Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Decor Galore & Tuesday Morning Quilt Stuff

My husband and I took a drive to a very upscale neighborhood yesterday. I think the least expensive homes in the neighborhood were in the upper $500,000. I should have snapped photos of the more extravagant homes but that is not what I wanted to share.

The pictures don't look too bad in comparison to just how truly tacky this home looked in this gorgeous neighborhood. There's easily 100+ plastic Christmas decorations that extended to both sides of their property and towards their backyard. I imagine if had been dark outside they would have all been lit and possible decorations would be "blown up" to create even more?

Please don't get me wrong as I love all things Christmas but this is too much. I'm also thinking it is a shame because this is the type of neighborhood that some hire a professional decorator.

While out we were also scouring some new territory and spotted a new huge Tuesday Morning store! I had to stop after last week's find of that FQ bundle that I posted about. Here are bins of charm packs, jelly rolls, and FQ bundles. Some of the quality wasn't all that but those bundles were Westminster Fabric.

Here is a photo of one of the notion walls.

The calendar area was a mess but look a quilt calendar could be found. I didn't make any purchases but thought to share some pictures with you.


Beverly said...

I wonder if the house in that neighborhood has had a problem with the HOA over something. Because it looks to me like the bylaws may say you can do Christmas decorations and so they have used that to make a statement. I don't live in that nice of a neighborhood but we have a very restrictive HOA- you can't even change your front door color without permission. So to do a whole yard of things that will tick the neighbors off could be a stress relief!!

LeKaQuilt said...

Gosh that's way to much c-max at once. One or two woud have been more mine taste.
I woud love to have a shop like that nearby :o)

Coloradolady said...

I thought when I saw this was that maybe this is the persons collection and they only get to display it once a year. I can not imagine storing all of that....guess it is a good thing it is a large house!

I have always heard that you can go cheap when decorating, but go large and a lot! Maybe they work off that concept. But...unlike using carnations instead of roses for a wedding....this one seems to miss that mark somewhat!!!

Glad you took a pic, it was a good laugh this morning!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Tacky walks with all pocketbooks! Love the little shop though - my kind of hunting ground!

LibbiesHome said...

I am hoping that this person is a the victim of a prank. Did all the neighbors get together and place those items for a joke? My brain doesn't want to accept that it was done purposely as a decorating move.
I've seen some lawns in my area with an abundance of plastic decor at Christmas, but nothing like that. My usual thought is "Please, just pick a theme!" Yikes!!

Sheila said...

I agree this is way over the top , not a fan of those plastic decorations to begin with but so many , well it sure ruins the look of an incredible house ,but of course that is just my humble opinion and it is their house and if they like that then good for them.I've never heard of that shop but it sure looks like a fun place to shop .

Asiyah said...

Hey, that's my house you're talking about!

Ha, ha...just kidding. To each his own, I say.

Jackie said...

Everyone's taste varies. I would hope that it looks better at night.

My Tuesday Morning looks exactly like yours - messy. I rarely go there as a result.

regan said...

Oh no!.....they let Elly Mae and Jethro do the decorating this year! Dang! lol

Monica said...

EEK! What I've seen that seems to be popular here is to overload your yard with inflatable lawn decorations. I don't get it. But then again...the only decoration I put out is a wreath on my front door.

karen said...

YIKES is all I can say - I guess they've never heard of "less is more", lol. thanks for sharing

Hugs - Karen

Gene Black said...

LOL... that reminds me of a previous neighbor I had that had Santa and reindeer flying over the nativity. (glad she moved!)

Needled Mom said...

I initially thought it was a garage sale photo!! Our TM doesn't have that large of a selection...darn!

JCnNC said...

More like Trashy Treasures - it takes all kinds to make up a neighborhood. Glad I cannot "afford" them. Judy C

Fiesta said...

I wish our Tuesday Morning store had more quilting stuff. It is kind of run of the mill stuff. I agree, such a beautiful home and such a disservice they have done on the decorating.

Wonky Girl said...

Laughing at all the comments. Hope it looks better after dark, that's for sure! Maybe it is a child's delite? Who knows but glad I don't live across from them (maybe it will all blow a fuse).

Will have to check out Tuedsay Morning, never saw any quilty stuff. Our store is very tidy and well done.

Shelley said...

Oh, I've never heard of a Tuesday Morning Store! Got me all excited just looking at the bins....I love to dig through stuff just to find that hidden treasure :) And just because you have a lot of money with an expensive house doesn't mean you have good taste! I agree, waaayyy too tacky!

Cyndi said...

OMG! I don't understand why everyone wants to make their yards look like the "Christmas Vacation" movie. I love Christmas decorations, too, but agree that is just too much! And don't you just love how they put Jesus, Mary, Joseph and a Wise Man in the ditch? :o(

Still haven't gotten over to our Tuesday Morning, but I'm going, I'm going! LOL!

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!



Barb said...

that house is a hoot - can you imagine setting all that stuff up? and storing it?
I love Tues AM - great store!

AnnieO said...

I'm not a fan of overwhelming holiday decor either! I always wonder where they store all that giant stuff!

Ok, now I have to go to T.M. right now...

