Friday, May 11, 2012

Give Away Day Thanks to Designs by Cozy Quarters!

A few post back I mentioned a barter I made with my no-blog client Deb.  She made two!  I quilted both and kept one!  When Deb sent me her top I fell in love with it!  I just had to have one!   The pattern is by Phyllis Paul of Designs by Cozy Quarters and is called, "In All Its Glory" in case you want to order one for yourself.

I contacted Phyllis of Cozy Quarters to tell her I had just quilted two more of her quilts.  In the past I quilted her design "Homespun Christmas" that you can see HERE.   This was Deb's too!

Phyllis was kind enough to send me a few of her patterns to share with you.  The above is actually more than a pattern it is also a kit to make the little quilt.  (There's background and wool bits in the bag.)

 This is the pattern "Homespun Christmas" for the quilt I quilted for Deb HERE.  Would you like to win this one?
Perhaps it is this pattern called, "Traditions" that catches your eye.

I feel like spreading the wealth and will choose three winners.  Those who commented on "In All Its Glory" blog post HERE before today's date have an additional entry.  Please visit Designs by Cozy Quarters and perhaps sign up for her newsletter.

To enter leave a comment about your favorite barter.  The first winner chosen will have first pick, and so on.  I will TRY to choose winners on Monday afternoon sometime.  I've got a crazy week ahead with two more graduations (two down and two to go)  This and my new permanent crown on Tuesday.  Did I mention my in-laws will be here next weekend?


The Mayo Family said...

I do not care!!!
Just put my name in!:):)

Cathy said...

My favorite barter, as in trade, I traded a thorobred horse for a Paso Fino horse. Greatest trade ever. I love all the designs so any would work. I am in.

Janet O. said...

I've traded my herbal soap for machine quilting a few tops. Loved that!
I love that Homespun Christmas pattern!

Janet O. said...

p.s. forgot to say "In All Its Glory" is gorgeous. I can see why you would want one--lucky barter for you!

Sallie said...

In All Its Glory is beautiful! I traded lunch out for getting a baby quilt quilted by a friend who was learning how to use her longarm. I love the Homespun Christmas pattern! Thanks for the giveaway!

Cathy said...

I once made a baby quilt for the use of a travel trailer. Both of us were happy. I love theswe patterns..they are so beautiful. Hugs

Doniene said...

"In All Its Glory" is as beautiful now as the first time I saw it!! I would love to have a chance to win! Thanks!

My "best" barter was trading use of sheep for training a sheep dog. I train and trial Border Collies for myself - and I'm still using the sheep today!

Quilting barter - anytime I can swap fabric with someone is such a blessing! Love sewing with something that reminds me of my friends!

Have a great day!

Ariane said...

I have never really bartered services. Just swapped fabrics. I think it's just because it would be a lot of pressure I put on myself to do my best work. I get really anxious about stuff like that. You got a great deal though. I tend to be able to put a quilt top together easily, but then let it sit until I have the courage to quilt it. I love the Homespun Christmas pattern. That would make such a cozy quilt. Your quilting is amazing by the way!! Hugs Ariane

Tonya said...

I guess my favorite barter would be, I traded my full size GO cutter for the small version, plus some cash to boot. Good luck with the in laws.....ekkkk

Dresden Quilter said...

Bartering is something I would love to do more often. I would say my favourite exchange has been making a block for someone and in return she made me a beautiful needle case. All of those patterns are gorgeous.

Diane N said...

I don't usually barter. I would love any of those patterns. Thanks for the chance.

Cheryl said...

The only quilt related barter I entered into went south for me. Your barter worked out fabulous! Great quilt and wonderful designs. Hope your hectic week and company goes well.

Donna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I love all the patterns.

