Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Plain Busy Here With Everything!

Okay, here it is a blog post for those who have called me, emailed me and my own husband saying there is neglect here. I always say I love a photo with my post and thought you would enjoy seeing Bari's quilt top since the colors are perfect for Autumn.

I've been scarce in blogland and do try to pop in on several of your blogs. I'm guilty of not always taking the time to leave a comment because blogging takes so much time and I haven't alot with everything else going on here.

I'll recap. My sinus issue is better though not fixed. I had another CT Scan and will see my ENT again Monday am.

My youngest turned 18 yesterday and we celebrated with a dinner at The Cheesecake Factory this past Saturday evening. It ended up being a very difficult day for my son because he learned that his bestfriend's brother passed away in a car accident. My husband and I did our best to try and keep his mind occupied and give him a good birthday considering circumstances.

We also "fired" our current real estate agent. The listing contract ends in two weeks. We've interviewed and like another agent within same company and feel she is a real go-getter. By the end of the month we will be under a new contract to sell.

College stuff....can't wait to get all the college applications sent in and behind us. We've been on three campus tours and my son is more confused than ever!

Holiday gift giving won't be same this year. Honestly, I had big dreams of making several gifties for friends and family. Today is November 4th and it isn't going to happen. I've got a surprise quilt I'm making for my son. He saw a customer quilt earlier in the year (Hi Rebecca!!) and asked for one like it. It is a work in progress as I've had lots to cut and finally at the point I can begin piecing it.

I've received many request for custom quilting these past weeks. I'm absolutely tickled that you email and tell me how much you love my work. At this time, I am holding off on all custom work however I AM STILL TAKING EDGE-TO-EDGE WORK until the end of November. I plan to enjoy December holidays with my family and possibly catching up on some of my own quilting.


Darlene said...

Busy days in your house!!! Nice to 'see' you.

Leeanne said...

Aren't we lucky to be getting paid to do what we love and that we are busy, that's how I look at it if I feel a bit snowed under.
I love the look of your studio. I have just bought a Port A Com for my studio and I am looking forward to setting up 'shop'. I don't need quite as much room as you, as I do my quilting on a domestic machine.

regan said...

Bari's quilt is great! And it's nice to know you will spend Dec with your family and have some relaxing time! Yay!

Anne said...

Wow, you are one busy gal! Don't worry about the blogging...we'll be here for ya whenever you post. So sorry about your son's friend. It's so sad when our youth are taken from us way too soon. Good luck with the new realtor. Hopefully she can get the job done for you!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Good to hear what's going on in your world Mary even if you are dealing with STUFF. Get healthy friend and enjoy your family.

Denise :) said...

You've had some real ups and downs here recently, haven't you? It is nice to see you -- and I'm especially glad to hear the sinus issues are being taken care of. NO fun. And good luck with the house thing, too. I think we may just try and rent ours until we can sell it. Ugh! Hugs!! :)

Carol said...

Bari's quilt is beautiful. You have been busy, I was thinking of you and missing you too. Sorry to hear about your son's friend. Good for you getting a new realtor, hopefully the new one will do a good job for you.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Busy busy busy! I'm sorry about your son's BF's loss. Thoughts are with their family.

Rita said...

So sorry about your son's tragic. I definitely know the stress of college's very overwhelming. I hope your sinus issues are solved soon. Take care my friend.

pcflamingo said...

That is a really beautiful quilt on display. My word you have a busy full life right now. I feel like I'm moving in slow motion compared to you! Planning to spend holiday time with your family sounds like an excellent plan.

Cheryl said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling 100 percent! You sound very busy. Take care and condolences to your son.

Lynn said...

Bari's quilt is beautiful, colors are gorgeous. I know how it feels, it's only the first week in November, but I feel very behind for Christmas already. On the college front here, we're not so settled on State as I previously thought, visiting Meredith ($$$$ - wish us luck) tomorrow, that's one that I know isn't on your list.

Shakerwood said...

Hi!! Waving wildly from 100 miles south!!

WoolenSails said...

I hope you find time for yourself, sometimes we need some rest and it sounds like you have been very busy lately.


Needled Mom said...

So good to read a catch up on what is happening in your world, Mary. I hope the sinus problem continues to improve.

I am so sorry to read about your son's friend's brother. That is so tragic and I am sure it has to be tough on a hom and everyone who knew him.

The college preparation always consumes so much time. You are so smart to take the time and spend it with your family. The work will be there when you get back. Some things are way more important.

Kim said...

