Sunday, April 1, 2012

...About the pincushions from previous post...

Yesterday's post I shared my Christmas Through the Year project; pincushions. Let me quickly answer some questions and ask you a question. The antiquing gel is used sparingly. I've had my bottle for several years. I used a Donna Dewberry Scruffy brush and tab a small amout to the tips of the bristles and brush off most of the paint/gel onto a paper towel before applying to my project. It is better to add on slowly than make the mistake of too much that can't be easily removed. Here is a picture of crushed walnut shells that I purchased before my husband announced he had another 20 lbs or so in the basement! He bought his in the sandblasting section of Harbor Freight and the bag in the photo was purchased at a pet supply store.

Here are three more little house blocks ready to fill for pincushions. I started thinking about postage rates. While I want many of my blog friends to be gifted a little something from me I simply cannot afford the postage it would cost to mail out weighted pincushions. I could easily use stuffing but some don't care to use "stuffing" as a pincushion. What would you honestly think if you received one of this unfilled pieces? It would simply be left up to you to fill with your own crushed walnut shells, stuffing or simply whipstitching the opening closed and you would have a lovely little coaster. Be honest.


Jill said...

Well, honestly.... I would be thrilled to receive it without the filling. I completely understand the cost of postage and it wouldn't bother me one bit to fill my own pinchusion with whatever I wanted to use for filler.
Those little houses are just too cute!!

Lesley said...

Honestly, I think an unfilled pincushion would be fine! I have mailed pincushions and have had friends who mailed them and the postage is always more than you think it should be...because of the size, not the weight. This little unfilled pin cushion would fit in a little notecard envelope and I'm sure the recipient would be thrilled to receive it!

gale said...

Our situation is unique but since my daughter has a life threatening walnut allergy (as well as other nuts) I would rather it was empty. I never do any swaps for this reason (in case the swapper uses walnut shells in their personal pincushion) and definitely would never do a pincushion swap, and I will not buy fabric from etsy shops that also sell pincushions. When I buy fabric I always request that whoever cuts and packages it hasn't been touching anything with nuts. I never did that until I read about walnut shells in pincushions. Also, I'm not convinced that shoving pins through what is essentially a lot like wood chunks is all that great for them. It seems like it would dull them.

Robin said...

Unfilled would be the way I would go that way the recipent could finish it the way to there liking. Also as someone said allergys are always a concern.

Caroline Ingalls said...

Well I totally understand: Iam French and use to live in the Sates so my friends received a bunch of empty pinchusion to fill ...just couldnt afford the postage worldwise... didn't hear any conplainte :)

Bari Jo said...

Oooohh _ anything you make would be wonderful - I would love it empty - no complaints! - I would be happy to fill it!!! I do have a little teeny bag of walnut shells from a bag I split with a friend - I only needed a tiny amount a few years ago and didn't want the jumbo bag - but wish I had more now that there are so many pincushion ideas running through my brain!!!! I am hoping to get to my machine this week! We are on spring break and it is baby boy's 17th birthday - so inbetween fun time with him I hope to sew... (he wants to sleep in all week so I will be sewing early mornings - can't wait! woo hoo!)

Donna said...

The pincushions are very lovely. Send them unfilled. I do believe you will find people appreciative of your generosity.

JoAnne said...

I see no problem with sending them empty. Especially after reading the above comment about allergies. I have a good friend who is also allergic to walnuts. I like that it could be a coaster, too, in case the recipient does not need a pincushion.

Carrie P. said...

I completely understand about the postage. I think it would be fine to send them unfinished. That way the person could do them up any way they like, just like you said.

Janet said...

Honestly--THRILLED!! I have a bag of walnut shells just waiting to go into one. These are so stinking cute. Love them!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I too would be thrilled to receive a pincushion without filling. BTW, was the walnut shells at Harbor Freight a better price then the pet store? When I look at the pet store they are always out of the shells (hummm I wonder if a guild or someone stocks up??) Anyway, I wondered too if they had smaller quantities, or sell by the pound?

Carol said...

I could totally see how the weighted pincushions would get expensive to mail. If I were to get one of them I would fill it myself as I keep one of those bags of crushed walnut shells on hand. I like your idea for antiquing. Yes, definitely use sparingly.

Sue said...

Mary I've received pincushions before that we're left up to me to fill. That's totally understandable.
These little houses will make great pincushions!!

Darlene said...

I'd be thrilled to receive an unfilled pin cushion from you. I have a huge tin of crushed walnut shells ready to go. LOL

Susan D said...