I don't do a lot of bartering as I got pretty burned once, but I do barter fabric with some close friends sometimes.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Eu troquei uma máquina de tricô por uma singer 1978 zigzag,e estou muito feliz,máquina boa por uma ótima,tô no lucro.Para mim se sorteada...você pode escolher eu gosto de

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I barter with my one longarmer all the time - she loves my cross stitch murals, and I get lovely quilting on my large quilts.

JoAnne said...

I can't think of anything I have bartered before. I'm not opposed to bartering, it is just that the opportunity has not arisen. Say, are there any more quilts that you want? hint, hint. LOL

Gayle said...

My favorite barter was my most recent one. I sent a bundle of wool fabrics in exchange for a miniature paper pieced quilt pendant - we were both very happy with our trade!

Nancy E said...

Don't think I have ever bartered, at least I can't remember doing it. Love the patterns!

Deb said...

My favorite barter was piecing a quilt top for a friend in exchange for her long arm quilting some of my quilts, nice trade. Love the quilts!

Sandy D said...

I don't think I have ever bartered anything unless babysitting my grandkids to have some extra hugs bartering.If it is I think I was the winner there.

Loris said...

What a fun giveaway! Thank you Mary and Phyllis. The patterns are all beautiful. I would love to make the bird applique :-)
I am bartering right now with DH. I'm sewing a new zipper in a jacket he can't bear to lose. But funny...I can't remember what he's doing for me! I'll have to think of something...

marie said...

My friends and I trade fabrics and wool all the time. They always seem to have the 'right' color that you don't have in your stash. I love all the patterns, thanks for the chance.

sand said...

I love Traditions and also In All It's Glory. The quilting, fabric, and pattern are all wonderful and beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win. Debbie

Gill said...

I keep chickens so I swap eggs for all kinds of things! I've just swapped for some tomato plants!

Gale, Ky quilter said...

Beautiful quilt and nice gifts. I have bartered with my brother. I take him to the dentist, doctor, etc., and he gets me pine chips from his job for my dog, Sally's kennel. I think it's a pretty sweet deal. Thanks for the chance!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

LOL, the first thing I did was look back to make sure I commented! ;-) I love these quilts~ what a great barter for you!! The little quilt is so cute. I've traded little quilts a few times~ it is easy to make two at once and trade one. LOL I've traded machine quilting for hand quilting with my mom~ I know I won there! ;-) Have a great weekend!!

WoolenSails said...

I love the bird, but I won three things this week, so I am all set, lol. Love seeing your quilts, really makes me want to get my room cleaned up and sit down at the machine.


Diann said...

I once did a barter of a quilt for babysitting. The person I bartered with had a set of old quilt squares in terrible conditions. I somehow put them together in a quilt and quilted it. Then she babysat for me for a while.

Lesley said...

In All Its Glory is amazing...lucky you! I would love to win any of those little treasures! Years ago when my daughter was taking piano lessons, the piano teacher and I bartered...I made her several mini-quilts throughout the year in payment for the lessons. It was a win-win situation!

Julie said...

I barter with my mom on quilts -- I quilt hers and she puts the binding on mine :)

Joyce said...

All lovely! I traded a wool table runner with my sister-in-law for a bag full of old wool scraps. We both were happy!

quilt happy said...

i've traded fabric with my sister thanks for the giveaway

Marcia W. said...

The funniest barter was one that my late father did. He bartered one of my mother's quilts for a large amount of lumber! The man wanted to give his wife the quilt for Mother's Day. My mother went along and let the man choose one of her quilts. My father got his lumber and built my mother a jelly cupboard. Everyone was happy!

Queenie Believe said...

My favorite barter was a group of my artist dolls for an antique treadle sewing maching complete with table, cover, feet/accessory case and the original machine manual.
Totally awesome!
Thanks for the chance to be a winner!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Kaaren said...

I love them all, Mary but if I had to choose, it would be the Christmas quilt. Can you believe that I've never made a Christmas quilt? Yikes!

I bet you'll be happy when next week is over, huh? So much to fit into a short space of time.

sunny said...

