometimes comment on those.

Shakerwood said...

All cute as usual but that first one pulls at my heart strings. Must be the colors. I am a follower on many blogs but don't visit most of them. I'm lucky to visit the ones on my sidebar most days and even then only if the picture piques my interest. Sad, I know. I would love to visit all but my time is so limited these days...

Loris said...

Love that fabric in your Speck. It really turned out lovely. And the quilt patterns on the others are perfect. Add texture and a bit of whimsey with a similar theme.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love Speck and Dimestore. I'm sorry that I could not keep up with the Schnibbles and now Little Bites. I loved being part of that sew along. I too am nearing 1100 followers, but are they really there?? It seems like I've had fewer comments this year, so how do we know that the followers are still around?? Even when I had a giveaway, there were just a little over 200 comments. I know everyone is busy, but I do love getting comments. Sort of lets you know if your content is worth reading (or not :-(

Gerri said...

Love, love, love your little Speck. Those are some beautiful quilts made even more beautiful by your quilting!

AnnieO said...

Speck is so cute--and I love the X's and O's idea.

Your quilting is gorgeous as always.

I try to leave comments often, because I love getting them myself. However, there are times when I'm "just looking" and don't comment. A lot of times I think people join as followers only for giveaways, so they can remember where it was, and then just don't unfollow (which is a convoluted process!)

Denise :) said...

Wow -- everything you pictured today is very lovely -- all with their own merits! It's a great variety of beautiful workmanship! :)

Me and My Stitches said...

Your quilting is just so nice! I always love seeing pictures and these really show off some of your work. I'm with you on the followers (I don't have nearly as many as you)- you just kind of wonder if anyone is really out there reading. I enjoy getting comments and always reply and have made some great cyber-friends because of it. But...I often wonder if anybody really cares what I have to say! I don't have that many exciting things to share!

Lynn said...

960!!! Of course you have 960 followers, I could look at your beautiful quilting all day.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I love "SPECK" too!!! I am going to order it Monday!

You certainly know how to inspire us! Lovely color combinations.

:) Carolyn

JCnNC said...

The number of true followers only amounts to the ones that read your blog, usually because they added you to their sidebar. About ten comments per post for me and I do love to "talk" with my ten friends. LoL Good subject Mary.
Love, love these quilting patterns - especially the Christmas Paisley. Thanks for sharing. I need that Dimestore pattern - just love it. Judy C

Kaaren said...

Gorgeous quilting and quilts, Mary.

Just out of curiosity, how big...or the little speck quilts. I'm tempted to buy some of Carrie's patterns and after seeing yours, I'm even more tempted.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I'm a follower who isn't going anywhere. :-) Love the quilting~ I recognize who the GGsquare belongs to~ and I'm sure she is thrilled! My granny squares are done... unless I make more. ;-) Love your Speck!!~ I must've been channeling you, because I finished a little one earlier and it is X's and O's!! :-D I'm blogging abt it later~ or tomorrow. LOL Have a good evening!

Mrs A said...

Your quilting is sooo beautiful, I recently tried the oak leaf pattern, but you did it so much better! I'm a recent follower and like Regan if there are loads of comments I feel I wouldn't be saying anything new! But I do read all my blogs that I follow, including yours :)

Barb said...

Love all of the quilts you have shown....and well....I don't know if followers does mean anything...sometimes they come out of the woodwork when a giveaway is given...hummm

Quilt Rat said...

LOVE the Christmas Paisley quilting,lovely movement,wonderful!

and yes, you have a LOT of lurkers LOL I think there are many who just don't comment....but if they keep returning to see what you are up to...well isn't that what counts?

Leeanne said...

Love the quilts & of course the quilting.
Now you've got everyone commenting! I am the same, x amount of followers, but it is the same few people who are the ones commenting. Most blogs I read I tend to leave a comment as it is nice to let the blogger know I've popped by.I guess it's a bit like popping to visit a friend who is not home, but you leave a note to say you dropped by?

onlymehere said...

