Monday, November 28, 2011

Making Great Progress!!

Yesterday I posted about using leftovers from my "Blessing from the Hollow" quilt. Many of you who read and commented on yesterday's post liked the frame idea. Those 1/2 square triangles were "throw away" pieces not needed for the quilt. Those pieces cost money and to me would be like tossing coins into the trash. I wanted to show another little mini quilt that I made using the same batch of 1/2 square triangles and that basket on the left has more! Hmmmm....wonder what I will work up next?

For those following my blog you know that the above quilt has been a secret project for my son that can only be worked on while he is away to school or work. I've got the top pieced and now on the frame! Woo Hoo! He is to be gone all day today; fingers crossed that I can get it off the frame before he gets home. I just love the backing and will show more later. I had been scouring the websites for something I felt would work without spending a fortune and found this print at Fat Quarter Shop last week for just $5 a yard! It's perfect too!

This is another small quilt that I made a few weeks ago using the hexagon ruler by Fons & Porter. I used Jo Morton scraps for this one. I'm just not sure how I want to quilt it just yet.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your small quilts are wonderful, (and nifty thrifty!!) but your BIG SURPRISE is fantastic! Good luck with the super-secret stealth quilting.

Loris said...

Happy and Speedy quilting to you today :-) It's gorgeous!
Love the little quilts...warm and mellow.
Still sharing my DH's computer here...making me crazy :-o
Check out my giveaway though. It's a good one!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilts and I want to see how you quilt your braids, I still need to add a border and do mine.


Miki Willa said...

Wow! I am sure you will get the wonderful quilt off the frame before he gets home. Your small quilts are very nice, as well.

Karen said...

Love the new mini - what is the background fabric? It's so perfect!

Kim said...

Way to go "secret Santa"! Your son's quilt is going to be a hit come Christmas Eve...lucky young man. :) The little quilts are loaded with charm and of course you know I've always known that we pay the same amount of money for the scraps as we do the yardage that goes into the original quilt, so all is precious and in your hands very useful indeed. I am enjoying the table topper that you sent to me last year. Thanks again for that gift, Mary.

Wendy said...

Your little quilts are darling, way to use those little pieces. I hope you finish your son's quilt before he gets home.

Leeanne said...

I love both your wee thrifty scrappy quilts, just like you say you paid for all the fabric, not just the bits you used in the main project.
Good luck with the quilting today.

Kathie said...

oh yes, two new little quilts, love them both,especially the braid one, I haven't tried that one yet!!!!
good for you , I have a scrap basket overflowing I have been thinking about making a quilt just with those fabrics, hmmm that might be a big challenge!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I missed your last post, but the framed quilt is so cool! I still love that fabric, and I think it may be one of my all-time favorites. You must have had a million of those little triangles left over after piecing Blessings from the Hollow! So many points in that quilt!

The secret quilt is looking really good. That's such a striking design. And your Jo quilt is so adorable!

Carrie P. said...

Love those small quilts.
It looks like you have your son's quilt done in time for Christmas.

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Way to sew! Your son's reaction is going to be priceless. :-)

I love all the mini's! Where do you find the time?!

Have a fun day!

Needled Mom said...

It looks so pretty on the frame. I can't wait to see it done. What kind of quilting are you doing on it?

Those minis are precious.

Janet O. said...

Good luck on getting the quilting done! I love both of these minis. Your last post inspired me and I stopped at Hobby Lobby to look at frames today. Found the one I would like, but decided to wait for a sale. Then I loaded my cart with a bunch of Christmas stuff. Go figure--but it was on sale. : )
I need to try that braid!

Bari Jo said...

Wow Mary! You are on a roll!!! Everything looks great! Love the braided quilt and the left overs quilt for sure! Is this braided quilt the quilt from the Fons and Porter's magazine from the fall? I have been trying to find it - ours has been out. Your son's quilt looks soooooo good! Hope it is about done by now!!! :O) What a great surprise for him! Home you get a picture of his face when he opens it! Hugs to you! Bari

Sue said...

Very sweet quilts. I love what you've whipped up from the little leftovers :)

Your sons quilt is really awesome. I can't wait to see it done. I am certain he will be thrilled.

Candace said...

Talk about using up your stash, Mary! What an adorable quilt! I can't wait to see the quilting on your son's quilt and I just love the quilt made with hexagon rulers! I have the ruler, but have yet to try it! Getting ideas here - please send time!

Me and My Stitches said...

Such cute little quilts! I'm excited that you have that quilt together and on the machine. I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Belinda said...

I just LOVE doing sneaky qifts don't you!!! He will be soooo amazed I'm sure of it!!!

Yes...waste not, want not! I was sewing out of my 'crumb' bin last night 'making fabric' know, some good ole mindless sewing!!

I certainly like your braid quilt too. I have always wanted to do one too!! Yours I.LIKE.

Pat said...

YAY for such great progress on your son's quilt!!!

Cyndi said...

Hey Mary! I love both of your small quilts...they are sooo adorable and what a great use of what some would consider "waste". And WOW! Your son's quilt is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! I know one guy who's gonna be thrilled at Christmas! :o)

Chat soon!



Gene Black said...

I love your small scrap quilts. I hate tossing away any fabric I can possible use. I have pieces in sandwich zipper bags just waiting for inspiration. LOL

regan said...

Beautiful quilts....all three of them!

Janet said...

Wahoo! You're quilting it already! I hope you can get it done without him seeing it. Lovely little quilts!

Sue-Anne said...

Your little quilts are gorgeous! Dying to see your secret quilt unveiled!!!

Cheryl said...

Ohhh, your son's quilt looks fabulous. I can hardly wait to see how you quilt it. I know it will be a knockout!

Lori said...

You are moving right along on the secret quilt!! How fun to have it on the machine.
Your little quilts are so pretty!!

Jill said...

I am way behind on reading blogs, doing some catch-up today. Wow, have you been productive. Love your son's quilt and all the little quilts you have been making.

Denise :) said...

Your son's quilt is marvelous! Did you get it all quilted??!?! I'm dying to know!!! :)

Ulla's Quilt World said...

I love the quilts! I am so happy that I found your blog! :)

Barb said...

your son is going to love his quilt! I can't wait to see the whole thing.
I love your little triangle doll quilt. That soft grey is perfect!!

Kim D. said...

Your son is going to love his quilt, it's simply gorgeous! It's fun to use up those little triangles isn't it. I'm with you I can't bear to throw them out.

Vivian said...

Looking forward to seeing the back of your son's quilt, and later, a photo of your son with his quilt. Those are my favorite photos of all--new owner with a quilt I've made.
Cute little quilts. Using the leftovers is always great fun, and so very green.

Allyson said...

Mary, those two little mini quits are fantastic. The braid one has an optical illusion effect that messes with your eyes the more you stare at it. The weaving braids make the quilt look 3-D. And what a fun pattern for your son's quilt! I've never seen that pattern before. It's very striking. He will love it for sure.

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Thinking of you! Love your post - and your beautiful quilting!

Nicky said...

Your son's quilt is absolutely stunning! How lucky is he to have such a striking quilt! Have to say i don't like throwing away scraps and mine are piling up - definitely feel the need for a scrap quilt or two!

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