I'm not sure I've ever done a barter. I have traded fabrics with a friend in Australia, so we could each have more variety for our hexies. Beautiful quilt!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I've never bartered. Very pretty quilt tops you got there.

The Mayo Family said...

I way back when my oldest girls were little bartered...I hand quilted a twin quilt for a girl friend and she made two sets of the lil-house prairie type dresses and aprons with all the ruffles for them :)
I had a younger baby then & thought I did not have time to ruffle all those yards and could "hand-quilt" and set it back down when I needed etc...Ha!
She loved her quilt & my girls loved the dresses and they were passed down to a few more of my girls :)
Ah! The things we do!
The patterns are all the "In all It's Glory" it's lovely!
Thanks for a great give-away!

Leeanne said...

Mmmmmm fav barter would be friendship for friendship!Thank you for your generosity.

regan said...

Our favorite barter is with friends that make maple hubby helps them fix their crazy computers, and they pay us in syrup....YUM! I can never go back to the store bought kind....this stuff is liquid gold!

Donna S. said...

Can't think of an exact barter but friends & I are always "exchanging" craft supplies. Would love either pattern.

Judy C said...

I don't think I have ever bartered, but I am opento the idea. I think all the patterns are lovely but I love the Christmas quilt. What is the design you quilted on qult under the patterns?

Karen said...

Stunning - I love the black squares the best. Would love to try one of her patterns - thanks for sharing.

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful, Mary. I can see why you loved it so much.

My favorite bartering would have to be babysitting with several friends when our children were little. It was so nice to be able to run and errand sans children!

Mary said...

One of my favorites barters was a back rub in exchange for putting up some shelves with my husband!
I love this design, please enter me!

Becky said...

My favorite barter is with my neighbor. She dog-sitting for us and we dog-sit for her when we are out of town. Our dogs are happy to remain in their own dog beds:) Great patterns! Good luck with your hectic week. Happy Mother's Day!

Becky said...

My favorite barter is with my neighbor. She dog-sitting for us and we dog-sit for her when we are out of town. Our dogs are happy to remain in their own dog beds:) Great patterns! Good luck with your hectic week. Happy Mother's Day!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You have a crazy busy week coming up Mary! Stay healthy.
My favorite barter was to sew curtains for my sister's cabin and she reduced the rent on her condo in Florida.

Kim D. said...

Hi Mary, I haven't visited in so long and I'm happy that I stopped by today to get in on the draw. The patterns are all beautiful and I remember when you quilted the Christmas quilt, I love that one for first choice. Crossing my fingers and toes that I win one. Thanks to both of you for the opportunity.

Shelley said...

Good luck with the crown! I can see why you fell in love with that quilt:) Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day! We did not get a good report on Friday.:(

Marge said...

my favorite barter was a home made pumpkin pie for a new sewing machine from my Husband. Gotta love him.
Would love to win any of the patterns but song of the lark would be my favorite.
Thanks Mary


Tina said...

I don't think I have ever bartered for anything other than cash for what I want - LOL!!!!

Sue Tokash said...

I barter eggs for garden goodies all the time. My strangest barter is a years supply of eggs (2 dozen a month) for 2 dump truck loads of horse manure composted, including the spreading of it in the garden.

Kim said...

I can't recall any formal barters I've participated in, but my close quilt friends and I are all pretty generous and frequently contribute to quilt efforts. For instance, four of us are working on Bunny Hill's Autumn House, and two of us have collected most of the original fabrics, so we're contributing those for use by all four, and one of the other gals is contributing backings. We haven't figured out what the fourth quilter can contribute yet, but when the need for anything arises, she'll be there for the rest of us. I think we all just keep a loose mental tally and it all comes out pretty even in the end.

tracy.charlton said...

Never really bartered but lent and borrowed plenty of items especially baby items and maternity clothes. Both quilts are gorgeous:-)

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