Monday, December 26, 2011

His Favorite Gift and More...

What's with the crazy pj's kid?! Do you remember being in high school and doing silly things like PJ Day at school? These were meant to be a silly joke gift; little did I know my 18 year old would strip and put them on for the festivities! My son was absolutely blown away that I was able to surprise him with the quilt that I'd secretly been working on. He thanked me in front of everybody then later when "coast was clear" he came up and gave me the best hug and said, "I love you mom, the quilt is my favorite gift." I had the best warm fuzzy feeling a mom could have and that was my favorite gift from him.

Speaking of gifts, I've been absolutely spoiled by blogging friends who sent not only birthday but Christmas gifts. My birthday is so darned close to Christmas that it is hard to keep gift reasoning straight so I will consider these in the "both" category. I'm keeping descriptions to a minimum as photos speak for themselves. The above is from Shelley. CUTE!

Then we have a little something from Sew Cindy (dang we miss you in blogland!)

Darlene mailed two packages keeping birthday and Christmas completely separated! LOL The gift behind the Santa pillow sham is a sewing machine mat with pockets.

Carrie P. had recently sent me yummy cookies for my surgery mending that has now been postphoned until January 6th. These were saved for my birthday and Christmas. Tucked inside that potholder is the sweetest vintage fabric.

Wendy sent me these two gifts and had showed them on her blog and I hadn't a clue they were made for me! I had even commented about the cute snowman in the center of the log cabin!

Carol sent gifts for Christmas and remembered my birthday too!

Then there is Cyndi....what can I say...simply blown away!

I have more pictures to show and share but for now....thank you ladies to each of you for thinking of me and sending the sweetest gifts that are to be treasured here in my hollow!

Did you take notice of my side bar and the links to take you to new free BOM's, Sew Alongs etc? I'm sure as we move closer to 2012 there will be even more announcments in blogland for more. I'd appreciate if you drop me a line so I can post them to the side bar with these others. There is no possible way I can join in on all of them but it sure will be fun to see what everybody participates in this upcoming year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Thankful

Karen gifted me this mini quilt for Christmas! She told me I better open it before X-mas so I can use it. Karen, I think this one is meant to be left out all year round! It is absolutey beautiful my friend. Thank you!

Debbie also sent me a packet with an email note to say open hers upon arrival. I love prim and old and just look at these ornaments! CUTE is what I say and smells so good! You can read more about these at her blog here! Thank you Debbie!!!

Again this year I failed making myself a tree skirt. I think in part because I've never really found one that has excited me? I don't know. I just know that I spotted this pattern somewhere and immediately went on a hunt for it. I found it at Shabby Fabrics and it was kitted with gorgeous flannel so without hesitation my finger hit the order button! You see, earlier in the year I quilted a client quilt using the same flannel and I fell in love with the quality, color and feel of it! I was bummed to not have something from this line of fabric, "Warm Woolen Mittens" by Bonnie Sullivan and Maywood Studio. If you click HERE you can see this pattern better than my photo. Love it!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Misc. Monday Post and Giving Thanks!!

I managed to finally finish the stitching on this piece that I started a few years ago. It won't be finished in time for this holiday season but a good start for next year! I couldn't get all the deer in one photo without it just looking blah so trust me Rudolph is up front leading the way.

In my previous post I showed french vanilla marshmallows and received comments and emails asking where I got them. They were purchased at my local Wal-Mart. This morning I made an early morning run for some groceries and found gingerbread and peppermint ones too! If your on the hunt for them I can tell you these were not near the regular marshmallow aisle but rather in boxes in the middle of the aisle in dairy. I honestly think this is the only place they found to put them. If you don't see them ask one of the employees. I'm guessing they likely have moved them a dozen times or so!

My mailbox has been so much fun checking these past weeks. I've got a nice little stack of gifts to open on Thursday and on Christmas from several wonderful blog friends. Two of my blog friends told me to open their gifts now and not to wait.

These sweet little gifts were made from the heart and hands of Sandie. She has been such a joy getting to know through our blogs and emails exchanged. Thank you dear friend!

Sue sent this little quilt for no particular reason as a just because she thought of me. I think just being thought of is a gift in itself. Sue's redwork embroidery is wonderful and such a treasure. Thanks Sue!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In, I'm In!!

Several of us have signed up for Heidi's Sew-In. Are you in? I'll be stitching on my embroidery pieces that have been left unfinished far too long.

First I'm making myself a cup of hot cocoa complete with these yummy french vanilla snowman!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Remember My Surgery Date for Friday?

For the past month I've been mentally preparing myself for my sinus surgery that was set for this Friday. The doctor's office called to tell me of a loss in his family and they wanted to reschedule for next Tuesday. I didn't hesitate to say NO for next week! My son is coming home from college and a few other assorted celebrations on the calendar. date is January 6th.

