Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why Did I Make These Stars?

Rummaging through my stash, boxes, containers (you know we all have them) I found stars I made months ago and now I can't remember what pattern they were intended for. I just know I enjoyed making the stars using Jo Morton fabrics. I had bits and pieces that still needed to be pieced so I got busy yesterday piecing more stars. There are doubles of each star. I've got a total of 32 blocks. Any ideas?


sunny said...

hehe! I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this! Sorry I don't have the answer for you.

Sherri said...

They are gorgeous...I guess make a quilt! By the way...I've done that before too!

regan said...

They look fantastic! Love the fabrics and the tone! However you place them, it will be gorgeous!

Tins and Treasures said...

I love them...they remind me of the quilts that my grandma used to make.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Take care ~Natalie

Loris said...

well, they are certainly lovely for whatever project you find but did you blog about them? maybe that would give you a clue.
I love the Jo Morton fabrics.

il mondo di Iris said...

32 blocks wonderful work.

Cheryl said...

4 rows of 8 blocks set on point with long vertical sashing between them???? They are so gorgeous!

Donna said...

I haven't a clue why. I do know the stars are awesome! I love stars and you fabric selections as beautiful. Happy quilting!

Melanie said...

A gift to yourself....what a treat...There are no accidents here---I would make a quilt-- posivitively with alternating nine patch block...Classic colors never go out of style...have fun.

Karen said...

Were you making the stars the magic way? I don't remember what you were making them for but I think they look very good in the Jo fabrics.

Wendy said...

Oh my, your stars are lovely, and I enjoy all of Jo Mortons fabrics, how about "on point with black sashings" I think I saw some black in one of the stars??.

Suzy said...

Send 'em to my house. I'll take care of them for you. Hehehehe. :o)

Stephanie said...

What pretty discovery. How about a table runner or a little quilt?

Gerri said...

Awesome stars, Mary. With your creativity, I see a beautiful quilt in the future!

Sue said...

Well I sure do love the Jo fabrics you've used. And who doesn't love a good LeMoyne star quilt? Those are pretty so I'd put them in a quilt :D

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wasn't there a quilt along with those stars??? I love the idea Wendy had of on point.

Morning's Minion said...

I'm feeling that a connector block might detract from the beauty of the pieced stars--I think I'd do sashing and cornerstones, a border with several stars in a smaller size included--either as border cornerstones or as part of the border's length.

Terry said...

They're lovely stars and they'll make a beautiful quilt! :0)

julieQ said...

I am pretty sure those are the stars you made for me several months ago...? NO? Oh well...hey, they are gorgeous, and have fun playing with them sweet Mary!!

Cille said...

What a treasure... I wish I would stumble upon things like that :)

Sharon said...

How about setting them around an applique block? They are great blocks, so whatever you do will be beautiful!

Rosa said...

vasThey are beautiful.I love stars and your fabrics.

A quilt for you.

Linda C said...

Jo Morton and her fabrics are my fav's, so of course l think your stars are stunning!! I can see them made into that zig zag strippy quilt moda did recently with their Collection for a Cause -Hope Range. If you need, l can send you a picture. Good luck with whatever you decide to make with them.

Leeanne said...

mmmm I'm in love!
Maybe set on point?

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

No idea what the plan was, but they are all beauties! :-) Were you doing a sew along with Thelma? Didn't she do a stars quilt last year?

Denise :) said...

I love Cille's comment up above ... "I wish I would stumble upon things like that"! ME TOO! :)

Vivian said...

Impressive blocks. I don't remember your mentioning a quiltalong or project that you were following. It does sound like you had a plan.
You had a wonderful find. My finds around the house are usually pretty lame.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Nope. No clue. Hope you figure it out. If not, make more stars and throw them into a quilt top. :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I think a Giveaway would be the thing to do. :) blessings, marlene

Diane said...

no idea-but they are beautiful stars!

Judy C said...

I agree with Sunny, glad I'm not the only one that does this. I am making it my mission to try and finish ufo's I think the secretly multiply when left alone to long! lol! Your stars are lovely so if you can't remember just plan a new quilt top around them you can't lose.