I removed my follower thing a long time ago. I kept getting comments something like this "like the blog and became a follower. Follow me at etc." It became meaningless to me. I don't even blog much anymore as life got in the way. I do enjoy following you though and visiting you to see what's new. You always do such beautiful quilting and sewing and it inspires me. I have a spool wall hanging just waiting for me to finish making Christmas gifts for the grandkids! I can hardly wait to get it done to hang in my new sewing room. I'll be posting the room when two things get back from the quilter's.

Gene Black said...

I have a number of blogs that I follow and read regularly. I don't comment nearly as often as I read the blogs. (bad me)
But I go by the number of "hits" I get rather than the number of comments. That number tells me that it is being read. (and several of my readers don't speak English well, so they don't comment.)

Julianne said...

I just finished my "Speck" this weekend it!

Cheryl said...

Speck is adorable and all your quilting is lovely as usual. Followers???...don't think it means much anymore.

andsewon said...

Love your Spec! Pretty quilting as always. I am sure all the folks will love your work!
Get lots of visits on blog but fewer comments. I will pop into most blogs that post on my blog reader. Post to my reg ones. Do that in AM then have to go to 'work'. Need more time!

Needled Mom said...

The Speck turned out beautifully, Mary. I love the colors.

I love all of your quilting designs and you are so good at selecting the right design for the pattern.

I'm tending to agree with you on the follower thing. I follow because I enjoy seeing what is created. It might be good if you are advertising on your blog as I can see that followers would be important.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Well, I see you have some MORE lovely quilty things going on!! Of course I always love to see your quilting! I'm glad you got some sewing in too!

As for followers, like Gene Black, I go by my stats/sitemeter. I get really high hits whenever I post something new. Even though comments may not be high, my stats show me THEY are really out there!!

Deb said...

Love your little "speck" it's really cute. I purchased the pattern but that's as far as I've gotten with it. Not enough hours in the day to get done everything I'd like to be working on....darn it that I have to work to pay the bills!

Valerie Z said...

Love your project! Glad you got a chance to finish it! The quilt designs are awesome-couldn't pick just one-love them all! I do visit several sites and do leave comments but not every time I visit. If there was a way to "count" your visitors instead of by comments left, could this be helpful to you wonderful bloggers who give of your time? For me, I find many hints, tips, tricks, color combinations and so much more. Thank you for taking the time to blog to folks like me!

Sue-Anne said...

Love your little quilt, very cute. You do such a wonderful job with your quilting, I love seeing all the different quilts.

Michelle May said...

Ooooooooooo! Pretty! Your quilting just totally rocks!

Followers...well, I tend to look at the number of people who come to my site. I can't keep up with returning all the comments because I would never be off the computer. Plus, just replying with "thanks" several hundred times is kinda dorky. I answer those that have a question or are new or just cause I wanna say thanks! I find that those who follow me read my posts. I follow over 300 some people and follow cause I love them and their posts. I don't comment on all. There are always those that show up for a giveaway and then stop following after they didn't win. That is just so naughty! I'm grateful for all the folks that really want to be there, are signed up and comment if they have time. It's fun to have friends all over the world.

suz said...

I follow several blogs, including this one, and look at them about once a week and get caught up. I don't always respond and I try not to comment on a giveaway if I'm not a regular follower (actually, I don't "officially" follow, but I do subscribe to all my "regular" blogs). So, do I need to officially follow to be part of the 1,000, because this is a blog I'd be willing to do that with your blog! :0)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Love your "Speck" and all the quilting is beautiful as always.

CindyC said...

I check in pretty much every day and only leave comments when I have something to say.

I love your quilting!! Where do you get your pantos? I have been searching around for Christmas Paisley and can't find it anywhere. You always have neat quilting.

Carrie P. said...

Beautiful work!

Heidi Kuijer said...

I just LOVE your Xs!!! I am making a great granny quilt too but doing it half the given size to make it into a doll quilt.

Hugs from Holland ~

andrei jose said...

Such a beautiful quilt design. Its professionally made. Thanks for sharing.
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Sue said...

I just love your Speck cute ! Just adorable. I really enjoyed seeing all of your quilting designs on these quilts

paulette said...

Yahoo!! Congrats on almost getting there!!

Abby said...

I love all the quilting! Can you tell me where you bought or the designer of the Christmas Paisley pattern and the feathers one? I love the both!


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