Today's mail brought a box from Carrie P. Two of her packages I planned to open next week and the third went under the tree. I thought it was cute that the above said, "the patient." When Carrie found out my surgery was postphoned she said to open it. YUM!!! Cookies!!! (hey Carrie...January 6th okay...send more!) LOL Thanks girlfriend they are so good!

I also thought I couldn't participate in Heidi's 2nd FNSI of December! But now I can since I'm caught up and won't be drugged from surgery. If you wish to participate link up with Heidi.

As of today I think I will be working on stitchery projects that I start and then they sit. I was cleaning out some things the other day and found these again. I've also got a reindeer stitchery to finish up.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who's Pattern Is This Snowman????

At some point in time I must have stumbled across a blog and snagged the photo of this snowman pillow. But who's? I've been searching and searching for this pattern on the web and cannot find it nor do I even remember the blog! I see the initials L.B. on the pillow and still haven't a clue. Help please! UPDATE!!!! Thank you for the quick is here and I've already ordered!!!

This photo was quickly snagged from blog friend Paulette. She snapped the photo at Temecula Quilt Company. I love the simplicity of the top and the fabric color choices. It would fit into my home perfectly! It looks like another one on the must make list to me!

Freaky Thing Winner!!!

First things first, thank you to Mary (Needled Mom) for tucking this sweet little surprise in my holiday card.

I have a winner and can't figure out how to get the random generator photo on my blog! If there is an easy way to just insert the photo please do share! I entered 1-105 and number 12 came up. So I scrolled down through the blog and #12 happens to be Loris.
I say freaky thing winner because I just won a book called, "The Wedding Quilt" from Loris last week! Is that unreal or what?! Congrats Loris!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Few Finishes

Here are a few finishes that I quilted and bound yesterday that I thought I'd share with you.

I simply quilted "plumes" or what I like to call "peacock feathers" all over the top for texture.

Thanks to Kathie's blog post about two weeks ago I spotted this quilt pattern. It was simple, yet each block had a custom block quilted. I think the quilting made this little 18" table topper all the more special. I quickly whipped up two of them.

Sometimes when I quilt on my longarm there is enough backing and batting leftover to quilt another little motif to use for a pillow top, table topper or even a runner. I've been wanting to stitch these bunny rabbits. This is now a small mini topper or could be a large mug rug. I wished I would have chosen a darker thread color so the design would have shown more. The lighting is helping to see this design on this little mini wholecloth number.

I also finished the little leftover half-square triangles quilt. It is so cute! I want it to be washed, dried and crinkled to tuck in a basket. A meander stitch would have been wonderful too but I love the peacock feathers.

If you are after the giveaway post please leave a comment to win at the previous post for the patterns. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pattern Give Away!

Those of you who frequent my blog know that I've been making Touch of Vegas secretly for my son's Christmas present. Boy has it been a challenge to find the time to work on it while he is away and it still isn't completely bound.

Since it is a busy quilt I felt that simple swirls was the best design. Besides that, when he saw Rebecca's quilt that I quilted for her earlier in the year in commented he liked the swirls.

This quilt is different for me for sure! I love the texture of the quilting. A few commented that I must have saved white and black prints for quite awhile. I chuckle; not so! I had to make a point to purchase these all in one shopping trip at the mega fabric store called, Mary Jo's. I had nothing in my stash to make this quilt besides a few of the reds. I want to thank Carol and Bonnie for sending me some of their white/red print scraps to use as well.

The designer is Debbie Allen and she not only sent me this pattern to giveaway but another as well. I'd like to have the winner's patterns out in the mail by Tuesday. If your interested in winning these patterns please comment before Sunday. I'll email the winner. Do you follow me? I'd love if you would.

Another thing I just have to share with you is this post from Kim. I didn't see it when she originally posted and I've been chuckling ever since. If you haven't been to her blog than you are in for a real treat as you read through her many post. I think she post just about every evening and with plenty of humor to boot! I often tell her that a book should be published about her blog. That good!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Cheer!

Check out my newest holiday decoration! This snowman on a post was made by my friend Shirley. Too cute and even better up close and personal.

I'm so glad I made the snowman quilt earlier this year to enjoy now! I keep saying I need to make a new tree skirt; didn't happen again this year.

Here is a small tree skirt I made several years ago. I'm using it as a table topper this year. Next Tuesday my real estate agent is holding an agent's open house luncheon here. I'm trying to keep floor space "available." LOL

Every year I love pulling out these two guys! A friend of mine made these for me when we were stationed at Cannon AFB, NM in mid 90's.

I didn't get a proper picture of the whole top of my wall unit. But wanted to share this picture of the snowman that Sharon painted for me years ago. It is another picture I look forward to hanging this time of year. (not that I really want it to snow!!)

My son's secret quilt is nearly finished. I'm halfway done with stitching the binding down to the back. I'll soon post the finish along with the pattern giveaway.