Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If It Weren't For Blogging

 Quite some time ago I received an email from Karen asking if there was anything I had that she could applique for me.  When I mentioned that I "collected" the Piece & Plenty BOM and they were sitting she said, "SEND THEM!"  I also sent an additional FQ bundle of the same fabric line "just in case" I messed up the blocks at my attempts to applique this quilt.
 It seemed like no time at all and she sent the top back to me.  As soon as I saw it I knew mom would love this quilt and about that time Carol was having a giveaway for the same pattern kits and I won!  Little did I know that Karen was working on a second quilt with the fat quarter bundle I sent her so I could gift my mom.  Can you believe what a sweet heart Karen is?!
Since I am flying to mom's next week I got busy quilting hers.   It's been quilted with the design called, "Feathered Roses."  I'll get the binding on and save the hand stitching for while I'm there.
 This is one of my favorite blocks!  Actually there are alot of favorite blocks in this quilt so I shared a few photos with you.
 Another very special blogging friend is Mary.  She sent this sweet jar of jelly that I'm not opening until I get back home otherwise it may be gone before I get some!  I didn't get a good picture of the embroidery on the lid.  It's too pretty to open!
 Then today the mail lady rings the bell with a box and I have a panic moment!  Who's quilt top did I forget?  I opened the package to find this beauty!  Another fellow blogging friend named Loris sent this totally out of the blue!  It wasn't expected and I had no clue.  I love it.  If it weren't for blogging I'd never have these wonderful treasures of friendship.
I hope to post again before I go.  I have some quilts I want to share with you but want the owners to see them up close and personal first.  They've gone in the mail this week.

One more thing before I close is you must go over to Marcie's blog and see some of her latest patterns heading to market.   They are GOOD!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Speck Again

I had leftover fabric after piecing Schnibbles Speck's X version so I decided to piece an O version.  These are not quilted yet and will have to wait until after I get back from caring for my mom.  I'll be gone October and my husband will be here in the hollow receiving quilt tops.  Please only send your top if you have already spoken to me about an estimate.  I'm hoping to have internet access so I can still quote quilt tops, email and visit blogs.
Remember kitty that I posted about several weeks ago?  She's named Charlotte since she traveled through the Charlotte airport to her new home in Florida.  Her new owners adore her.  They send me photos and videos regularly.  She's growing rapidly and look at those toys!  They are spoiling her rotten and I love it!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh Deer and Oh Dear!

 Yesterday we had an unexpected visitor.  This little deer just came walking on up to my husband as he was working on his jalopy. 
It wasn't interested in the apple but it sure loved grazing in my yard.  The deer even followed me around the yard and then across the street to my neighbors.  It enjoyed my scratching behind her ears and enjoyed munching down on the neighbor's flowers before strolling down to the next yard.

On another note I want to let my customers and friends know that I will be traveling to mom's house in California soon.  Mom tripped over the cat box last weekend and fractured her ankle in two places; now requires surgery.  My brother has been a huge help to mom, though must get back to work and my other siblings work as well.   I'm waiting to hear the date of her surgery and will likely be flying out the first week in October to help her for a month or so.

I've contacted my customers who have tops here and am thankful I have the best customers who completely understand and say they will wait for my return.  My husband will be here holding down the fort and likely enjoy a little of his own "me" time!  I'll post again a time or two before I go.  I'll have to get some projects together to take with me.  Mom isn't a quilter so she doesn't have mat, cutter, rulers however does have a sewing machine.  I'm thinking if I can cut fabric for next month's Schnibble "Bounce" I might be able to piece that.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Speck and More...

 Ta-Da!  My Little Bites "Speck" top is finished and just needs to be quilted.  This is the "X" version of the pattern.  I used one charm pack and have some left to make the "O" version.  Of course after I was well into making this one I thought how cute it would have been with both "X" and "O" blocks.
 This is a close up of a Schnibbles Dimestore quilt.  I quilted it with variegated thread and a pattern called, "White Oak."  The oak leaves are so pretty!
This quilting motif is new for me and called, "Christmas Paisley."