Unfilled pincushions are the way to go-- for everyone. Then you can fill them with whatever your preference is. I'd LOVE to receive one-- ;-) need my address?( kidding here) Soooo cute-- , just love the little houses.

Taryn said...

Those are so cute! I was doing my house blocks with a blue sky and got sidetracked with few that have shirting skies. Now I know exactly what I am going to do with them - pincushions here we come.

I think anyone would be happy to stuff their own or turn it into an adorable mini quilt.

Cathy said...

Your little house pincushions are darling. I think it would be fine to send them unfilled. Even if you have to fill it yourself, it is a thoughtful gift. And the recipient can use filling of choice (for example, one commenter mentioned a problem with walnut shells due to a nut allergy).

Star Quilt Company said...

I would think you are quite clever.
And I would fill my own pincushion.
anyone who buy walnut litter knows we all have enough for a hundred little pincushions. I don't like the postal rates being so high either. Linda B.

Joyce said...

I'd love them either way. I usually fill mine with sand from a craft store because I also have a son with a nut allergy. Great job!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Wow - I can't believe all the comments about allergies to nuts! My grandson is also allergic to nuts but I thought it was kind of rare - not so I guess. Obviously we all think the pincushions are wonderful and would be blessed to receive one. It only makes sense to send them empty. I will also add that lately, since postage has gotten so high, I've won a couple of giveaways where the giver requested up front that the winner pay their own postage. I gladly did so since the postage was way less than the value of the gift. You might even consider asking those you're sending them to what their preference is - unless you want it to be a surprise. blessings, marlene

Carol said...

I would happily fill one of those darling pin cushions! Those houses are just precious.

Kaaren said...

Unstuffed is fine with me.

You have my address, right? ROTFLOL

Candace said...

These are adorable, Mary and I don't think anyone would expect you to spend so much on postage! Lots of folks probably have all kinds of stuffing in their stash!

Janet said...

I think the little houses are darling!! Anyway they arrived I can only imagine delight at receiving one.

Linda C said...

Those house pincushions are too cute!! Of course, l would be more than thrilled to recieve an empty pin cushion from you. Who wouldn't after seeing them!! Must see if we can buy bulk walnut shell here in Australia.

Linda C said...

Those house pincushions are too cute!! Of course, l would be more than thrilled to recieve an empty pin cushion from you. Who wouldn't after seeing them!! Must see if we can buy bulk walnut shell here in Australia.

Sue-Anne said...

I think sending a pincushion without the stuffing would be fine. Postage is getting a bit expensive and if you have multiple parcels, well enough said. They are pretty cute pincushions, or coasters.

Nancy E said...

Your pin cushions are way too cute. If I were to receive one, I would be totally find with filling it myself. Postage can get so expensive!

Janet O. said...

Are you kidding? Who wouldn't want one of those cute little houses from you, Mary, filled or not!

Vivian said...

A gift is a gift, and receiving it with an opening is irrelevant. As you wrote, it could be filled with anything the recipient wants--soft and fluffy or dense and heavy. Or leaving it as a coaster would be fine too. No worries on that account. Send what you want, where you want -- unfilled.
I'm sure you're too young to remember them, but I saw a movie the other day where a purple Lincoln 3-cent stamp was on the envelope. I remember them well from the days of my youth. Ahh -- the good ole days.

Me and My Stitches said...

I didn't read all of the comments, but it looked like the majority certainly agrees - don't worry about stuffing before mailing! I've had the same issue - I make pin cushions to sell at shows and have had some requests to add them to my website, but it would totally mess up my shipping rates! Your little houses are adorable!

Pat said...

Let me add my voice to the "chorus" here......NOTHING wrong with sending the little pincushions without their stuffing....for many reasons (both on your end re the postage...and on the receiving end so folks could stuff them as they wish). It is nice of you to ask, but......I think you could have safely sent them that way on your own without asking and people would still have been thrilled with them!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

A gift from you would be cherished forever! I agree~ unfilled... postage is outrageous and most crushed walnut shells are very easy to come by. Thanks so much for clarifying about the antiquing. ;-) Have a great evening!!

Judy C said...

I think sending them unfilled is a smart idea, almost everyone has a pet store near them. Thanks for the tip on the antiquing and the walnut shells. Your little houses are darling!

Kathy H said...

I think the unfilled cushion is fine. I think anyone who can stitch it closed would be thrilled to get one of those.

Edna said...

That little house is so cute. Who wouldn't want it unfilled? What a precious Christmas gift it would be!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Postage Is insane. I would totally do the same thing.

Terry said...