Needled Mom said...

I think they look pretty. I'd make two quilts and save one for a gift.

AnnieO said...

Beautiful! Maybe if you search your own blog the light bulb will go off again??? Anyway, glad you've enjoyed making them. Seems you don't get to piece very often for sewing therapy!

paulette said...

They are gorgeous!! Why can't I find things like that in my UFO bins!! haha

Janet O. said...

Personally, I prefer the look of the LeMoyne Star in a straight set, as opposed to on point. A nice Jo print in alternate blocks, with or without sashing, would give you a good size quilt. They are beautiful blocks!

QuiltSue said...

That's like the fabric I got just before Christmas for a particular project, but now can't remember what that project was!

Jana said...

I am not sure what was your exact pattern for your great stars but they look as they can be used in this quilt:

Heidi said...

I LOVE your stars! They are beautiful and very 'prairie' looking. I say google some antique star quilts for inspiration and jump in with both feet. :-)

Hugs from Holland ~

Julie in the Barn said...

I don't know what you had in mind but it must be something really nice since your stars are really lovely. Wish my mystery UFO blocks were as pretty.

Shelley said...

How about setting them on point with another connector block? what do they look like on point block to block? And Mary, I thought you were more organized than this lol :)

Mary said...

LOL! I also have baskets of blocks that I have no memory of making. It's kind of sad, isn't it!!

andsewon said...

I recall you loving making them that is all...sorry! Pretty sure you will come up with a wonderful plan for them as you always do!! Love them!!!

Lori said...

I wish I could find some fantastic forgotten blocks in my sewing room!! LOL
They are lovely!

MARCIE said...

I know! Make a quilt! Haha!
Great blocks Mary.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I don't know what they were for, but they're positively gorgeous! Aren't you glad you unearthed them?

Carrie P. said...

Well, they certainly are pretty stars. Very interesting that you have doubles of each star.

Donna Becker said...

You're very brave! My approach is to not be very nosy about what's buried in my stuff. LOL!
But you know what? The thought that popped into my head was to make a bed runner. You didn't mention what size the blocks are, but they might work really well in that format.
Keep us posted!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

A pattern called Cinnamon stars? I've made those too, still in a box... It's a free pattern I did find years ago. Yours looks so gorgeous!

Jeanne said...

Do you have Jo's books. There's a lemoyne star quilt in one of the later books. Of course, I can't find mine now to tell you which one. The blocks are all lovely and will look great whatever you decide to make with them.

quiltergirl said...

I bet you were going to make a quilt?? hehehe

Libby said...

It's like a 'found quilt' Piece them into something - they are beautiful!

Carrie said...

I was thinking they might be from a Block of the Week program I signed up for as they looked familiar... except that there was only one of each. So I haven't got a clue and can't help at all. :)

But they sure are pretty. ;)

Karen said...

I leave notes in my project boxes now. It is so easy to forget!

Michelle said...

I needed a giggle!

QuiltNut Creations said...

They are beautiful stars!

Candace said...

Oh Mary, the 8-pointed star is one of my favorite blocks! These are just gorgeous! I would maybe put sashing inbetween and a couple of borders and maybe you'll have a bed quilt!

Karen said...

I don't know what I would do with them - but they are beautiful - love the colors :)

Hugs - Karen

Kathy T. said...

Were they from an idea in the "Stars by Magic" book? Just wondering ...

Serena said...

Hopefully you can put that project Alzheimer's to good use;)

Paula said...

I don't comment much but... it has been awhile since we have heard from you. Praying all is well with you and family.

Barb said...

awesome find. You can set these beauties any way and it will be a great quilt!

Deb said...


Where have you been? Missing your updated blog!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Did you sort out this star-problem? Was this the cinnamon pattern? I'm so curious :-)

laurie in texas said...

Oh Mary - perfect for a Quilt of Valor quilt!!!!! You don't even need to put them together if you don't want to - you can send them just as they are! Yeehaw!!

joyous said...

I have the Cinnamon Stars pattern saved as a .pdf if any one wants it.

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