Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pattern Give Away!

Those of you who frequent my blog know that I've been making Touch of Vegas secretly for my son's Christmas present. Boy has it been a challenge to find the time to work on it while he is away and it still isn't completely bound.

Since it is a busy quilt I felt that simple swirls was the best design. Besides that, when he saw Rebecca's quilt that I quilted for her earlier in the year in commented he liked the swirls.

This quilt is different for me for sure! I love the texture of the quilting. A few commented that I must have saved white and black prints for quite awhile. I chuckle; not so! I had to make a point to purchase these all in one shopping trip at the mega fabric store called, Mary Jo's. I had nothing in my stash to make this quilt besides a few of the reds. I want to thank Carol and Bonnie for sending me some of their white/red print scraps to use as well.

The designer is Debbie Allen and she not only sent me this pattern to giveaway but another as well. I'd like to have the winner's patterns out in the mail by Tuesday. If your interested in winning these patterns please comment before Sunday. I'll email the winner. Do you follow me? I'd love if you would.

Another thing I just have to share with you is this post from Kim. I didn't see it when she originally posted and I've been chuckling ever since. If you haven't been to her blog than you are in for a real treat as you read through her many post. I think she post just about every evening and with plenty of humor to boot! I often tell her that a book should be published about her blog. That good!


sheddy said...

I love your quilt. It would be fun to make one similar.

Sojourner said...

I love that quilt! Stars are my favorite! Beautiful.

Lorri said...

I love this quilt and would love to win a pattern!

Jenn said...

I'd love to win this pattern! I think making a grey/blue one with yellow stars would just be fantastic for my soon-to-be-born nephew in Puget Sound!

Diane N said...

I love your quilt and the swirls!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Gorgeous work on your quilt! I would love the opportunity to enter your giveaway! Thanks!

gardenpat said...

I have enjoyed watching your progress on this quilt for some time now and would love to try making one from that same pattern!

Robynn said...

I just love this quilt. It is beautiful and I am sure your son will love it. I would like to make this for my son.

Mary said...

Your quilt is gorgeous and I would love the pattern. Thank you for the chance to win.

Sue said...

Well this quilt is sure turning out to be another beauty. I really do love the red, black, and white and I am a big fan of swirls :)

I'll check out the blog and thanks for the link.

Merry Christmas,

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I really like this pattern Mary. And I have been collecting black and white fabrics :-) I am a long time follower.

Loris said...

This came out so sweet! I can't wait to hear what he says when he opens it. The swirls are perfect. Lovely work!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

A beauty! Your son will love it. I love the swirls. A lot. Kim's blog is a real hoot. I enjoy reading her posts as well.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

It's a beautiful quilt Mary!

Nicky said...

The pattern is spectacular but Kim's post is priceless! Thought my hubby might have asked me why I was giggling - but he was watching football - phew!

sunny said...

Your quilt is totally awesome! I love everything about it - the pattern, the colors, the quilting. And yes, Kim is a hoot!

Marlene said...

I've been watching your progress with this quilt. It's stunning. I would love to win the pattern and make one too.

Laura said...

I'd like a chance to win too. Your quilt is great!

SubeeSews said...

Oh so cool. I LOVE the quilt and have bought several patterns that you have made or reccommended.
Waving my hands here in COLD Indiana!

Rosa said...

I love your gorgeous quilt.

I love star and I`d love to win.Thanks.

Kathy said...

Your son is going to LOVE his Christmas quilt. The colors are great. The simple swirls work well with the pattern.

Leeanne said...

hooray! You got it done, you must be pleased. It looks wonderful...I'm off to visit the other blogs you have mentioned...
p.s thanks for the chance to win, but with the price of postage to New Zealand, I don't mind if you don't count me in on the draw.

Dresden Quilter said...

I have been admiring your quilt. Thanks for the giveaway. I am a follower. I went and read that post and had a good laugh.

Pat V. said...

These are both lovely patterns. Of course, I'm a sucker for anything with stars...

I follow your blog, btw.

Sue said...

Your quilt came out gorgeous !
I would love a chance to win your pattern


Marlena said...

Love your quilt and the swirls are perfect! I would love to win a pattern.

kbzelazny said...

I would love to make this for my son too! It's hard to find patterns that are suitable for the boys. Thanks!

Lizzie said...

Oh of course I follow you and I would love that quilt, grandson #2 would love that pattern..
Thanks for sending me over to Kim's blog, I love that story, priceless...!!

canuckquilter said...

I do follow you, and have enjoyed watching it come together in snatched moments while your son isn't home. I'd love the pattern

Cheryl said...

Thank you for the link to Kim's post...what a hoot! Still laughing. The swirls on your son's quilt are the perfect choice...cosmic, in a way.

Janet O. said...

I don't need the patterns, they are lovely, but would just distract me further from my "have to" projects. I just wanted to say that I love the swirl quilting on this quilt. Perfect complement to the sharp, angular design of the piecing.

