Monday, August 20, 2012

Empty Nest

 Here's my youngest son in his dorm room.  Its been nearly a week now of not having him here in the house with me daily.  It is quiet with exception of his text telling me what to bring next time we visit.  So far we have request for tennis racket/balls, a cable for the tv and his bike.  I'd say he is getting along just fine.
 Oh gosh my husband was so happy for our son and in good humor the photo was taken.
One more photo of this sweet kitty that I loved so much in the short time I had her.  The power of friendships through blogging is amazing.  One of my blog readers named Mary C. reached out to help above and beyond the normal.  You see, Mary lives in Florida and I'm in North Carolina.  Mary fell head over heels in love with kitty's photos and she tried to help me locate a home for her.  (along with so many others)  In a nutshell, Mary had to have kitty for herself.  Logisitics wasn't the problem as far as she was concerned but asking her sweet hubby Clay was.  Mary's hubby is a keeper!  On Saturday, he flew from Florida to Atlanta, switched flights to Charlotte where we were able to meet and hand over sweet kitty (I'm in tears of course) and then he flew back with her to Atlanta to catch his flight back to Florida.  Clay gets upgraded to First Class so guess who else went First Class?!!!!  It's a kitty story with a happy ending and I'm so relieved she is in a good loving home.  Care to guess what the purr-fect new name Mary and Clay gave kitty?

My home is an empty nest now with just husband and I.  I'm learning to cook for two again.  I tease my husband that if I make spaghetti I can feed him for a month.  It's the beginning of a new chapter for us.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kitty Update!

Thank you to all the bloggers who helped me spread the word about this sweet kitty needing a new home.  I'm happy to report she will be flying to Florida on Saturday to live with her new family.  She is one lucky kitty because she gets to live in the home of a quilter and two other kitty cats!

This post is short as it has been an emotionally exhausting day.  We took my son to his college today.  I'm a sad mom.  I just wanted to hurry and get word out about kitty because just about a half hour ago another sweet quilter emailed to say she would like to help with kitty.  I'm truly thankful for friends in blogland!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Distractions and Free!

 Here's the story.  My oldest son and fiance got a kitty, paid for all the vet bills, bought numerous kitty supplies only to find out one week later that he is not only allergic to kitty but his asthma started acting up.  So yesterday morning my son brought kitty to my home terribly upset that he can't keep her. 
She is a cutie and so soft!  (he has bathed her twice in hypo-allergenic shampoo in the one week he had her and says she does real well in the bath)  She was born with 6 toes on front paws.  She only weighed 2.2 at the vet last week.  I'd love to keep her, I really would but at same time I worry that my husband's asthma will start acting up (he's taking weekly allergy shots) then would my own son be able to visit my home with "his" kitty here?  As is, the neighbors cat adopted me though she is an outdoor hunter kitty.

I say distractions because I won't allow her in my quilt studio and she is one playful kitty.  These photos were taken when she was falling asleep on my younger son. (who leaves for college next week..another distraction from my quilting this week).

If you live in or near NC and would love to have her or know of somebody who would love to give her a special home please let me know will ya?!  She comes with her litter box, litter, bedding, toys, kitty food, shampoo and proof of papers from vet visit and is FREE.  I'll be sad to see her go and hopefully won't get to attached to her before finding her a new home.  I beg!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some Quilting to Share and WINNER

 This little top was gifted to me by Karen awhile back.  I simply quilted it and have binding to hand stitch.
The next several quilts belong to fellow bloggers who I'm sure will show these quilts on their blogs.  But I wanted to show the quilting design.  The above was quilted with an edge to edge "Jingle Bells" and is fast becoming a favorite for holiday quilts.  It is simple yet fun and adds interest.  
This customer requested an edge to edge quilt design "Star Spangled."  It not only has stars but some extra interest of ribbon curls.
 This is a Schnibbles pattern called Spot with "Special Roses" quilting.  This is one of my own favorite quilting designs.
 NEW design that I'm so tickled with!  This is the perfect design for quilts made with Lucy's Crab Shack.  Just look at that sweet crab and swirls!  This is another Schnibbles quilt called Doc and super cute!
 Spools!  Spool quilts are all the rage in blogland at moment and these two are simply cute!  Both were quilted with "Spools and Needles" which is a fun motif for a fun little sewing room quilt!

I've also worked on some super secret quilting that I can't share just yet.  I feel lucky when asked to quilt for something being published.  (Thanks Corey!)

And finally the winner of Cheryl Wall's new book, "At Home with Country Quilts" is Pauline.  I asked Cheryl  to draw a name from those who commented on her blog.  Pauline has been sent an email notifying her of her win.  So you didn't win this time and want another chance?  GO HERE.