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Wow. I cannot imagine storing all that stuff. :-o I'll bet it was fun to drive around the fancy homes though. ;-)

Have a happy day!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I was in Tuesday Morning last week, but did not see any calendars, much less Quilting ones. Our TM used to carry a lot of quilting books, but they are all practically gone now, replaced by knitting books :-(

Nancy E said...

Glad I don't live beside that house!

Kaaren said...

I'll just bet that those homeowners are doing it on purpose and have a bone to pick with someone. I can't imagine that anyone would ever decorate like that without some kind of ulterior motive. Yikes!

I so miss my Tuesday Morning store from when we lived in Florida. I'd certainly to shop at one now!

onlymehere said...

After your last post about them I went to go shop there and they were out of business in our town! I was quite surprised though to find them in Salt Lake at a shopping center I took my daughter too. They were a new addition to this area within the last month or so. Didn't see any quilting stuff though but I was in a hurry and may have missed it. I'll have to take time to look closer next time I'm down there!

Wendy said...

Well, my mother always said, just because someone has money, doesn't mean that they have any class. I think this applies....I HATE plastic.....especially lawn ornaments.

Pat said...

We use no plastic decorations and no blow-up decorations. BUT...hubby does a computer generated display (that he programs himself) and our lights twinkle in time to various Christmas songs that you hear if you pause in front of our house and tune your car radio to a certain frequency. The design and implementation of this is pretty much a year-long hobby for my retired husband and many folks really like it and our neighbors love it as the lights are pretty but they only hear the sound if they tune their radios to that frequency. I, too, don't like all the plastic decorations and the blow-ups!

Denise :) said...

That's it...I'm going to get someone to drive me to our Tuesday Morning and scope it out! As for the Christmas decorations, perhaps they have young children, for which there is *never* too much. I remember when my daughter was young--4 or 5, maybe--and my mom and sister and my kids and I went driving around looking at Christmas lights. We up front made comments on lights and on several houses noted that they looked rather tacky. And then we came upon the *ultimate* tacky house (rather similar to the one you've got pictured) and before anyone could say anything, a little voice from the back piped up, sounding both awestruck and completely delighted, "Oh mama, look at how tacky *that* house is!" LOL! She'd completely associated our use of the word tacky with magnificent! Ah, through the eyes of a child! :)

Candace said... have to either love it or leave it - I'm in the latter category ;>) What a great find in Tuesday Morning! I've only been in one once a long time ago and we don't have any here. Looks like it might pay to browse through that section - you never know what kind of deal you might find - and I love a good deal, Mary!

Janet O. said...

It would definitely look better at night--that is if they don't light it up! *LOL*
No Tuesday Morning store in my area, but I do love a treasure hunt.

Karan said...

Now that reminds me of a couple in our town that decorates their yard like that but for Halloween. Come Christmas there is not one decoration in the yard.

Must mention when his neighbors house was put up for sale he bought it just to have more yard for the Halloween decorations. This year both yards were full . He starts decorating in mid. Sept to have it done by the week of Halloween. LOL


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

LOVE the tackiness! Too much for me and I want to bet that they are doing it on purpose to upset their neighbors!

Megan said...

Whoa, I've never been to our Tuesday Morning shop before. I might have to check it out now! I never would have guessed they carry quilting supplies.

Lynn said...

How funny about the lawn decorations, I bet there is an interesting story that goes along with such Christmasy plastic enthusiasm. One of my neighbors used to do something similar, but with lots of lighted Christmas decorations, and while I thought it was a bit over the top (being tactful here) my kids loved it and missed it tremendously when we moved, they still drive by every year to see it.

Sue-Anne said...

It is sort of like an attack of garden knomes. What a shame as it spoils the look of what seems to be a beautiful home.

QuiltSue said...

Perhaps they did hire a professional decorator???

As for not buying anything at Tuesday Morning - how could you resist. I'd have still been there on Tuesday morning filling up my shopping basket,trolley/truck!

Stephanie said...

The Christmas decoration explosion makes me laugh. Each year we get in the car and drive around in the eve looking at the holiday decorations and lights. Always fun. While this type of decorating may not be my taste it appears someone had fun. Maybe their children helped pick them out. There shouldn't be any rules to holiday decorating. :o) Some neighborhoods "compete" for who can have more stuff in their yard. There is one neighborhood in particular that actually has the lights for the entire neighborhood coordinated with music (done by computer somehow) and it's on a radio station for those driving to visit. Police are there to direct traffic and there are bins set out for food donations for the food bank. Now that's the holiday spirit.

Cheryl said...

OMG, truly the worst!
Wish we had a TM store near me...looks like a good place for deals.

Dawn Heese said...

I wonder what the neighbors really do think.

Mary said...

You certainly have a better Tuesday Morning store than I do. Mine just has really bad quality fat quarters. Lucky you!

Carrie P. said...

boy! the people in that house sure have been collecting the plastic figures.
Still haven't been by our store yet.

Jo said...

When I saw the picture, I thought you were going to say there was a garage sale...

UGH. I am not a fan of Christmas decor to start with...that is just plain tacky. White lights are wonderful. Beyond that, not for me.

QuiltNut Creations said...

Yup, tacky with a capital T!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Allyson said...

Oh, what horrible decorations! Tacky is an understatement. Such a grand, beautiful home...and then that big mess on the lawn. I imagine it's even worse come dark.

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