Thanks for showing us Bari's beautiful quilt. The pinwheel blocks suit your story of head spinning happenings. Seems like life is giving everyone a run for their money lately. Hope the new realtor can make some magic happen so your lovely home sells. I am very sorry to hear that such a heartbreaking event occurred on your son's birthday. How very sad that a family lost their son.

Janet O. said...

Nice to know you are still alive and kicking! Thanks for updating us--Bari's quilt looks great.
Condolences to your son and his friend's family. Tough times.

QuiltSue said...

It's good to know that you're only quiet cos you're busy.

I hope everything (son, sinus and selling house) all work out quickly for you.

Shelley said...

Sounds like you have a plan for the next few helps to have a plan! Sorry to hear about DS's sad day. Take care of yourself!

onlymehere said...

May God comfort this family as they go through the loss of your son's friend's brother.

So happy to hear that you're busy with good stuff (except the ENT). Hope you're on the mend soon and that this new realtor is all you hope they'll be!

Diane said...

ugg! college apps and tours-just filling out the PFAFSA every year was enough to give me a headache.
You have a very full plate-thanks for checking in with us!
The quilt is lovely.

Strlady said...

Good to hear from you. Seems life is happening on your side of the world!

Cheryl said...

You are a busy bee, but I am sorry to hear you are not feeling 100 percent. Take care and condolences to your son.

JCnNC said...

I sure hope you can figure out how to take care of yourself needs and wants this season. I also have a quilt to send you, but automatically felt that February would work just as well for me.

What a lovely quilt hanging there. Hope you get answers from your tests soon. Judy C

Karen said...

You do have a lot going on. I hope the new agent gets some people in there to see your house. We had a problem with an agent who listed our last house that we sold. Six months of next to nothing. We switched to another company and the house sold very quickly.

Candace said...

Oh Mary - with only some different reasons I could say the same thing about my blog - ever since we retired! Funny how life gets in the way of blogging - lol! Glad to hear you are going to take somewhat of a break for the holidays - you deserve it, kiddo! Good luck with the new agent, too - we almost did that when selling our house, too - it's not pretty out there these days!

Lori said...

It sounds like you've got yourself a plan and a good one at that.
I understand about a lot of what you are talking about. Taking a bit of time for yourself is healthy and good:)

Sharon said...

What a great decision on your quilting business. I guess I did the same without really thinking. Everyone who has called I've asked if it was E - E and then accepted and politely declined the custom work that needed to be done before xmas. Barbs quilt is great, thanks for the update.

Quilt Rat said...

ohmygosh! I LOVE that quilt, it is a real beauty!
I am glad to hear that you will be taking time for yourself and family in December.........Sometimes we just HAVE to call time out and re-focus our energies. I also find it difficult to do all that I want to do and sometimes it means we have to re-evaluate our priorities, Hope the new agent proves to be the one that gets the job done and that you will soon have the answers and more importantly a solution to your medical issues.
oh and a belated Happy Birthday to that young man!

andsewon said...

Lovely quilt! Love the fall colors. You are busy for sure. Good to take time to just do for YOU and enjoy time for your family.

AnnieO said...

Busy is good! Love the quilt in the photo--double pinwheels are wonderful. Hope your new agent is better at getting folks to see your lovely home. Happy Birthday to your son, sorry to hear of his friend's loss, that is really sad.

Carrie P. said...

Hope the doctor has good news for you so you don't have to suffer with your sinus anymore.
You have a lot going on. So sorry to hear about your son's friend. That is so sad.
Hope your new agent can get your house sold for you.
Take care!

Libby said...

Good luck with your new agent. Having the right agent - one with the right attitude and gumption to get the job done - is what it takes not only in this market but for any transaction.

Loris said...

Always fun to see what you are working on :-) Your days definitely are very busy and I hope you are feeling your best soon with the rest of that sinus trouble getting addressed.
Blog without are among friends here :-)
Happy Birthday to the young man in your life. And here's to more energy in the home sales dept!

Heidi said...

My dear Mary, I am sorry to hear you are having such problems with your sinuses. I hope they can fix you up good as new. I hope that changing agents will bring positive results. And wishing your son a belated Happy Birthday!

Hugs from Holland ~

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Sending a Hug and understanding of the many facets of your life and the importance you are in your family. Hugs

Sandy H said...

Just remember my theory about the college visits--if there's a quilt shop nearby, it must be the right school! :-) Best wishes for everything!

Wendy said...

It's a busy time of year and you need to take all the time you need. Bloggers will be here when you are ready. Take care and relax.

Taryn said...

You are so smart to plan your family time. Being a machine quilter at Christmas must make it necessary to learn to say "no" if you want to keep things sane. Bari's quilt was a good photo for this week - it is autumn everywhere I look. A week from now it will probably be bare branches.

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