I'd be thrilled to get one unstuffed! In fact I'd love to buy one of those darling house pincushions from you, if you have one to spare. If not that's OK too. They're just gorgeous! :0)

sunny said...

I've often wondered the same thing. I have a bag of walnut shells just waiting for an empty pincushion.

Susan said...

Unfilled is not a problem at all. We all have our favorite that we fill them with and it is no big thing to do so. A gift should be received with joy and thanksgiving for the thoughtfulness it shows, to put qualifiers on it is just ungracious. Your pincushions are so cute! Thanks for showing them off!

Mimi said...

Postage rates are unbelievable these days so an unfilled pin cushion is quite acceptable in my view!! By the way, those are very cute pincushions!!!

Rita said...

I think it's a great idea to send them unstuffed. It would be a treat for anyone to receive your pincushions.

Leeanne said...

I can honestly say I would skip with joy!!! Love them, I have not seen crushed walnut shell before.

Loris said...

Those houses are sweet! Adding the filling and the last stitches would just add to the fun a receiving a gift like that. It's a lovely idea to share them.
I think I bought that same bag of shells...they will last forever!

VeeV said...

i use walnut shells combined with silica gel (to keep the moisture out) and the walnuts actually sharpen the pins.....

flat - without stuffing would be a perfect way to send them..


~Marica~ said...

They are so cute and of course I understand that i cost a lot to send something away so if I got a emtpy one I would be very happy and I can fill it up whit I like

Gene Black said...

That sounds like a most practical solution to me!

Wilma NC said...

Anyone would love an unfilled pincushion from you!! They are really sweet.

Sharon said...

Love your little pin-cushions...stuffed or un-stuffed! Makes sense to me to send it un-stuffed!

Debi said...

I would adore an unstuffed pin cushion...makes perfect sense to me!

Deb said...

It think it would be wonderful just to receive one! It wouldn't take but a few minutes to add the shells and stitch it shut - it's the thought that counts.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

All I can say is that those little houses are THE CUTEST, no matter how or where they are used!

Beverley said...

I would be fine having it unstuffed. Someone who doesn't sew very much might not like it so much.
They are very pretty.

Fiesta said...

If I were lucky enough to receive one, unstuffed would be just fine by me.

Karen said...

I mailed a pincushion from CA, USA to Canada. Was not sure if walnut shells were considered a food item, better to be safe than sorry. I put batting around those plastic beeds that michaels sells. Added to the cost of mailing. Wished I would have thought of sending them empty. Thank you for the idea.

Anne said...

I would love to fill one with my own crushed walnuts. Is that a paper pieced pattern?

QuiltSue said...

To my way of thinking. people would just be thrilled that you had thought enough of them to want to send them something.

Also, different people have different preferences for the filling. I like walnut shells, but if I had a nut allergy, I'd feel very differently, so this gives them a choice.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Those are so so cute!!!! I love them.

suz said...

I've purchased a couple of things from overseas that were filled with lavender when sold in their own country, but couldn't be sent to the US because of that. We worked out a deal to have them sent unfilled and I had absolutely no problem with filling them myself! You've done the hard part and your work is really lovely. I'm sure anyone who received one of these would be delighted and understanding!

Rebecca P said...

I would not mind an unfilled one either, postage can be expensive. It's the outside of the cushion that we love.

Karen said...

walnut litter...who knew! I'm filing that away for another day...
Love, love ,LOVE the little house pincushion!

Jo said...

Gift me one anytime. I can fill it and stitch it shut :) I do have to say that I am real simple girl though and not picky about those type of things. I've been gone on quilt retreat and haven't had time to blog hop around. It was good to catch up. You are as busy as ever. Hope the dentist thing is manageable.

Donna S. said...

Well, I would be thrilled. I think only other crafters can appreciate something handmade.

carol said...

I would have no problem with the pin cushion without the filling. Love the house pin cushion.

JCnNC said...

I would of course be thrilled for anything "Mary-fied. I have crushed walnut shells so no problem. I could send a self-addressed, stamped envelope?!@#. Judy C thanks this is a wonderful little idea and we could start a "pay it forward revolution."

Nancy in IN said...

I would love to fill one of the blocks. I love the walnut shell filling. Thanks for the idea about using small blocks.

toekneechestnut said...

I would be delighted to have one of these turn up at my doorstep and it would be an honour to have one in my home. Stuffing wouldn't be an obstacle rather a priveledge akin to feeding a guest a good meal! They are inspirational!

paulette said...

I would be thrilled beyond words!! Adorable!!

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