Shelley said...

Oh Mary, I love the Star Chains! Your son is going to love his quilt!

As for Kim's blog, I can still see Grampa running to do mouth-to-mouth on "Louise"! LOL! Wish I was closer, I love to bind and I'm quick at it. People get me to bind for them all the time!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

The quilt is really gorgeous! He'll love it! The quilting is really great too!
Enjoy the rest of the week, and happy sewing :o)

JCnNC said...

Loved Christmas With Louise over on Kim's blog - what a priceless story. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win this great pattern. I love your quilt and the swirls are perfect on it. Judy C

Kathy D said...

I love your son's quilt and think it is just stunning the way it is. Red and black are my two favorite colors right blow. I would love to win the pattern.

Tina said...

woo hoo .... would love to win this pattern as I adore stars!
I love the choice of colors you picked for your son's special quilt. Black makes everything pop!

Nice job,


treadlemusic said...

Love that pattern and your "take" on it! Black/white/red is so sharp!! Would love to work with that!!!! Doreen

Janet said...

Ever since I saw this quilt on your blog I have started collecting fabrics for this quilt. I really think it is beautiful. The way you quilted this quilt brings it alive. said...

Love the quilt and the swirls. It gives the quilt motion. Have been reading about the progress on it and really like the pattern. Great colors....your son will love it!

Karen said...

The swirls are perfect for the quilt. Boy, will your son be surprised. Mary Jo's always had a lot of the black and white prints any time I shopped there. A good place to make the purchase. I hope you will post a picture of it on your son's bed after he receives it.

Becky said...

Thanks for the link to Kim's blog! Looks like one that I will enjoy. Your Touch of Vegas is stunning. I agree with your son. Swirls is one of my favorite quilting patterns. It would be interesting to see what colors other folks choose for their Touch of Vegas quilt. Merry Christmas!

Needled Mom said...

It looks stunning, Mary!!! I just love the fabrics you used in it.

Loretta said...

I love your quilt!! and would really like a chance to win this pattern. Several years ago, I made a red, black & white quilt, using a Debbie Caffrey mystery pattern, and this is one of my favorite combinations.
Thanks for the chance.

Bonnie said...

The quilt is wonderful and as usual the quilting is out of this world. I would love to win the pattern. I have been collecting red and black fabric for years. I still have some left after starting Bonnie H's mystery

Happy Holiday

Janet said...

I'm crazy about that quilt and would love to win that pattern! Thanks for the opportunity!

Brenda said...

Love the quilt. Your son will love it.

Kathleen said...

The quilt is just gorgeous!! I would love to win your giveaway, I actually have alot of leftover black & white fabrics I could use....Although I've been following your blog for awhile I've made it official!!

Tonya said...

Your quilt has turned out beautiful! I'm sure you son will be very happy with it!

Marcy said...

Having seen your quilt done in the black and red seems to put a total new spin from the other ones done in other colours. Great job! Thanks for allowing us to take part in the give away.

Kaaren said...

It turned out just like I knew it would...A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Your son is going to cherish it for years to come, Mary.

Nancy said...

I have really enjoyed watching your son's quilt come together and I have a real love of black/white/red quilts, so I'd like to give it a try!

Cindy said...

Your quilt is just so lovely! I would love having the pattern. I've collected black and white fabrics for awhile and perhaps could get by without purchasing any new fabric.

I read that post by Kim and it's hilarious. She usually has humorous postings but that one was definitely laughing out loud funny!

Sherrill said...

I have been drooling over your son's quilt and was gonna ask what the pattern was. So glad you're giving it away..thanks for the chance.

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

How very generous of Debbie! Your quilt looks wonderful! I love Kim's blog and humor too. ;-) Thanks for the fun!

Rebecca P said...

Oh it looks wonderful Mary. Your son will simply love it. My Niece loves hers.

Denise :) said...

Mary, this quilt is stunning -- your son is going to be THRILLED with it!! Way to go! :)

Nancy E said...

Love your son's new quilt and the quilting, too! Don't enter me in the drawing eventhough I love the quilt I'm just not sure I would make it. Hope you show a quilt pic with your son when he gets it!

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt. I made a quilt with black and white strips with red accent for my son. It would be great to do another quilt for him to go with the pattern that you used.


Donna S. said...

Great quilt!! You are in my favs & I visit most days so I should be a follower, huh? Will do,

Betty Lou said...

He is going to be so surprised-----I can hear him now "when did you make this Mom?" He will love it, it do.

Joann said...

I have visited often to watch how your sons quilt was coming together - it is just awesome, I am sure he will cherish it!

Penny said...

Thanks for the chance to win a new pattern!

Brenda said...

I love the quilt and the quilting.... you did a wonderful job and he's sure to love it! What a labor of love.

Yes, I'd love to win the pattern and make one for my sons.... twins, so it will take a while....

