Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Cheer!

Check out my newest holiday decoration! This snowman on a post was made by my friend Shirley. Too cute and even better up close and personal.

I'm so glad I made the snowman quilt earlier this year to enjoy now! I keep saying I need to make a new tree skirt; didn't happen again this year.

Here is a small tree skirt I made several years ago. I'm using it as a table topper this year. Next Tuesday my real estate agent is holding an agent's open house luncheon here. I'm trying to keep floor space "available." LOL

Every year I love pulling out these two guys! A friend of mine made these for me when we were stationed at Cannon AFB, NM in mid 90's.

I didn't get a proper picture of the whole top of my wall unit. But wanted to share this picture of the snowman that Sharon painted for me years ago. It is another picture I look forward to hanging this time of year. (not that I really want it to snow!!)

My son's secret quilt is nearly finished. I'm halfway done with stitching the binding down to the back. I'll soon post the finish along with the pattern giveaway.


Linda said...

That post man is too cute. LOVE YOUR SNOWMAN QUILT AS WELL.

Barb said...

I've seen that santa at quilt show vendors - it's fabulous! Love your snowman quilt so cute.
All your decorations look festive

Karen said...

Do you know if there is a pattern for the snowman. He is so cute! And the patchwork Santa is adorable. You have some cute holiday stuff. Me, I just have Christmas quilts to decorate with any more.

Shakerwood said...

Et tu? I have been saying a tree skirt for one of my smaller trees for YEARS now. Maybe next year ..sigh...

My Let it Snow is STILL waiting for me to quilt him. Maybe next on the list? we'll see .....

Good luck with the luncheon. I have a feeling your house is next to have a SOLD sign out front!

Needled Mom said...

What a nice Christmasy post!!! Your Santa quilt it darling hanging on the wall. I love the tube snowman. I bought that kit this summer when one of our quilt shops was going out of business (sob!) and can't wait to make it. Your Lone Str looks fabulous on the table. I just know that some buyer will see your beautiful home all decorated and want to buy it instantly!!!! I hope they are coming before surgery????

Rhonda at Cobblestone Quilting said...

Your decorations are lovely, all of them! I especially love the snowman quilt.

Sue said...

Things are looking great around your place. Nice and quilty festive! :D

Enjoy the season!

Mary said...

So nice to see your decorations. I really like your snowman quilt.

Janet O. said...

I'm with Karen--is there a pattern for that tubular snowman? So cute! And the checkered Santa, too! All of your quilty decorations are so homey and inviting--the tree skirt, snowman quilt, etc.

Kim said...

That Postman (snowman) is such fun! Looks great with the snowman quilt that you made. Lots of pretty decorations that will make those realtors want to linger a while longer to enjoy your welcoming home. Hope they leave some luncheon treats for you, lol. Strange to host a party and not be there, isn't it? :-D

Susan said...

It looks quite festive at your house! I love that snowman...what a cute idea!

AnnieO said...

I've seen those post patterns and kits at shows before and they are soo cute! What a lovely gift. Your snowman quilt and all your quilty decorations look terrific. Good luck on your open house!!!

Lynn said...

So cute, isn't Shirley clever! Love all the Christmas decorations, so many nice memories and friends associated with them. Smart using the skirt for a table topper.
Maybe the open house will do the trick!

onlymehere said...

Way to go on the quilt! He's going to love it for sure. I really like that snowman quilt too. My daughter collects snowmen (each of the kids collect something different) and she'd love this.

I hope the real estate luncheon goes well and that it brings in some new viewings and an offer that you are happy with.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

A tree skirt has been on my list for the lasts 2 years. I say it in January to scoop up some new Christmas line fabrics in May when they come out and make it. It hasn't happened yet. But it's still on my list!

Mrs.Pickles said...

lovely decorations

Bari Jo said...

Oh my goodness! EVERYTHING is adorable!!!!! Can't wait to see THE *quilt*! Hugs to you!!! :O) (we got SNOW today! School cancelled! woo hoo!) Bari

Denise :) said...

Awww, the snowman post is quite darling!! And your quilt is, too!! Fun, fun stuff! :)

Terry said...

That snowman on a post is so cool! Love your snowmen quilt too. :0)

JCnNC said...

Still have not made my snowman quilt. I love looking at yours - just so perfect. All of your decorations are looking great. Judy C

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

I've never seen a post snowman~ how adorable!! Love your decorations. Have a happy week!

Mrs Quilty said...

That Santa on the pole is adorable. And I love the table topper and what's n the background, that snowman quilt is adorable too! It all looks fabulous~ and festive and fun! I love seeing others decorations. Check mine out at

Karen said...

Look at you, all ready for Christmas!

Shelley said...

Oh my word Mary, I have that exact same sewing chest that's in the corner of your room, except the legs came off mine when I was a teenager and they went missing in one of our moves. My grampie bought it for me when I was about 12 years old~ I wish I still had the legs because now I have a "handy" husband who would be able to re-attach them. I have no decos up yet :( but I enjoyed seeing yours. Bake fresh bread, even if it's from frozen, the hour before your open house! Believe me, it works!! Buyers love the hominess of the smell!

Leeanne said...

Christmas is looking fabulous at your house! I am looking forward to seeing your sons quilt...glad you managed time to quilt it.

Kaaren said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in your house, Mary.

Love your snowman quilt and am anxiously awaiting for you to reveal your son's finished quilt. I just know it's going to be a stunner.

Chris said...

Thanks for the tour! I remember when you were posting about the snowman quilt. It really looks so cute.

Ann at Prairie Primrose said...

That is such a cute snowman quilt!

Libby said...

Darling decs. I don't envy you one bit having your home on the market at the holidays *yikes* Never know who Santa might bring though *s*

Sherri said...

Definitely some holiday cheer in this post! I love all of your Christmas quilts and decor!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your decor is delightful, Merry Christmas! :)

Karen said...

Your house is so homey, hope the open house goes well. Love the snowman quilt!!!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

It is beginning to look like Christmas - beautiful, beautiful! Got home late last night from Maryland. Can't even think about making our home look like Christmas until the weekend. Thanks for the uplift in reading your blog - and whispering - happy end in sight as you work on your secret quilt - your act of love. Hugs

Carrie P. said...

Love all your decorations!

Sharon said...

Lots of cute Christmas things in this post, I love seeing how others decorate with quilts. Ihave the snowman pattern and I must get it made for next year, I love it.

Donna S. said...

Can you tell me the name of that tree skirt pattern? It is lovely.

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