 The quilt above and below belong to the same client.  I'm showing you "Needles and Thread" quilting.  Spool blocks are very popular right now.
 Here is a glimpse of a Granny Square quilt that I loved quilting with "Feathered Roses."  I have a Granny Square quilt in the works but not near as pretty as this one!
I didn't mention the owners names as they blog or will blog about their quilts.  I just wanted to share some of the quilting designs I quilt with you.

Does the "follower" thing really mean anything anymore?  I've got 960 followers and I certainly don't get 960 comments.  I know several bloggers talk about how many followers they have so it got me thinking about my own follower number.  Could I possibly reach 1000?  Certainly that would be deserving of some sort of give away, right?  But would they visit me again?  Hmmmm

Friday, September 7, 2012

I Did Some Sewing!

Okay, so I quilt for others and every now and then I get to play and sew too!  Actually the plan for my day was to load a large quilt top for custom work and then I would start the actual quilting after lunch.  Well, after lunch the weather turned to thunder; I shut the longarm down since I will not take the chance of running it while storms brew outside.  I now had "free" time.

In a way I didn't mind since I'd been itching to just do some simple mindless piecing.  When Sinta and Sherry announced the latest new patterns from Miss Rosie Quilt Co. I was smitten.  I love instant gratification sewing and the new Little Bites patterns are wonderful.  (not that I need another project!)  Here is a start of "Speck."  I'm using Kathy Schmitz latest line called, "Bits & Pieces" by Moda.

You can see more about the latest announcement of the Schnibbles parade here at Sinta's blog.  She has links to all else since I'm being lazy and trying to hurry to get back to quilting....before afternoon storms roll in.  Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meeting Cyndi of Cut Up & Sew!

 My husband asked me to join him on a business trip to Ohio this past week and I jumped on the chance since  I knew that Cyndi  of Cut Up & Sew lived close to his hotel.  Cyndi picked me up from the hotel and we spent two wonderful days together.  This is the only photo of us and we are standing inside of Fabric Shack in Waynesville, Ohio.  (Cyndi left, me right)

I have to tell you if you ever get a chance to visit Waynesville, Ohio it is a must especially if you love antiques and primitive.  We didn't have time to see everything but I can tell you it is on my return to someday list!  We were so busy talking and visiting that I didn't take any pictures.

Cyndi had been telling me about a huge grocery store called, Jungle Jims International Market.  We went and OMGosh it had EVERYTHING!  It was like one of the best field trip's ever since I had lived in Holland, Germany and England I was able to see some of my old favorites.  I just knew I had to take my husband there when he finished working and I did!
 The day my husband and I went back to the market we just had to snap a photo of this hog's head to share with the boys.  We also made a few purchases.
How about some pumpkin pie soda?  My younger son loves anything pumpkin pie so I bought the one to try.  We loved it and now wish I would have bought more.  Isn't that the way?

Getting back to Cyndi!  I stayed one night at Cyndi's beautiful home meeting her husband, father-in-law, dog Noah and kitty Wilson.  We spent two wonderful days together shopping, eating, talking and more talking!  We took advantage of every minute spent together and it was as if we knew each other a life time yet we met through blogging a few years ago.  So to those who say blog friends aren't real friends you have no idea what you are talking about.

Our husbands met (both named Jeff!) and we all had a wonderful dinner with drinks on the Cincinnati River.  The conversation was never dull and so much fun.  We wished we all lived closer.  Thank you again Cyndi!

Remember that Empty Nest I thought I had?  Well so many of you were right that it isn't an Empty Nest but more like a Revolving Door and I'm loving it!  My oldest son was here for a visit last weekend as we were preparing for our trip to Ohio and my youngest son who I just dropped at college two weeks ago is home for the long weekend.  We picked him up on our way back from Ohio and I will be driving him back again on Tuesday.  Then for a few days next week we are headed to the beach house on an invite from my oldest son and his fiance.

I'm quilting in between our revolving door.  Life is good!