Saturday, June 30, 2012

Schnibbles Leap Year

 Here's my Schnibbles Leap Year just in the nick of time!  I framed my blocks with green and used all civil war fabrics.  The photo color isn't true at all.  It looks brighter and whiter than it really is.  It's going to be a great little top once quilted and washed to crinkled perfection.  I was thinking how adorable this would look to decorate for Fall in a basket on front porch with pumpkins and such.
Speaking of pumpkins, this is a peek of Karen's Great Pumpkin BOM quilt top that I've been quilting.  I'm nearly finished and plan to get it back in the mail to her this upcoming week.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Which Witch's Boot

 I thought you may like to see a recent quilting finish of this Crabapple Hill pattern called Which Witch's Boot.
 The embroidery stitches are so creative and fun and the embroidery floss color changes really make it sing!  I loved the ribbon candy and thought some curvy stuff was perfect for the quilting.
The quilting in the black border is really difficult to see.

The inner border was a flap border.  I'm not real crazy about flap borders but this did add some additional interest to the wall-hanging.

No news on housing front.  We never did hear back from showing agent from this past Monday's viewing.  Normally our agent is able to give us some feedback as to what the potential buyers said or thought.  When we returned home after the viewing a note was on the kitchen counter that read, "You have a beautiful home."  I must admit that I love my home and the decor because each time I step inside I fall in love with it all over again.

Happy Father's Day weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Release! At Home With Country Quilts

 It seems ages ago that Cheryl Wall contacted me about doing some quilting for her upcoming book.  Cheryl's book is now a NEW release and I have no doubt will be selling like hot cakes!  It was so long ago that I quilted many of the quilts I'd forgotten what they looked like so I'll take you on a trip down memory lane with me.
 This is a block from Twilight Stars.  I loved this quilted motif on the stars.
 Starry Lights was another fun quilt (photo turned..sorry). 
 What's with turned photos?!  This one made the cover of Chery's book and called Star Gazing.  I loved it!
 Scrappy Squares is another fun quilt to make even for a beginner!
 Oh and gosh this one!  My heart was stolen with Night Blooms.  I loved the black background and was so tickled with the quilted motif on those nine patches. 
 As soon as I saw Autumn Winds I visualized leaves swirling in the wind.  Gorgeous colors in this one too!
Another fun quilt that was still on the frame being quilted when I snapped this photo.  The quilt is called Ring Around the Rosies.

Today I received an email from Martingale that they are giving away and E-Book version if your interested in winning go on over and comment for the chance!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Crew and Winner Announced

The month of May wasn't completely rotten!  My oldest son graduated from NC State!  Woo Hoo!!
Here I am with my younger son the morning of his high school graduation.  Actually he had two graduations in May.  He did not attend the traditional high school but rather Early College High School.  Notice that bowtie?  A big deal for him as he is headed to Appalachian State!  Woo Hoo!!  Since he has already completed his core work at the community college he will be a Junior after his first semester at Appalachian!   
Most of my blog friends know that I have two boys and long for a daughter.  This is Joyce.  My oldest son's girlfriend since junior year in high school.  To my younger son a bit pesky at times.  LOL
Joyce graduated from Meredith College in May too!  Does she look happy or what?!  Always bubbly and all so girly!   I have BIG NEWS....HUGE NEWS......she will be my FIRST DAUGHTER!  It's official they are engaged!  My husband and I couldn't be happier!!  She is a great addition and perfect fit to our family!

Perhaps more good news but I won't hold my breath....the real estate office called yesterday and our house will have a showing on Monday.  The last time it had a showing was some time in April.

The bag of cross stitch patterns winner is Sue-Simply Pieceful Quilting!!  Just as soon as you send my your snail mail I will get it out to you!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life Got Busy

 May was possibily the craziest month ever with four graduations, a week of in-laws, and then a small grocery bag full of some really rotten luck stuff that I won't write about here at moment.  I'm going to keep this post quilt related.  I'm so behind on my blog and had so much I wanted to say,show or vent about.  The days go quickly and before I knew it the first week of June nearly gone.  I'm thankful to my blog friends who check on me and "know" what I've had to deal with this past month.

Even though life crazy and some not so good things happened some really GREAT things happened too!  Karen made the above blocks for me.  They are even better in person than in that silly turned photo.  Karen loves hand work and it shows.  She has done so much for me over the years.  She's such a sweet heart!

 Weeks ago....many weeks ago....I won a bag of cross stitch patterns from Libby.  I have pulled out the few patterns I would like to keep....hopefully make!  I have a few things to add to the bag and want to pass it on.  If your interested leave a comment and you too could possibly win to keep or even pass it on!
 Yeah another turned photo - go figure.  Here are more gifts from friends.  Rita (no blog) a great customer of mine included the mini Jo Morton quilt as a gift for me when I did some quilting for her a few months back.  Then out of the blue a surprise gift came from my blog friend Stefanie who had just been to quilt market and spotted the new Jo Morton fabric and thought of me!   Cheryl Wall sent me an autographed copy of her new book coming out next week!  As some of you will recall I quilted many of the quilts in her new book so this book is extra special to me especially when the cover is one of the quilts I quilted!
Then some more good stuff that really helps offset some of the not so good stuff.  I've been a winner a few times in the past month.  Why is it I can't win the lottery?  I go through spells entering giveaways and never win and then all of the sudden look at these.  From Kathy Schmitz I won her new line of fabric; from Tara one of her NEW released patterns, from Geoff's Mom a NEW pattern and from Kim a pattern she parted with.

Indeed life got busy and I felt like one of those hamster's going round and round on its wheel, every now and then being tossed for a loop.  I'll be back in a few days to announce who gets the cross stitch bag of loot and perhaps announce I won the lottery!  I can dream.