Anonymous said...

thanks for the opportunity to win one of the patterns. I love your star quilt. I think your son will be very pleased. Michele Gailey

Judy C said...

Lovely job on the quilt, I just love the swirls pattern. I also loved the like to Kims blog, what a funny post.

Lynelle said...

I love that pattern... i love it so much that if I don't win it I am going to buy it! It looks fabulous int he red, black and white that you did and the swirls are perfect!

SoozeM said...

Wow your quilt is stunning, I am sure your son will love it!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea said...

Love this quilt. The black white & red is stunning. I follow you and would love to win this pattern. I've googled it and it isn't coming up. Would love to know where to purchase the pattern.


QuiltNut Creations said...

love your quilt! the quilting is fabulous!!

Janet said...

The quilt looks wonderful and the swirly quilting is wonderful.

Heidi said...

What a wonderful quilt. The black and white is perfect for your son. He is going to love it.

Hugs from Holland ~

The Queen Bee said...

The quilt turned out great. I'd love to win the pattern. It's hard to find a pattern that a young man would like.


Melanie said...

Do quilt have gender????--- Some quilts just look like they are meant for girls and some for guys....This is definitely a guy's quilt to me... I'd love to win and make it for my son's college graduation.

jirons42 said...

I have been looking for a good black and white quilt pattern for my grandson and think this one is perfect.

Wilma NC said...

I read all of your new posts. Would love to win the patterns.

Deb said...

The quilt is beautiful and the quilting just makes it shine. Would love the pattern, my son loves those colors as well. Thanks!

Jen said...

This is such a beautiful quilt! I love the fabrics and the quilting. Your son is going to love it! I would love to try my hand at these patterns ;)

Me and My Stitches said...

I just love this quilt - and now that it's quilted, it's even better! I feel your pain about trying to work on this without your son seeing it. I'm trying to finish a quilt for my husband. I'm hoping today I will be able to put the borders on! Thanks for the chance to win!

Carrie P. said...

The quilt looks so good.
He is going to love it.

Sallie said...

I'm a follower. I love that quilt! Thanks for the giveaway!

Debi said...

What a great pattern, I love the red/black/whites in it. Stars are my favorite.

Debi said...

What a great pattern, I love the red/black/whites in it. Stars are my favorite.

Mary C said...

Thank you for the giveaway. I love the quilt! For a consolation prize, would you let us know if there is a way to buy the pattern? thanks!

Penny from S.C. said...

Beautiful quilt and just in the colors my son would love! Thanks

Jo said...

Doesn't your son read your blog? My kids all do so I have to be careful. Love the quilt!!

MoeWest said...

Your son will love his new quilt! Thanks for the chance to win the patterns. And that post by Kim had me ROLF so hard!

Donna said...

My daughter gave me lots of black and whites with hot pink as a contrasting fabric last Christmas. I couldn't find just the right pattern though I looked and looked. I absolutely know that the 'Touch of Vegas' pattern would be the perfect one. Thanks for the chance to win one.

Wendy said...

I would love to win the quilt pattern. Thanks. Your quilt is turning out beautifully.

Linda K said...

Thanks for the chance to win!! It's great to see the quilt come to life in your posts. I've always liked red, white and black quilts. Isn't Maryjo's fun?!? Wish I lived a little closer, but I do get to stop by there when I'm driving from here in Georgia to my sister's in Virginia Beach.

Maureen said...

The quilt is beautiful....your son will be so surprised. Would be thrilled to win the pattern!

Chris said...

I really would love to have this pattern!

quilter said...

I really like the quilt and hope your son loves his new quilt. What fun to surprise him! Would like to win the pattern. I think most of my black and white fabric was also purchased at Mary Jo's.


Jen W said...

Gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your son.

yorkie mom said...

Great quilt and pattern. Would love to win a copy! Thanks for a chance,

Caroline said...

I love that quilt! Thanks for the giveaway.

Patti said...

I love what you did with this quilt & would love to win the pattern. Thanks for the opportunity

Janet said...

This is a gorgeous quilt. Your son will love it.

Sheila said...

The quilt is gorgeous and I love the swirls .

Lisa Marie said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I went to Mary Jo's once after my MIL raved about it for years. Fabulous! Wish I lived closer so I could go regularly.

Michell said...

Gorgeous Quilt. Love the colours

Jittina said...

I think it's love at first sight. What a gourgeous quilt.
I would love to win the pattern.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win those patterns from Debbie Allen. That sure would be quilt a gift to win. I simply love your quilt and the swirls seem to make this quilt even more special. Thank you for the chance to win.

Sandi T.

Diane said...

I'd love to win!! :) And I really love your quilt - black & white w/ a punch of color! Thanks.

Linda V said...

Nice pattern and beautiful quilt! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

beaquilter said...

don't know if it's too late, but I'd love to win these- I long arm too BTW

Sharon said...

Lovely quilt I would love to win one like it

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